Walking, Water and Weighing

Since we are the most obese country in the world per the World Health Organization, I was seeking some alliteration to serve as a reminder of three things we each could do. Walking, Water and Weighing. Each of these things would not be difficult to do, but could make a difference.

Walking to better health has been discussed for years. As a former jogger with an up and down history of such, I have resorted to walking and hiking. It is far easier on the joints and can accomplish  many of the same benefits – weight loss, cardio-vascular work, better digestion and improved psyche by being outdoors. And, when you miss walking for a few days, it is much easier to pick back up than jogging.

Drinking more water is the one of the best diet techniques around. I am not advocating drinking water all the time, but try to drink at least a couple of glasses a day. In addition to zero calories, drinking water helps flush out your kidneys and lessens the risk of kidney stones. Plus, staying hydrated is beneficial to good health. Lastly, if you are on a budget, drinking water in restaurants and fast food places is a big saver.

Finally, know your numbers, a key one of which is weight. Weighing once a week is good to know your progress and will encourage you to get that extra walk in or avoid more fried food, bread or desserts the next week. Yet, weighing is a metaphor for knowing your blood pressure and cholesterol counts. These are two examples that can be treated with prescription drugs and better regimen.

I recognize these three things are not earth shattering revelations. But, they are three habits that can easily be implemented and will provide some benefit. Please check with your doctor, if you feel you must, and start slow with the walking.





21 thoughts on “Walking, Water and Weighing

      • Good for you Keith. It really hard not to put on a few pounds over the holidays. Walking helps! 🙂

      • Holly, I feared worse than I registered. I had just lost two pounds the previous week getting prepared for guests and working off weight gain the week before from a trip. Walking does help. Keith

  1. Sound advice … and a timely reminder for us all. The holidays and advent of cold weather are not helpful, but still, moderation is key. I was walking 4 miles every morning until I broke my foot last month, and have been using that as an excuse ever since. 😀 I really must get back to it, though, before it is too blustery … one can always find an excuse if one tries … 😀

    • Jill, you are so right about the excuses. The weigh-in on Saturday is a kick in the pants on occasion, like last week. I have short and long loops in and around my neighborhood, so depending on time, I can knock something out. Keith

  2. Great tips, and walking also lowers fuel consumption, so it helps our planet as well.. I enjoyed running as well, and when my knees started ‘pinging’ I would usually take about five more sprint steps and walk.. too many friends suffered from knee damage, and i learn from others’ example quite well! Even now when I walk, I am tempted to break into a sprint – always good to boost my metabolism, but i usually refrain….

    I have always detested those dreaded scales and prefer to use the tightness or bagginess of my clothes to remind me to eat more or less! Guayusa tea, from an ilex plant/tree in Ecuador, is a great tea that provides a caffeine-boost without the jitter effect of coffee. It is also linked to weight loss….

    • Lisa, thanks for the reminder on avoiding gas use. I live a mile from two shopping areas, so I can walk to do a few errands – haircut, breakfast, car maintenance, etc.

      I also have that temptation to run, but resist. Knees, feet and ankles ache too much.

      Thanks for the tip on the tea. Also, cranberry juice had benefits for the urinary tract, as well. Take care my healthy friend, Keith

    • Janis, the scale scared me Saturday. Walking is terrific no matter how you measure the steps. I do mine in minutes assuming a twenty minute pace. Good luck with the Fitbit. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: Lisa reminded me of the benefits of walking to do errands rather than using up gas to drive. It helps the environment, plus most auto accidents happen a mile from your home. I also am notorious for parking away from the store and walking across the parking lot to get a little walk in. Then, there are those stairs at work, which are faster than most elevators if going one or two floors away. Every little bit helps.

  4. That’s great advice, Keith! I can only confirm the effect of drinking more water. On one hand you fill your stomach with zero calories and on the other hand, it helps to rinse the body!

  5. Note to Readers: As I was walking yesterday, I was reminded of the additional benefits of walking. A key one is the natural socialization that occurs as you meet people along the trail or by having a walking partner. This socialization benefits our psyche and entices us to walk more, both good things.

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