A disappointing end, but we must come together

The outcome of the Presidential election is highly disappointing and somewhat surprising. Donald Trump should be congratulated for speaking to an America that felt neglected. They voiced their votes in a rather loud way.

We should come together around what binds us, not what divides us. There will be plenty of time to digest what went wrong in the Hillary Clinton campaign. I will leave that for future posts and offer comments where I can.

For now, we should wish our new President in January well and encourage him to be a President for all Americans. And, as we would do with any President, let’s civilly speak our mind, as that is what makes our country great, the right to question our leaders.


46 thoughts on “A disappointing end, but we must come together

  1. I was in transit from before daylight until way past dark last night. I decided not to check and possibly get caught up in play-by-play end of day results.. This morning’s emails, headlines, etc confirm that many are greeting this day with dropped jaws, and there are many who are rejoicing… I hope that no matter which pool one swims in, that we focus on what’s positive, what we can do to make the day and world a little bit better, and that we look forward and not back…

    I still believe that the younger generation will be the ones that bring us forward.. they are inheriting a mess, and they are witnessing what’s happening, and hopefully they will become proactive…

    Signing off for the day, or I’ll get bogged down in the ‘what if’s’ and not practice what I preach!!!

    Here’s to a positive day!


    • Lisa, our younger folks will be impacted the most. I do hope they take the mantle and make sure their voice is heard. Thanks for your comments and encouragement. Keith

      • Yes, friends have grandchildren who embraced this news with uncontrollable weeping. they will remember this, and they are living/watching/witnessing, and hopefullly they will find the backbone to step forward and be proactive….

      • Lisa, he brings a lot of uncertainty to the equation as he has been a chameleon on a number of issues over his adult life and in the election. I worry most about climate change and water shortage, the two biggest risks facing our planet over the next ten years. Keith

  2. No. She did everything right. She had too many things going against her that were out of her control. The media won this for the chump with their wall to wall coverage of ONLY him and $2b in free advertising and chased after a non-scandal over and over and over ad nauseum. The media let that buffoon go unchecked time and time again hardly ever challenging him on the many lies he told to win this election. Comey played a big part with his unprecedented announcement over something he had no facts about and gosh, oh oops, he stands by what he said in July???? No, she did everything right. I blame all those forces that were out of her control.

    I’m ashamed to be an American and I will likely never vote again.

    • Toby, please do vote. I don’t disagree that the skids were greased for Trump, with the email leaks and press coverage that increased his notoriety. Her biggest mistake was the “deplorables” comment as it was not unlike Romney’s 47% comment. I also think the first Comey announcement threw wind in her sails in the second week of early voting, so as to make the second announcement anti-climactic. Yet, he is what we got, so we should make the best of it. Keith

      • Sorry Keith, I’m not sure that I can. The way elections are run now with the mega bucks needed to win? with no hope of overturning Citizens United that got us into that mess…..I have no hope left. The fact that someone like the chump can actually win basing his campaign on the birther lie, then lying the ENTIRE TIME while campaigning? There is no hope left inside of me. I. Just. Can’t. Any. Longer. I’m sorry.

      • I couldn’t listen 😦 Of course she gave a classy concession. That is who she is. But I don’t have to tell you that. Too bad half the country had no idea who she really is. And that saddens me to no end. Sad, sad day for our country.

  3. Dear Keith and friends, To say that I am in shock is an understatement. DT tapped into the hearts and minds of a lot of disaffected Americans but he won fair and square with the exception of the FBI interference and Russia assistance with the WikiLeaks stolen emails which were made public. If these same tactics had been used against DT, we probably would have been singing a different tune.

    But we have to deal with today’s reality. I totally agree with the spirit of your blog.

    By the way, Hillsborough county in FL (where I live and volunteered) helped HRC win by 10 points. I wonder if the other counties had as competent a ground game as we did.

    Ciao from someone who is heart broken, Gronda

  4. I purposefully avoided social media and TV yesterday. When I woke up this morning and looked to see who won…my heart actually felt like it was breaking. I am so worried for our future. I am absolutely sick.

    • Amaya, as the rest of the world is telling us today, many are not happy with our choice. See my note to Gronda on an area of common ground. We need civil discourse. I see some college kids vehemently protesting. My first question to them is “did you vote?” This is the same reaction to Brexit where young adults did not think it would happen, but did not vote. I also feel protest votes did her a disservice moreso than him. It broke my heart to see Bernie fans vote for Trump, as that is an insult to Bernie.

      But, he is our President elect. So, I will leave you with a saving grace – at least he is not Ted Cruz. Keith

      • Small comfort, but there is that. I am glad that Roy Cooper looks to be our next governor. I voted for HRC reluctantly. The media and the DNC bear a lot of responsibility for this outcome. The consequences for healthcare, gay rights, and women’s rights could be devastating. Hubris and the condescension of the establishment toward Bernie Sanders and his supporters caused this rift in the party and I hope this prompts some soul-searching on their parts.

      • Amaya, at the end of the day Bernie had a heavy hand in developing the platform. So, folks should have supported her. I wonder how many millennials who voted for DT know his policies on climate change and the environment. Bernie may not have won, but we would have focused on the issues more, which would have revealed DT’s weaknesses. Her concession speech was all class, though. Keith

        PS- I hope Cooper survives the recount. That would be good news,

    • Janis, she is indeed. Please remember in the aftermath of Al Gore’s loss, he went on to advocate and educate about climate change. I believe she and Bill will devote even more effort to their Foundation which does many good things. Keith

  5. Wise words. I’m trying to remember that the gut-wrenching trauma I feel this morning is no different than what the opposition has felt in the aftermath of our last 2 elections. Nevertheless, I feel utterly broken and empty.

    • Toby, it is painful. While he talked the right things to the right people, based on his history, lack of definitive plans and lack of experience, being able to deliver what is needed, is another matter. Economist have projected his plans to cause from a malaise to a recession and increase the debt by $5.3 trillion.

      Here is an easy example I heard the other day. If Trump doubles down on fossil fuel, all boats will not rise. What started the demise of coal is cheaper natural gas. So, if we incent more fossil fuel, natural gas will gain and coal will still lose. In essence, he lied to the coal miners, as those jobs are not coming back. Leaders in those areas have not shot straight with people.


  6. Yes, you guys need to stick together as a nation and you need to get all possible support from us from outside the US. It is what it is and it is now to make the best of it and support your future president in a way that helps him being a good president!

  7. I’ll try my best, Keith but it might be awhile. Life’s not fair sometimes. This is one of the saddest days in America for many. I’ll eventually accept it, what else can anyone do?

  8. You are far more rational and kind than I at the moment, Keith. I applaud you for that, and I will get there eventually, but for today, I am still, like Gronda, broken-hearted and angry. I do appreciate what you say, though, and know that we must all find ways to be constructive.

    • Thanks Jill. I share your disappointment, yet on a bright note for our country, Clinton is a much more magnanimous loser than the winner would have been. I know that is a silver lining in a dark cloud. Keith

      • Indeed, I was so proud of her today. She was gracious beyond anything I could have been in her shoes. Yes, small consolation, but still … I’ll take whatever I can get at this point.

  9. Yah we can all come together to build a wall, to keep “NON” Americans OUT, to learn to do a better comb over, to make money when we were given money in the first place. Yes people of wall mart are hurting….hell I’m hurting and may lose my home, if i don’t go to jail first; and yes i think the ‘Hil” would have been worse but let us not idolize this chump just yet.

    We will see.

    I can just see the Sat.Nite.Live. skit, hopefully he fires Putin when he fires Kim Jong-un.

    LET’S keep america great. ~~dru~~

    • Dru, I have major global concerns, but it still should not get in the way of building bridges. We can not afford as a country to allow more division. I doubt that wall ever be built, as it will be too much money to build and maintain. Keith

    • Many thanks. I have sent a similar email out and the response has been favorable. In my view, we will need to heal our country from the bottom up. We cannot rely on just our leaders.

  10. I wish I could be a fair sport like you. But I am deeply disappointed. I am still haven’t a hard time swollowing these results and I am sure it will take a while before I can digest them.

    I was speaking with someone who said the polls were tampered to give Hillary a false sense of confidence. I believe that is possible. She spent more money on ads than Trump. His money had to go somewhere to boost his campaign why not falsify the polls. He is known not to play fair.

    Expect the worst and hope for the best.

    • Kim, I understand your disappointment and concerns. I would rather stay away from accusations here. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I never bought into the election is rigged against DT, as feeding him emails from his opponent’s staff kind of shoots holes in that theory.

      Now, we should focus on building bridges between us Americans and wishing our President Elect well. Best wishes on your ordeal. Keith

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