Our next President may want to give more attention to the larger economies

It seems our President-elect is more consumed with Russia than he should be. Why the undue dalliance is something that the analysts should evaluate. Yet, Russia is not even in the top ten economies in the world.

Of course, we should endeavor to have commerce with countries as bilateral trade breaks down barriers. But, I would be more concerned with our larger partners – China, Japan, Germany, UK, France, India, Brazil Canada, and Italy. These and other trading partners like Mexico have a major impact on the US economy and job markets.

I would be more concerned with impacting trade with China than anything else. That could have a huge bearing on US jobs. Like the mistake with Brexit, we must not forget the jobs created here by foreign companies. Companies wanting to tap the US market have figured out it is more cost effective to build big things here rather than ship them from abroad – think Nissan,  Honda, Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Hyundai, Husqvarna, Doosan, etc.

An economist said in 2015, China’s slowing growth has a bigger impact on the economy than similar percentage declines elsewhere. Yet, we should seek trade with other partners as well, to diversify and tap other markets. More commerce with Russia is a good thing, just as more commerce with Cuba and Iran is. Conducting trade creates relationships and builds more unity. Countries will be less inclined to upset applecarts. And, in Iran  the median age is 35, so the opportunity to change the future relationship in a positive way exists.

I recognize fully that there are leaders and countries we need to be highly skeptical of such as Russia, Iran, The Philippines right now, Syria and North Korea, e.g. Duterte is a thug, Putin is conniving and Little Kim is bat shit crazy, so we need to be leery of these folks

So, before our President-elect accepts Putin’s offer as a prom date, he may want to consider dancing better with our other successful partners.


29 thoughts on “Our next President may want to give more attention to the larger economies

    • Erika, the global economy is a very good thing, yet it does need to recognize the workers rights and opportunities. There are many reasons for job losses, by the primary one which continues is technology. I will get this statistic wrong, but in the US, we are doing 3x the manufacturing with 1/3 less workers since the 1980s. Thanks for commenting. Keith

    • Hugh, with his persistence on defending Russia, it does make one wonder if there is more to it than that. Questions that should be asked – was he aware of the source of the hacking long ago? Any smart person would have to question why are we getting to see daily email briefings from one side and not the other. The other is what does he stand to gain financially by dealing more with Russia? Obviously, the fossil fuel industry wants to do business with them, but is he looking to expand his own business there?

      I recognize part of his adamance is his ego, as he does not want to give credit for his win to anyone but himself. In fact, his ego is so large, that may be the reason. Yet, questions should be asked.


      • Very true. He needs to toss his IPhone in the Potomac or Hudson. He has to say something, usually not well thought out, about everything. His latest on North Korea makes a direct public statement. There is such a thing that he is unfamiliar with called “quiet strength.” I hope he is successful, but have a low expectations, which he has not met. I fear his Presidency will be worse than we anticipated.

      • Agreed. By the way, the GOP led Congress decided their first action would be to do away with the ethics office. That may be the most absurd move they could make. Even Trump piled on to many who said how improper that change is and the have rescinded the action. That is about as poor stewardship a decision as you could make at the outset.

  1. Brexit was not a mistake. The people spoke as they were fed up of the dictatorship the EU has become. How would Americans like it, if another country told them what to do? For example, overriding their own laws, so we have no right to deport known criminals as “the have a right to family life”? What about the family left behind of their victims? I think people should look more into Brexit rather than making sweeping statements. Look around Europe and forth coming elections. People are fed up with the greedy, EU sham. This is not what Britain signed up for in 1975.

    • Persia, I understand all your points. You are right, I do not live there and cannot understand it fully. Yet, there are UK financial experts and businesses who are fretting that the whole picture was not taken into consideration. That includes the number of foreign companies who have placed there European market headquarters and distribution plants in the UK. There are several of these companies that are planning to move out of the UK. Plus, I would hate to see Scotland and Northern Ireland leave the UK to stay in the EU. With that said, I believe the UK may regret Brexit. There are some who are regretting it now.

      Again, I understand your points, but from what I read it will cause some unanticipated pain. I have tended to support collaboration in trade, but with that said, it cannot be unduly harmful to workers. But, as I note here in the US, the biggest threat to worker is technology improvements.

      Many thanks for opinion. It matters a great deal and is heard. At the end of the day, my opinion and $2.00 will get you a cup of coffee. Keith

      • Granted, some people regret it, whilst others don’t. At the end of the day, the UK was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Also, one minute, the saying is “The UK is going to be just fine”, then the next is “The UK is going to have a tough time”. Damn if we do, damned if we don’t. It’s a crying shame the UK was placed in such a position in the first place for a referendum to be called. However, if the scaremongering stops, and we all just get on with the hand we have been dealt with, we will soon see what happens, and will have to cross that bridge when we come to it. “If it ain’t broke…” comes to mind, but the fat cats who head the EU got so greedy, they tore the EU apart.
        I pray things get better, not just for Europe, but for America too. In fact, the whole world. Wishful thinking, huh? I pray every night that God helps mankind. Just waiting for my prayers to be answered.
        I hope all is well. Persia

      • Well said. With our new leader, it will be the most interesting of times. I hope he does well, but I have low expectations.

    • Linda, I must ask “boy howdy?” Is that a western saying? My wife liked your email, as well, by the way, as it caused her to tear up. Thanks, Keith

      • Hmmm. I dunno about boy howdy. Maybe it is a western saying. It’s deeply ingrained in my brain, although I rarely use it. Now that I think of it, I don’t even know what it means or how it came about. I know it only in the context in which I’ve heard it. Something to investigate. Take care of yourselves, Keith. It’s good to have someone to hold onto when life turns upside down.

      • Linda, thanks. My wife and I banter about different versions of the same saying. I say “Goodness gracious Agnes” while she says “Goodness gracious Maggie.” My guess is they were both nuns. Who knows where these things come from? Keith

    • Susan, if one reads the Newsweek article on his global business dealings, he does little due diligence and it has haunted him with some of the folks he has done business with. Coupling that with his spotty business record, his decision-making as a business person should not be taken without some reservations. Keith

      • Yikes.
        Bruce and I have been watching some documentaries on our history during the past century. We have been fascinated by the political huuey that has commonly gone on in our past, much I was not aware of. In a crazy bit of illogical thought, that raucous past gives me some hope for getting through this present situation. In politics, it just doesn’t appear to be that far out of normal???

      • Susan, you are right, we have survived some raucous politics. I guess the only differences are the tweeting of someone who does so before he thinks and does so when he should not and the ability to use fake news with precision. Keith

      • True. A tweet can cause a bad event or a fake news site can cause a guy with rifle to show up at a pizza parlor.

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