The best way to save

I could not think of a better day to state the obvious way to save money. Don’t spend it. There, now it is out in the open.

Being a retired old fart on a fixed income, I have learned that I don’t need the latest and greatest thing, if what I have is working just fine. I also don’t value my worth by what I own.

Yes, my IPhone is four years old, the same age as my laptop. They are working fine for my purposes. Yes, I am driving the same car for over nine years and will keep it longer, as will my wife with hers. And, no I don’t want to sell my house, even though I get requests from realtors monthly to do so. Nor do I need another credit card.

I recognize people want our money. They will market consistently, often aggressively, and sometimes fraudulently to get me to buy something. Yet, we can choose not to give it to them.

So, on this Black Friday, choose not to spend. If you must, consider this option. Move Christmas back a week and buy after Christmas when retailers are looking to unload inventory.

Shop wisely, or not at all. Happy holidays.

27 thoughts on “The best way to save

  1. Good advice! Holiday spending is out of hand. Last year decided to draw names or just give gifts to the kids . We are material with so many out there in need

  2. Dear Keith and friends,

    I concur with all of the above bits of advice. Some of us have gotten to that point in our lives where I don’t have room for more things. For birthdays and Christmas, I have a budget, but I am also an exceptional shopper. I love giving and so I have my own favorite charities but I budget for this also with some monies set aside for impromptu giving. For example, if I find an exceptional young person/ student without financial means, I can offer to pay for a couple of college application fees.

    For me, living well does not equate with having more, but being content with your current lot in life.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, your final paragraph is a life lesson for all. The other key lesson is the word “budget” which you used a couple of times. Thanks for offering your insights. Keith

  3. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, Keith. Oddly, Black Friday has been hyped in Canada for the past 5 years or so, even though we celebrate Thanksgiving in October, and the Friday after the US Thanksgiving is just a regular workday for us. Retailers have already made a lot of headway into making us believe that Black Friday deals will be the best of the year and worth waiting for (and taking a vacation day for). I made a point of buying nothing that day. For what it’s worth.

    • Dar, you are the most budget conscious person I know, so I am not surprised by your avoiding the Black Friday temptation. You should teach classes on the subject. Have a grand weekend. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: An idea my wife suggested which we did in spades was she requested I buy her some stock rather than a gift one Christmas. So, I picked some companies that were recognizable brand names and high dividend payers. So, giving an appreciable asset rather than a depreciable commodity is a great idea – of course, I recognize the downside risk, but the upside exists.

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