This is the dawning of the age of disinformation

For fans of the 5th Dimension, I recognize my use of the word “disinformation” has one more syllable than “Aquarius,” but it is better than “alternate facts.” This is the new term being spoonfed to us before being lied to by the new White House. Our new President, who has a history of treating the truth as a commodity, has hired two spokespeople that now lie to cover up their boss’ lies.

Kellyanne Conway said they were presenting “alternate facts,” which is an oxymoron that begs the input of George Carlin who was famous for oxymoron questions. As Carlin famously asked about jumbo shrimp, are they big shrimp or little jumbos? Are alternate facts untruthful facts or factual variations?

The sad part of this new era is how easily these alternate facts can be shown to be untrue. Yet, these spin doctors, which is a nice way of saying paid liars, are lying about inconsequential stuff. The size of the crowd and size of the TV audience are not worth losing goodwill over. Yet, if they will lie about something of no consequence, what will happen on bigger issues.

On inauguration day, there were two additional stories worth reporting that went unannounced. First, Sean Spicer made no mention that our new President signed an executive order in his first hours that reversed a planned mortgage premium rate reduction scheduled to go into effect at month end. This would have saved over one million middle class homeowners money. Weren’t these the people our President swore to look after?

Second, while speaking of build in America and buy American, his followers were wearing caps to “Make America Great Again” made in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh. Not only is this hypocrisy, but it shows what a poor planner the President is, as being a good manager has been a shortcoming. Why would you risk such discovery?

Finally, he has decided to continue his war on the media. Yet, what he fails to realize is the media is far-reaching and credible media is now presenting his office’s comments side by side with fact checks. When you are known for lying throughout your career, it is good journalism to show where statements made by our President or one if his surrogates is untrue. I wish they did this during the campaign, as he was the most prodigious liar since 2007 when such fact checking began.

Let me be candid. I did not vote for this man and advocated against his candidacy. This was a key reason. Yet, he is our President, so we must hope he does some good things and protest when he goes down a bad path. What will wear my patience quite thin is for blatant lying, especially on nonsense.

So, here is what I am going to do throughout his Presidency and I encourage others to do the same until shown otherwise. I am not going to believe a word Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway or Sean Spicer say. A betting person would say the same, based on their track record. They have to earn any trust I will give them. They have failed to do so and deserve this treatment. The ball is in their court.


35 thoughts on “This is the dawning of the age of disinformation

  1. Note to Readers: I toyed with going with “Your Cheating Heart” by Hank Williams, but the man has another track record beyond lying that this song would conjure up.

  2. Spot on, Keith! I fully agree … my fear is that they will keep the media so busy with disinformation that real information will be “catch as catch can” and we will be more in the dark than not. We are going to stay busy in the coming months. I like your song choice … couldn’t have chosen better. 🙂

    • Many thanks. I think it started out in the play “Hair.” But, I had a crush on Marilyn McCoo. We saw Jimmy Webb perform in a small venue. He wrote “Up, up and away” and many Glen Campbell songs. He said he had a big time crush Marilyn which is why he wrote that song.

      • I didn’t know that! You are a walking encyclopedia! Next time I cannot remember something, I will just say “wait a minute … let me ask Keith”!

      • Jill, thanks. I seem to remember older history better than recent. I still have to search for actors’ names when they show up in movies and TV shoes I had not seen. Keith

  3. Oh, woe for the country! We have elected a Dick Tracy villain as commander in chief. And the evil Cheeto-head is redefining our language now. As a former English teacher this has me very disturbed. And don’t Dick Tracy villains end up taking the big dirt nap in the end, after many months of leading the detectives down dark and violent alleys? Oh, woe! Cheeto-head dies and we have Plain Mike Pence to replace him. That is actually worse when it comes to questions of human dignity and civil rights. I wonder what those two phrases will mean now?

  4. I wish I could believe in “alternative facts.” I would love for the alternative fact “Donald Trump is not president” to be true. Maybe if we start repeating it enough, it will become truth?

    So it seems Washington has become the new Kremlin. We need a newspaper called Pravda.

      • Are you watching the Saturday Night Live spoofs of Trump with Alec Baldwin? Putin is a regular on the show now (without a shirt). It is creepily funny. Or funnily creepy. I don’t know. God help us all.

  5. I think you have struck on an important point here, Keith. Trump makes much ado about nothing to detract from the something that he is doing, which is inevitably more important. I cannot believe that he continues to think that the American public is stupid enough to believe his altered reality.

    • Lisa, interesting name. With a reawakened press that is more global, it will be harder for them to lie for long. The sad part is when they stick to a lie, doubling and tripling down on it, like their boss, they will look even more foolish. It is one thing to perfume pig, but it is another to stand there and say something that you know is not true. Keith

  6. His mindless minions have been told (and they believe) that the fact checkers are all liberals who distort the real facts! This is all designed to confuse people about what is and what is not the case so they can be more easily led down a dark alley. It worked in Germany in the 1930s.

    • Hugh, there is one thing that Trump and his PR team are overlooking. The press is more global now and is being reawakened to do their job. Doubling down on an obvious lie makes the liar look even more foolish. Yet, to your point, the man has gotten this far without a large bag of truth. Keith

  7. Note to Readers: I was reading yet one more article about the Conway Meet the Press interview where she was rather adamant in defending alternate facts. Two comments. You can butter it all you want, but it is still burnt toast.

    The second comment is a repeat of the above. If you and your boss want to be treated as legitimate, then my strong advice would be too stop lying. It is becoming sadly, comical.

  8. Dear Keith and friends,

    When your friends on FOX News like Chis Wallace starts calling you out, you are out. Mr. Reince Priebus looked like a fool on the Sunday show. If the republicans are not careful to call out these guys about their lying habits, republicans will get branded as the alternative facts party.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Ron, it will take just that. Today, he is still complaining about voter fraud. Part of this ego, but it may be a strategy of distraction, since he announced a freeze on EPA communications today. Keith

  9. Note to Readers: Our new President has put a temporary gag order on EPA staff communications. I think at least one other department has a gag order as well. I don’t know about you, but this is troubling on several levels.

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