Car accidents do indeed happen

My previous post on a lizard being set free in my car promoted several comments about other creatures in readers’ cars. I began thinking of some of the car accidents I have been involved with which show our and my imperfections or just confirm being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

In the latter category, one of my unusual accidents happened when a deer bounced off my back right door, shook his head and then ran off. I was near several neighborhoods, but from some woods a couple of deer ran across the road in front of me. Then I hear this thump where I observed in my side view mirror the trailing deer, who fortunately hit the middle of the door which flexed leaving the deer stunned, but intact, with a compression dent in my car door.

An accident which was totally my fault can be summed up with this piece of advice – don’t do a three point turn near a fire hydrant. Not seeing said fire hydrant while realizing I missed my turn, my reversal of direction left a perfectly shaped indentation of a fire hydrant on my back bumper.

Another accident occurred in slow motion after I had just dropped my son off at school. The person in front of me yelled at a construction worker who had parked his truck too far out from the curb. When the construction worker yelled back with a colorful metaphor, the man in the truck in front of me backed up to confront the worker. It felt like slow motion as I screamed “no” as the truck proceeded to back into my front bumper. He immediately realized he had chosen poorly and came out of his vehicle with less bravado than his earlier language.

Lastly, the company I worked for leased space from a bank. The bank installed these steel reinforced concrete pylons that would emerge from the ground in front of the parking lot entrance beneath the tower. As I was pulling in, the guard accidentally raised the pylons into the bottom of my front bumper. Fortunately, it was not beneath my engine or gas line. I could not move until he lowered the pylons.

We have been lucky as every accident my family or I have been in, no one was hurt, even the deer. Those are good accidents. What are some of your good accident stories?

22 thoughts on “Car accidents do indeed happen

  1. No good accident stories. My one accident was far from it. A lady ran a red light , she escaped injury but my car was totaled plus I had a fractured sternum and ruptured cervical discs. It’s wild out there.

  2. i was the baby in my family but an only child at the neighbor’s! i would often call my mother to say that i was about to run home – literally run- and she would time me, bless her sweet heart! my neighbors taught ‘baby chile’ how to drive in a hay field…

    so… my mother and one sister were paying bridge at a neighbor’s home, which was about a mile through the cotton fields, or equal via the country road. i think it was popcorn they wanted, and they decided to send baby chile after the popcorn. “here.. take my car,’ my surrogate motherr said, and i – being way too young to drive, begged off and said, ‘i will run!’ but no, she insisted.. i drove home, retrieved the corn, drove back, and my sister later said that she joked, ‘well.. she’s back unless she drives through the house…’

    and yes, my foot slipped and hit the accelertor and not the brake, and i slammed thru the brick wall.. on the other side were the women at their bridge tables!

    i did not get in trouble, and i am sure they laughed a lot when i was out of earshot…

  3. The summer before I started college I worked for a man in Pennsylvania who offered me a ride home after work one day. He was already drunk but he stopped at a bar and had a couple more. I had no driver’s license at the time and besides, he was my boss. So I just kept quiet as he got in the car and proceeded to drive on a four-lane road. . . . right into the back end of the car in front of him! The cops asked me if he had been drinking (!) but I kept quiet. I later read he claimed the one drink he had (!) conflicted with his prescription drugs and that was the problem. He got off scott free. Needless to say, he was a wealthy man.

    • Hugh, if he had been a regular Joe or someone in poverty, they would not be so lucky. He probably used a well-paid attorney. I am glad you walked away from that. Keith

  4. I had a Ford van and lived in a semi rural area with lots of cornfields. I was hit by deer five different times with that van, with at least as many near misses. My insurance never increased because a deer shaped dent is very obvious.

    • Francine, welcome and I love your name. I think Chuck Berry wrote a song called Francine. Your van was a deer magnet. Five times is a great many. Do you think the color added to the mix or idiot all location? Thanks for commenting. Keith

  5. Someone rear ended me a few years ago, which was surprisingly expensive (for her insurance company) to fix since it was little more than a bump. Then two years ago an idiot – probably on his phone – ran a red light and took the front off my electric car. I was OK, but my car was totaled. I should have gotten another one, but I bought a gas-powered car instead. I can wait to get another electric car.

  6. So glad, that no one got ever injured during any of your accidents. Thank God no injuries over here neither. Three times someone crashed into the back side of my car (once with my 3-year-old in the back) although I was standing still. The worst two were my fault when I had not enough sight due to obstacles in the way and drove by (bad) luck while a car was coming full speed crashing in my front and another time in my side. Thank God there not accidents neither.

  7. Wow Keith, you’ve had some bad ones. I was in a pretty bad one in March. I was on the freeway during rush hour traffic after work. This guy didn’t want to let me get into his lane. He kept speeding up. I thought he finally let me in but nope he rear ended me. I got a concussion and two herniated discs in my neck. I had headaches for months. I got an attorney because the guy didn’t have insurance. I’m still waiting…I got in two others in college. They didn’t stop at the stop sign. I backed into a car one time. Lol. They saw me and came rushing out of the restaurant.

    • Lisa, we fortunately did not get hurt like you did. On the merging lane issue, some male drivers, usually, think it is a competition. If his car gets hit, that is a problem for him, so why not let the person in. Thanks for sharing your stories and I am glad you can. Keith

      • Thanks Keith! I thought I wasn’t going to make it because I passed out for a few minutes. I went back and hit the head rest when he hit me. He probably left to Mexico because they never found him. I’m glad you and your family weren’t hurt. I’m also very glad my son wasn’t with me. I was getting out of work.

      • Lisa, wow. You are so fortunate. I am glad you did not have your son there, too. A parent being hurt is one thing, but your child…is too much for anyone to bear. Best wishes for safe travels, Keith

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