If you believe this, you may want to check your source

In our new post-truth environment, where people have made election decisions off information they believed to be true, but was not, it is time to do a few litmus tests. If you believe the following, then you may want to check your sources of information.

  • If you believe the unemployment rate in the US is around 40% rather than beneath 5% per the Bureau of Labor of Statistics (BLS), you may want to check your source.
  • If you still believe President Obama is either born in Kenya, a Muslim and/ or the anti-Christ, you may want to check your source.
  • If you believe we are the most taxed country in the world, you may want to check your source.
  • If you believe Hillary Clinton had a Lesbian affair with Yoko Ono or has staffers running a child pornography ring out of a pizza parlor in DC, you may want to check your source.
  • If you believe that climate change is still a hoax and that 97% of scientists and every major science organization on the planet are wrong, you may want to check your source.
  • If you believe President Obama caused a hurricane to hit President-elect Trump’s development and home in South Florida, you may want to check your source.
  • If you believe Trump did not use his Foundation’s money for his own benefit, then you may want to check your source.
  • If you believe Hillary and Bill Clinton had staffer and friend Vince Foster killed when he actually committed suicide, you may want to check your source.
  • If you believe Donald Trump did not sexually assault and/ or harass women and has not had multiple affairs, you may want to check your source. There is a reason he won’t bring suit against these women, as he is their best witness.

The sad part of the above examples is I could go on. News sources are not all created equal nor are some sources even news based. Too many sites offer fake news designed to confuse the public. And, they do so at a price as there is an industry around fake news creation.

Please verify unusual stories and sources of information. It is more than OK to tell a Facebook friend that his or her source is sketchy or you do not believe that to be true.

16 thoughts on “If you believe this, you may want to check your source

  1. That’s why my main news source is Public Broadcasting. The trouble with encouraging others to check their sources, is that any source – Fact Check, Snoops, etc. – that doesn’t support their hair brained ideas is labeled “fake” and full of “liberal lies” etc.

    • Janis, you are a wise woman. What I find interesting is when surveys ask where you get your news they fail to list Public broadcasting. When I received a call and they learned I watched public broadcasting, they hung up. I have said earlier, the median has been moved to the right by the more biased sources. So, it makes mainstream media look more liberal than it actually is. Thanks for commenting, Keith

  2. This reminds me of the headlines of the Enquirer I read in the check-out lanes at the grocery! The problem is that a great many people actually believe that stuff. I say it again (and again) it all goes back to the failure of our education system!

    • Hugh, the new breed took the Enquirer stuff and polished it up and repackaged it to make it look legitimate. People like to blame others for their problems, so they will believe anything that points them that way. In Hillbilly Elegy, JD Vance said one reason some people don’t like the Obamas is the have raised a fine family, so people will believe stuff that cannot be true. Keith

    • Lisa, we are an uninformed nation of people, who can easily be convinced of just about anything. Trump took advantage of a large bloc of Republican voters who have been voting against their economic interests for some time. To his credit, his rallies were in these areas. Yet, what they fail to realize is his history and ego do not portray a man who will be their champion.

      A key problem is people don’t have the patience or desire to read holistically about the issues and solutions. We would rather live in a 140 character world where witty retorts are mistaken as well thought out policy. Thanks for your comments, Keith

  3. Note to Readers: Reading a letter to the editor, I again witnessed how data elements can be taken out of context to support an alternative narrative. Since the unemployment numbers are favorable, Trump and the GOP have grabbed the Labor Participation Rate which has been declining for some time now. It will continue to decline under a Trump or Clinton presidency. Why? Because it includes retirees and we are an aging society. What that rate really reveals is we have fewer workers supporting obligations to retirees – this is s key reason there is financial pressure on Social Security and state pension plans.

  4. “Post-truth.” How sad. I hadn’t heard it called that yet, but that describes it perfectly. I hope you are hanging in there after this difficult election. It has been hard for sure!

    • Emily, thanks. I think “post-truth” was voted the phrase of the year. I am actually doing OK. I hope he does a few good things t balance out the many bad things which will occur under his direction. Looking at his cabinet, he has a couple of good picks, but he also has too many questionable and downright awful picks. I have low expectations, so we will see how it goes. I will still push on issues that are not being addressed or addressed in the wrong way – debt, environment, poverty, civil rights. Thanks for the concern, Keith

  5. Dear Keith,

    Another clue is when a story which would be considered hot news, but no major media outlet is covering it, it is a pretty good bet, that the story is bogus But in today’s world, even major news outlets have been fooled.

    I remember when Dr. Carson mentioned during the campaign something about China having sent a war ship to the middle east. He was basing this info on a fake news story by RT.

    My concern is that this business of fake news is just getting started.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, your last sentence before your sign-off may unfortunately be true. Maybe George Orwell will be proven right, where the news is bent to cover the lies and we will be watched by the NSA. I think when politicians stopped correcting people on the campaign trail to perpetuate a convenient myth coupled by the tremendous success of Fox News where the news is spin-doctored at best, it was a short leap to making stuff up. This is where a master marketer like Trump who rarely tells the truth without repercussion can flourish. I believe Bannon’s role is Director of Disinformation in this man’s White House. Keith

  6. Sensationalism sells more than truth. And the Trump-eters love a sensational story, as long as it is about Obama or Clinton. They know it isn’t true, but they will defend it anyway. I don’t know how to overcome that. I agree with Hugh, that it tracks back to our education system, but don’t look for any improvement there, as Betsy DeVos takes over and takes further funding away from public schools.

    • Jill, I don’t think Trump knows everything is untrue. His words have no value, as I believe he sees them as mere props with no meaning. He is a salesman who has tended to say whatever is necessary to make the deal, whether it is misleading Scots, Trump University seminar prospects or American voters. I think he would not know the truth even if he tripped over it. Keith

      • Perhaps you are right … it just seems too far-fetched to be believed by any but the biggest idi …. oh wait … he did win Idiot of the Year, didn’t he. 🙂

      • Jill, what he is finding out now is his words have greater impact. The press need to give his actions and words the scrutiny that the office deserves. Since his words lack veracity, it is easy to find contradictions and inaccuracies. With 17 million Twitter followers, they tend to believe his mularkey. Keith

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