Something interesting is going on

Several of my well respected blogging friends have done a lion’s share of work around the need to audit the 2016 Presidential election results. There have been countless concerns expressed in academia that the very surprising result should be verified. Plus, there has been enough noise around hacking threats following the alleged Russian involvement in the email hacking, that verification is essential.

Well, thanks to Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, there will be a review of the election results in three key battleground states that surprisingly went to Donald Trump, the President-elect – Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has notified the states that she will have legal representation during the process given its importance.

This news does not sit well with the President-elect, nor does the news that he has lost the popular election by over 2 million votes. He has claimed that the general election result includes millions of undocumented aliens offering no evidence. One of the conservative websites that is long on wind, but short on substance, has said something similar, so in Trump’s mind it must be true if it is on the internet. But, this claim has been noted as unproven.

Yet, what is interesting is Trump is now claiming that there is voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California, again without evidence. Why would he do that? The simplest explanation is distraction, a technique which he used throughout the campaign. If a news items looks, feels or could be bad, distract the audience with a sleight of hand. In other words, if there are problems here, then they should look over there and why isn’t anyone reporting on it, as if it is a conspiracy?

If he feels there is a problem in those three states, he can file a claim to have the votes recounted. To me, he fears there maybe some bad news in the three states in which Stein has raised an issue, where the vote differences are less than 120,000 votes in total. I would welcome any recounts, where concerns exist.

I am not here to say there is definitely a problem, but I do feel the results should be audited. My reason is the Russians have influenced other elections and went to great trouble to hack two separate email systems releasing the emails to the public through WikiLeaks. And, per a news report from several security experts on PBS Newshour a few months ago, they firmly believe the Russians would alter some emails, as well before release.

These security analysts also reported that some entity has been probing various voting machines over the past many months, mostly unsuccessfully. Yet, while one source could not change every machine, due to the distributive nature of the process, an entity could affect select voting machines. So, my thesis is why would the Russians be satisfied with just hacking and changing emails?

Will this change the outcome of the election? I don’t know. But, I do think the American people are owed a clean and fair election, regardless of the outcome. So, I support an audit, as should any candidate. Yet, I do think it is interesting that the so-called winner is using his distraction techniques at this juncture, as if he suspects something is amiss himself. To be frank, nothing seems to surprise me about this election, as everything has been surprising. This could be just one more thing.



20 thoughts on “Something interesting is going on

  1. I’m so glad you wrote this today. Hats off to Jill Stein. I know HRC is mentally and physically exhausted but I felt as the Dem. nominee she needed to lead the way on a recount with over 2 M more popular votes than Trump and the debacle of the Kremlin’s interference in our election, I am glad it is happening at any rate. Mr. Trump cannot stand to lose, he must have a mandate in his narc. mind. so he has come up with a diversion…illegal votes. Unbelievable.

    • Holly, he cannot stand to lose or be criticized. If the recount does not change anything, he may implode as he will receive a heavy dose of criticism and things will not go his way more quite often. Keith

      • I have a very bad feeling that the Russians inserted themselves heavily in this election and that in itself is so disturbing. I know I am going to have Trump as president but there are so many actions that have gone unchallenged, not the least those of our FBI Director. Fine article Keith.

    • Janis, you are right a reversal to a HRC win would feed right into his rigged message, yet what it would confirm for me that it was rigged all along for him. His fanatics would not lay low, so it would cause some angst. Yet, his short time as President-elect has shown he will have many problems in governing. Keith

  2. Dear Keith and friends,

    For me, this is what the vote audit should be about as per your words, “But, I do think the American people are owed a clean and fair election, regardless of the outcome.”

    HRC lost the electoral vote in these 3 states by about 107,000. I doubt that the vote/audit will uncover enough errors to reverse the election results but I am convinced that some wrong doing will be discovered.

    I did just blog on this issue also but from a different perspective. My reasoning for wanting this audit, is similar to what you wrote.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Thanks Gronda. Two comments. The Trump team is embarassing itself citing two old articles as evidence, one of which was discredited and one of which was taken out of context. Also, his own accusations are the reason why audits should be done, so if he believes this, then he should welcome an audit. Keith

  3. Initially, I was against the recount, thinking it would yield few, if any, results, and would just keep the pot stirred. But, after reading this morning that Trump is trying to block the recount in Pennsylvania, my antennae are twitching and it seems that perhaps it IS a good idea to follow through. He must fear something. And I agree with you … his claims about Virginia, California and NH are nothing more than a distraction. California and New Hampshire are blue states and there was never any doubt in CA, at least. Tim Kaine being well-respected and liked in Virginia makes it a no-brainer. So … let us hope that the recount does, indeed proceed and perhaps even net some results! If nothing else, at least it is getting under his thin skin! 🙂

    • Jill, actions speak louder than words. Why would he block the recounts? Two additional comments to consider. First, he has claimed all along of the rigged election and still does, but he wants you to believe that a vote for him is legitimate, while a vote for Clinton is somehow rigged. Second, this election result was surprising and months before, security experts have been concerned about entities pinging certain voting machines. I must confess I wanted Clinton to have more margin in the polls, as it would be obvious there was suspicious activity. Mr. Comey took care of that with his surprise, which reduced the margin and likely cost her the election. So, it only makes sense to audit the results and Trump’s action indicate he is not certain of the results.

      At least that is what I think, Keith

      • Hugh, as we have discussed, every system is hackable. So, every voting system needs paper back-up. And, for those who believe the Russians do not care about influencing our election, just today there is a story of the Kremlin being accused of sending propoganda into Germany. Quite simply, Putin wants disruption in the west. Keith

      • I just wonder … what is he afraid of? Is there something? I am no longer sure of anything, but one thing I am sure of is that I find it highly suspicious that he is so determined to stop the recount in all three states! And yes, Comey’s letter, I will always believe, turned the tide in Ttump’s favour. Wish I would be alive in 100 or so years, to see how history records the 2016 election!

  4. I heard Michigan has refused to allow a recount and Stein has threatened to sue. This may take a while! But there is something rotten in the state of Denmark — or in these United States — and it needs to be cut out. I do worry what would happen if the recount shows Trump losing. His mindless minions will revolt!

    • Hugh, a result of the recount would be more chaos. I would simply like to know if the election was fair. I have and would accept a Trump win, even if I do not like it. Keith

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