Donnie Darko

We have a new President, so we wish for him the wisdom of Solomon and the patience of Job. Yet, we may need to wish for some of Ronald Reagan’s optimism.

I say this as his inaugural address painted a very dark picture of America. I have been saying for more than the last two years, what country are you talking about?

The one I live in has an unemployment rate of less than 5%, the fourth longest economic growth period in its history and record high stock market. The one I live in has over 20 million more insured than before the ACA. The one I live in has moved forward in renewable energy as a world leader.

Of course, we have problems, but we are not as desperate as portrayed in this dark speech. I would add that retrenching into a jingoistic nationalism is counter to the economic expansion of global trade. Reducing trade makes us less prosperous and secure.

Words are important. It would have been more Presidential to lead from in front in a hopeful and visionary manner. I hope he will learn a lesson from this. We need him to.

29 thoughts on “Donnie Darko

  1. Pergaps the strategy is to make things appear as dark and as gloomy as possible, then even the tiniest ray of light he provides, will appear that much brighter, by comparison. Hes setting the bar low, to make it easier to jump.

    • Ron, there is a lot to be said for your statement. Remember at the GOP Convention, he said “I, alone, can solve these problems.” That statement he made then and has echoed since is arrogant, incorrect as it takes a team, and off the mark as he his history has shown us a spotty record of execution. I hope he is better than I expect him to be and will pull for him certain areas, but I expect to be dismayed by many of his statements an actions. Keith

      • Or lack of action. We all have to hope and pray. There’s a saying, “A hard head makes a soft ass”.

        I think reality is going to soften Mr. T’s butt real soon.

      • Ron, I have not heard that saying. If he keeps tweeting, he will cause even more harm, given his lack of knowledge, empathy, patience and decorum than his policies. Keith

    • Jill, he has not as you point out he does not believe he makes mistakes. He will continue to tweet, e.g. Maybe we better amend the old quote from Mark Twain, “it is better to let people think you are a fool, than to tweet and remove all doubt.” Even his followers are asking him not to tweet, which is how bad a communication tool it is. Keith

    • Hugh, in his mind, the disadvantaged are easier to exploit. That of course is my opinion. Yet, why is his history one where he stiffs people who are hard working contractors? Keith

      • He’s on a perennial power trip and the contractors really can’t fight back. If they take him to court he can outspend them. (It will be interesting to see if the case involving the 13 year-old girl somehow gets lost in the shuffle!)

      • The man who would be king, may find royalty is not to his liking when the things continue to fall apart as started during his post election phase. He has already offended China, Germany, NATO, Congress, etc.

    • Hugh may have a point. He got sworn in as President. Then he did the following: 1. Issued an executive order about the ACA to direct agencies to ease Obamacare regulator burden. 2. To suspend a scheduled cut in mortgage insurance premiums costing homeowners; and giving a gift to Wall Street.

      The article I read was, “In First Hour, President Trump Delivers ‘Punch in the Gut to Middle Class” Jan 20, 2017 by Common Dreams.

      • Roseylinn, what his followers have not learned yet is his propensity to not deliver on his marketing promises. Having caps made in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh has not played well at the inauguration. Keith

  2. I’ve learned that Trump projects everything-

    Says intelligence is like Nazi Germany because that’s how he wants to use for himself.
    Says Hillary is crooked because he himself is crooked.
    Says media lies – because he lies.
    Touts media is against him because he is against media reporting what he actually says and does.
    He is disappointed with the inauguration numbers so he shames the media because he feels shame.

    and on and on… If he wasn’t president it would be a very, dark comedy.

    • Agreed. We have elected a man very unworthy of the office. Historians will look back at this period with a lens of “how America ceded its global influence” or “The Rebirth of Nationalism.” Keith

  3. Dear Keith,

    What he woke up to on the day after his inauguration, was to see on TV, a sea of pink hats, beyond what the eye could see. The Women’s March numbers far exceeded those who attended his inauguration event.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, plus the seas of protestors were global. I just wish those seas of US protestors all voted for his primary opponent. He does not like criticism, so if it is large and undeniable, he possibly could be influenced as he has few convictions. Keith

  4. Our new president said himself “January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.” These are words. Which is exactly why I chose to take action and March in Philadelphia yesterday.

    • Lisa, I share your sentiment. Words are tools to him, not bonding. We must be vigilant and shine spotlights on behavior, actions or words that are not helpful to our country or planet. Our friend Hugh wrote a post about how he endeavors to “gaslight” us. Here is the link:

      I use three easy examples just from his first day on the job.
      – while he is telling people to build American and buy America, the caps on the heads that say “Make America Great Again” were made in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh. This disappointed some of his fans.
      – he failed to tell the media he also signed an executive order to roll back a scheduled mortgage premium decrease that would have saved money for 1 million plus homeowners – that would be middle class homeowners
      – he was highly critical of the media for saying his inauguration crowd was smaller than others, while at the same time using a picture of Obama’s first inauguration crowd shots.

      Five biographers and a ghostwriter of his best selling book “The Art of the Deal,” said he has a propensity to lie and has done so his entire career. Keith

    • Linda, it will indeed. One things is for certain, the age of disinformation in America has begun. See my note to Lisa with just three examples the first day. Keith

  5. Donnie Darko, eh? The perfect name for him. But it concerns me that evil demon rabbit thing that he talks to and no one else can see is probably saying to him. The movie Donnie Darko did not end well for poor Donnie.

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