Hillary should have heeded Arnold Palmer’s Example

Today, unless thirty-seven electoral college members decide not to vote for the President-elect, Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. We will likely never know officially the extent of the influence of the Russian hacking on the election results, but it had to have some impact at least in my opinion. But, to me there was a key failure by the Democrat candidate that should be noted – Hillary Clinton wanted to win big and took her precious time away from where it was needed most and tried to run up the score.

Arnold Palmer, who passed away this year, could have told her not to follow his example back in 1966, when he was well-positioned to win his second US Open and eighth major golf championship. Palmer is remembered as one of the greatest golfers in history, but also for his go-for-broke style. Because of this style, while he won often, he also fell short when playing it smart would have been the better course of action.

In 1966, at the Olympic golf course in San Francisco, Palmer came to the back nine of the final day of the US Open with a seven shot lead. That number is correct. Standing on the tee, he decided to go for a record victory and continued to go-for-broke. Now, if you do not follow golf, note that rough off the fairway is grown higher than normal for the US Open, so it is very unforgiving if your ball misses the shorter fairway grass. I have actually played this course and can attest it is not an easy one to play, but even more difficult from the rough.

So, Palmer’s swashbuckling style caused him to bleed strokes off his lead at the same time one of the most underrated players ever, Billy Casper started making a few birdies. By the end of the nine holes, Palmer had lost all of his lead and ended the day tied with Casper. The next day Casper was able to be beat Palmer in a playoff denying the latter another crowning achievement.

Why do I bring this up? Clinton decided she had a slim chance to win Arizona and decided to spend more time there than she should have. Where she should have spent her time was in states she should have won, but lost – Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. She did not visit Wisconsin at all after the convention, while many snickered at Trump going there. Flying to Arizona is a long flight, so she lost at least a day each time she went, a day that could have been invested in states nearer to each other.

Truth be told, she had a good story to tell for helping the middle class get jobs, a well thought at plan which included investing in our infrastructure and renewable energy industries which are growing at a fast pace. But, she was not there to tell it. So, she gave the mike to Trump, who knows what to do in front of people wanting to be told what they want to hear.

People talk about what a flawed candidate she was and is, but she still won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. She just did not have enough of those votes in states where it mattered to the electoral college. I feel that she could have run a better campaign from the get go. I realize it is easy to say that now, but many said that before the election was long over. The drip-drip-drip of the constant email leaks did not help her at all, as it distracted us from issues and her opponents spotty business record and poor treatment of others along the way. Yet, half of success is showing up and she missed a few places to tell her story.

I am also quite perturbed by those who on November 9th saw that not voting at all and voting for a third-party candidate did a disservice to her efforts to give us some rational governance. Jill Stein’s voters wanted clean energy, so by voting for her instead of a candidate who could have moved us further down the path, we will have a new President whose cabinet is filled with fossil fuel protagonists. As I have said before, if you did not vote or voted for someone else, your voice is less compelling to complain about Trump winning.

So, unless something significant happens in the next 24 hours, we will have a President who will scare the hell out of most of the citizens on our planet and in our country. I hope he does some good, because I anticipate many things that will lead us down the wrong paths. Arnie could have told you Hillary – you should have played it smart.



26 thoughts on “Hillary should have heeded Arnold Palmer’s Example

  1. This electoral college is such a curse! But I also don’t understand once it is decided that certain electors are elected for this and others for that candidate that they still can decide again regardless of what the people voted for!

    • Erika, it is a puzzlement to most Americans. It was designed to prevent a candidate like the President-elect from winning. It was designed to override a populist, demagogue. However, it is doubtful enough will vote against Trump, when their state popular vote said to vote for him. Keith

    • The Electoral College made sense in the eighteenth century (the “Age of Reason”) but historically it became an anachronism as the electors simply rubber-stamped the votes of the citizens in their respective states. It is absurd and ought to be eradicated.

      • I did not want to be that clear. But you said exactly what I am thinking… actually what everybody here is thinking! It is absolutely absurd and is anything but democratic!

      • Hugh, I understand the rationale for its purpose. If our intent is not let the largest populations determine the election, then we should rethink how it is structured. I just don’t trust the politics to do so. So, we should keep it and let it operate as intended or get rid of it. Keith

  2. This is spot on. Hillary lost sight of the goal and was wasting her time in small states and defending herself against bogus charges instead of broadcasting her programs and improving her image. And this is not just hind-sight. I noted this during her campaign! So did you, as I recall.

    • Hugh, we did indeed. Each day Trump avoided talking about issues was a win. She did try some, but discussing her mental health plan got very little coverage, e.g. Yet, just going to Wisconsin would have let her touch base with Minnesota. And, Pennsylvania and Mivhigan touch Ohio. It was just bad planning on her part.

  3. I respectively disagree. One big issue that I see is that she believed the polls, which is what most everybody did. She believed the poll that said she had a chance in AZ so she went there. I do agree that was probably not a good plan but….. Yes, this election was completely skewed with our main stream media caring more about their profits than doing some actual reporting on the chump’s downfalls and less on those damn emails. I do believe that Putin wanted the chump to win and all those hacked emails that the media focused on instead of focusing on really important issues did her in. And of course the final nail in her coffin was Comey. That should be investigated and he should be charged with violating the Hatch Act. wonder if there will be any justice….I really doubt it considering the congress in charge.

    • Toby, I agree with many of your points, but polls are often misread as they look at the median as if it is the estimate alone, Using 538 Polling, they showed a range beween the 20th and 80th percentiles. That range revealed a tightening race even in her solid blue states, where the possibility of a Trump win was indicated within the those percentiles in those states. But, rolling back the clock to the post convention, she could have made some swings through a few states that she did not go to. With all that said, she would have likely won had Comey not done what he did, on Friday night before a major weekend early voting. His all clear announcement eight days later was too late, as Trump never altered his commercials, so many voters did not know.

      I am not disagreeing with your first point, but do feel she took some places for granted. Of course, 20/20 hindsight helps. Thanks for your thoughts. Keith

      • yep. agreed. and again, it’s amazing to me how many people he fooled. how many people believed all the crazy things he said. even in his “victory tours” (can I puke now????) the people still want Hillary locked up. When will they start to wake up and revolt? I wonder……It’s nice to come to a place where people can discuss without talking down to or insult one another. I have to stop trying to talk sense into people who post on facebook. there are some really ugly people that comment there, from all over the world too. (I read stupid comments in Spanish as well…..heavy sigh…..). Again, thanks for being here and allowing sane discussions.

      • Toby, many thanks. One of the huge downsides of this election with its fake and biased news along with a gasoline adding candidate, is civil discourse was a big loser. Keith

    • Rob, I agree. Some of this 20/20 hindsight, but I found it odd she was going to Arizona when these states plus Florida, NC and Ohio demanded more time. Plus, with having to take a long flight, she could have hit many more sites in states close to each other. With that all said, she would have Lille won had Comey not convinced some people still deciding that Trump was less worse. Keith

      • We have access to the warrant, which seems to suggest that Comey had no reason to think there was anything relevant to Hillary on those computers.

        It looks like a setup and if you look at ‘WikiLeaks’ stories prior to Comey’s announcement there
        is an uptick in stories about ‘new emails’ and the impending release of ‘bombshell’ .

        It’s frightening and infuriating to think that the FBI was part of a successful conspiracy to take over the government.

        This is not the first time a homegrown coup of this type was tried.

        But this is the first time that we have enough circumstantial evidence to suspect that members Congress and our federal law enforcement agencies colluded with a foreign power to subvert the election of our President.

        And it’s not just the President.

        Circumstantial evidence also suggests that the subversion affected the outcome of the house races, which means that the Government we will have in 2017 is not the government we chose.

      • Rob, this is issue is bigger than the incumbent. A real leader would say we must get to the bottom of this, irrespective of the outcome. Of course, the man who is destined to be our next President would not be confused with a real leader. Keith

      • What you say at the close is the crux of the matter. How did this man connive his way the White House, and why does the fact that he is unfit to serve not a consideration.

        In other words, what happened to sicken our politics to the degree that the United States cannot stop this man from destroying our country?

      • Rob, going back to his announcement, I thought it was a PR stunt. Surely, people would not take this ego-maniacal man seriously. Coupled with the least informed country in the first world, people could easily be manipulated into believing his fear and bumper sticker solutions. As his success is tied to ours, I hope he can do some good things to balance the many bad things he will likely do. Keith

      • The problem as I see it Kieth is that even as GOP ‘leadership’ made a show of ‘distancing’ themselves from Trump the foot soldiers f the GOP were spreading for Russian style disinformation to people who were specifically targeted because they are poorly informed…

        Examine the GOP ad at this link and tell me what it looks like to you.


        I can see that it is a pastiche of out of context comments that are being used to subvert Clinton’s status among a group of African American voters who have every reason to be suspicious of the intentions of white liberals.

        The problem is that it is a lie that subverts the difference between truth and fiction and this takes the ad to a new level as a tool for the dissemination of information.

        The ad subverts its reason to exist which makes it disinformation.

      • Rob, the key rallying point for all GOP was to crucify Hillary Clinton by all means necessary. The evil caricature that has been crafted over time became an easy target for even more untruths. Republicans created the circumstances for this man and now cannot put him back in Pandora’s Box. It will be interesting to see how Congress and Trump handle frictions which will occur. Keith

  4. Dear Keith,

    Personally, I hate 20/20 reviews except if there is something to be learned for the future

    .In this case, democrats should learn how to reach out to every segment of the American peoples and to actually be there to listen and to be heard. A prime example would be Flint MI.She could have openly donated monies from her foundation to change out some of the lead-corroded pipes.This would have demonstrated that she planned to get things done v just going there for a photo-op.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, I won’t disagree with your 20/20 point. Democrats are pulling their hair out, but they have a better more holistic message with action plans for the middle class, but are lousy marketers. Clinton has definitive plans to push renewable energy which has faster job growth along with infrastructure spending, which hopefully the President-elect will do, which is uncertain as his party has been the hold up. With respect to the White House, more jobs are created on average by over a 2 to 1 margin when Dems are President per the Bureau of Labor statistics, yet many Americans including Dems believe the opposite. Keith

      • Agreed. Back in 2012, there was a mandate for all GOP politicians to always add these two adjectives to key terms.

        The “Failed” stimulus and “Jobkilling” Obamacare. Per six econometric organizations, the stimulus did not fail and actually was accretive to the economy. Even Dems looked surprised when I told them that a few years ago. The latter was not true, but was seized on. There was actually a data point that said people on the ACA could self-select out of employment and become an independent contractor or retire early. This fed the adjective and was seized on by Republican leaders, but that was not with the number indicated.

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