Let’s give thanks

My favorite holiday is upon us, one that brings families and friends together. We have a crowd of twenty-two joining our feast and fellowship this year, which is more than ever.

Especially nice will be seeing some new faces with our niece and two of our children each inviting a friend. It brings my wife and me joy to see them feel comfortable enough to invite a friend.

We will also be meeting the son of one of our nephews for the first time. They live in California and he has not had the opportunity to bring him east until now.

Of course, we are excited to have everyone here. My daughter asked how long ago did we start this tradition. When my grandmother passed away, going to her home for Thansgiving passed away with her. So, we remember her by making her cornbread dressing and continuing her  tradition.

Please enjoy your Thanksgiving and travel safely if you must. Hug everyone a little longer this year and share plenty of stories.

25 thoughts on “Let’s give thanks

    • Fold out tables will be involved. I have friend who does an orphan thanksgiving, so friends who don’t travel are invited. I think she gets 50 or so. Happy Thanksgiving, Janis.

  1. Dear Keith and friends,

    Just enjoy the day giving thanks, sharing stories while creating new memories, whether.you are blessed to have 22 guests or there are just two of you. If you are by yourself, you are in good company. Take time to enjoy a favorite holiday movie, or a great book, lovely music and a glass of wine with treats. . Avoid the subject of politics if possible .Always be grateful for your blessings.

    Just enjoy the day!! With Warmest Wishes, Gronda

  2. Note to Readers: I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a delightful time and it was a joy to see all the cousins and a couple of friends converse and laugh. We tried something new this year with so many and set up three tables in our living room in close proximity to our dining room table, so it was a raucous and fun group. We made our breakfast table as our dessert table and was it covered! Fortunately, two of my children and I raked leaves in the morning to build an appetite, so no cook or pastry chef would feel unloved. Even the stuff I made was eaten, but it is hard to mess up green bean casserole. Of, course I just finished some turkey, dressing and gravy for breakfast. Yum.

  3. Note to Readers: I needed a long walk today as the sweets and casseroles added 2 1/2 pounds. I did not want to offend any cooks, so my willpower went out the window. I raked and bag leaves the day of Thanksgiving, but that did not burn enough calories or prevent more leaves from falling. Ugh.

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