You can’t talk to anyone

One of the unfortunate traits of a narcissistic or abusive spouse is to control the victim. It is not uncommon for the abuser to get angry when the victim talks with anyone and attempt to limit those discussions.

I find it telling that our new President is muzzling several of his agencies. This is denied by his press secretary, but there is evidence that pressure is occurring to not release information in press releases and social media.  The one I am most concerned with is his ordering people at the EPA not to speak or release any information for an indefinite time.

The presumed rationale is they may continue to follow science and try to educate, govern and help and not be in keeping with his fossil fuel focus. It is not different from President George W. Bush and Governors Scott Walker and Rick Scott from trying to hamstring discussion or papers dealing with climate change.

I fear this is a continuation of his desire to control the messages. It is a key part of disinformation campaigns. To combat this, we need to demand the truth from this President. We need to demand that scientists not be hamstrung for political reasons.

To be frank, if he wants his Presidency to be legitimized, he can start by telling the truth. He can also encourage the free flow of discussion. Limiting it is prima facie evidence that his own arguments should be questioned more.

26 thoughts on “You can’t talk to anyone

  1. When you mean the truth… do you mean THE truth, or is it expanded to include the ALTERNATE truth. Sorry, but with “facts” , and “alternate facts”, I really couldn’t resist! 🙂

    • Colin, I was commenting with Renee on her blog. Spicer said he would not intentionally lie to the press. He just did, because he has a habit of intentionally lying. If he, Conway and Trump want to be treated with legitimacy, they can start by telling the truth. Keith

  2. This is happening Keith. It seems no one will stand up to Trump even if it is against their ethics , they are willing to give up their ethics. Is it fear of his vindictive character or the pressure of loyalty to their party. Rick Scott , out governor here in Fl ad used his cabinet the words “Climate “”change” were not to be uttered.

    • Holly, Scott is surrounded by sea water on three sides, so his stance is unwise and imprudent. Some GOP Congresspeople are pushing back on the voter fraud assertion. More need to call him on the carpet, including and especially the press. Keith

      • Tonight Ryan said an investigation into voter fraud is okay. Such utter waste of taxpayer dollars.

      • Holly, just this afternoon he says there was no evidence. He was handled to play along. It is a waste of money and meant to distract us from the Russia investigation. The sad part is people believe this BS. Keith

  3. As your “next door neighbour” all we can do is sit and watch how this all plays out. I know that your leader has already canceled a meeting between his son-in-law and our leader. Though there was a promise to reschedule sometime in the next few months.

    • Lydia, he views everything through a transaction lens and does not seem beholden to our long term friends. His comment equation Putin and Merkel was absurd and insulting to our ally. When the economy begins to falter based on additive retrenching postures, he will begin to get even more pressure. Keith

      • Your question made me laugh! Ecuadorians and other foreigners seem to present that question almost always ‘first’ when I meet someone new… The press right now is focused on Ecuador’s election… One candidate was in Mindo this past week, and the campaining is getting stronger… Here they roll into an area via motorcades of honking horns, the party’s colors/number, all very festive as if rolling out of a page of a novel…

      • Lisa, I guess the man here is top of mind, so you are the resident expert. I guess in Ecuador they like to roll in with fanfare. Keith

      • Most Americans are in disbelief. I just wished all the protestors voted. I recall Bill Maher and an independent voter guest telling folks not to to screw around and vote for Stein or not at all, as they were enabling this man to win. Keith

      • Ahhh! There’s the mistake: assuming that America has enough intelligent voters to do the right thing. Though, we need to keep reminding ourselves, Hillary won the popular vote by a wide margin.

      • Of course, our President, either due to ego or to distract from the Russian issue is going to investigate voter fraud, that denied him the popular vote.

  4. I find this the disturbung, albeit not at all unexpected, thing he has done in the past 5 days. And he has done a lot — none of it good in my book. Yet, yesterday the Dow hut an all time high, suggesting consumer confidence. Or is that more alternative facts?

    • Jill, this is disturbing. It should be noted that some of these scientists are going rogue to get messages out through personal venues per The Guardian. On a related note, the state of Wyoming is considering a surcharge on wind and solar, which is as inane a decision as can be made. After bending over backwards for the fossil fuel industry for decades, the legislature says wind/ solar have been subsidized too much.

      As for the stock market, this is what is called euphoria, as only the promise is baked in, without the ramifications. Retrenching on trade, retrenching on immigration, repealing the ACA, retrenching on renewable energy investment, etc. are each dilutive to growth. This is why several economists have said his policies will create from a malaise to a recession. Keith

      • Yes, a friend sent me a list of the ‘rogue’ twitter accounts for the EPA, USDA, HHS, NASA and others … it is encouraging to know that there is resistance afoot. And I agree … I do not think our present economy can ultimately survive his policies, and I’m not sure our overseas alliances can either. Thanks, as always, for your insight … you always add another facet to my thinking!

  5. Of all the stupid things this man has done, this takes the cake. But it is not simply stupid, it is a definite step toward mind-control — a la Orwell’s 1984. And, by the way, I hear sales of that book are suddenly way up!😡

    • Hugh, I heard sales were up as well. This is disturbing, but suppressing thought has already bit him in the butt and will continue. Spicer said he does not intentionally lie – that statement itself is a lie. Keith

    • Susan, when real journalists start piling on with criticism, he will be in a quandary. Now, he will back off saying he never says that or double down on attacking his critics. Keith

  6. Dear Keith,

    DT is exhausting to watch with all his manic, clueless antics. Eventually with a little more time, he will unify the American peoples, against himself. All of what he is doing will not make the lives of American working peoples better but worse.

    This not Russia. Gagging the American peoples is like plugging up a dam with a finger. He is getting ready to figure out that his old habits of bullying others towards his own financial success will no longer be effective.

    Our forefathers must be turning over in their graves as DT will definitely be testing the limits of the US Constitution.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, he is indeed exhausting. It is hard for me to watch his PR folks have to lie as much as they do to cover his lies and assertions. They are skilled at evading questions.

      As for the future, he will find it hard to shrink to greatness. Hamstringing free trade will be largely dilutive to growth. It is OK to protect jobs, but bullying folks is not a good recipe. I am eager to learn more on his infrastructure investments, but also concerned about what he will do to our debt which has now been estimated at increasing it by $6 trillion over the next ten years. That is not good for our country at all. Keith

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