We need to know the truth

The new leadership of our country has a modus operandi that the truth is only a commodity to be used when it works in their favor. I have witnessed in my consulting and managerial career that organizations take on the personality of its leader. Our leader is combative, thin-skinned and not too comfortable with the truth. Other leaders have lied, but we are talking about a whole different level of lying here as measured by fact checking organizations and just paying attention.

So, his PR people feel obligated to do the same, as once a lie is told and discovered, it either needs to be apologized for or padded with more lies. For this regime, the latter is the more common course of action. Cover a lie with more lies. The dilemma is it is a relentless effort to confuse people paying attention and sway those who do not.

But, this is not new, as our leader has been this way for most of his career. Who says so? His five biographers and ghost writer of his most popular book, “The Art of the Deal” say so. He has exploited many people during his career through bullying, misrepresentation, stiffing people, and many lawsuits, both threatened and real.

I have said before that I start out with the position of not believing a word the man and now his PR people say. The odds are in my favor that I am correct. Instead, I encourage folks to watch his actions, decisions and appointments.

For example, the so-called man of the people, has done the following, to name only a few of his actions, all of which are true.

  • He eliminated a planned mortgage premium reduction that would have helped millions of homeowners who did not put a large amount down on their house.
  • He is requesting the removal of a new requirement that would make all investment advisors act as fiduciaries, meaning they would operate in your best interests, which means that they would instead push transactions that may not be in your, but in their best interests.
  • He said Obamacare was in a death spiral, yet in a letter by the American Academy of Actuaries to Congress, they said that was not true. It should be noted Obamacare is helping twenty million plus Americans and, needs improvement, but is not a disaster, as he conveys.
  • He said Climate Change is a hoax invented by the Chinese to steal our jobs and has appointed several cabinet members and advisors who are perpetuating climate change denial in the face of overwhelming and convincing numbers of climate or environmental scientists. He is censoring climate change science by his departments which is a sure sign of not having faith in his own argument. It was reported by Bill McKibben in The Guardian, rural areas will be heavily impacted by not addressing climate change and not moving to renewable energy.
  • He introduced a travel ban that will do little to help with terrorism and actually will do the opposite. The terrorists are already here, but what is little known, he reduced funding on terrorism to address the 1,000 plus domestic terrorists groups that are tracked here. This coupled with ostracizing Muslims here and abroad, makes us less safe, as we should welcome all of our citizens and afford them the same rights and respect as others.

All of the above have an impact on the people who voted for him, as well as the rest of us, and not in a good way. It would be nice if these actions are highlighted, as  we need the truth. Otherwise, our complex problems will not get solved and we will have to address them in the future.




30 thoughts on “We need to know the truth

  1. More shocking the more time passes! It is a disaster. He and his staff are slapping everyone in the face who voted for them or who tried to find a way to support him now that the sh** already happened! I wonder how long this presidency is going…

    • Erika, I don’t know if you have this sense in Liechenstein, but we are weary of this man and his childish ego and antics. We are less safe in the world because of this 70 year-old boy king. Keith

      • Keith, believe me, we totally see it the same way! The news here are clear and straight, not censored in any way! Leaders in the whole world, cultures get offended one by one. Ill conceived concepts of someone who behaves like a spoiled immature child. Abusing his power for his own interests. The whole government is put together with unexperienced people who don’t know anything from the lives of the people in whose interest they should work and act. The words in your reply nails exactly what everybody here thinks and says! The US are getting in big big trouble if nothing changes. He is not keeping the country from terrorism, he generates it!

  2. Yes, we definitely need to know the truth, but he is difficult for the press to cover, as his childish temper tantrums and idiotic tweets, criticism of the media and anybody else who criticizes him provide a smokescreen for what may be going on beneath the surface. He reminds me of the old pinball machines (do those still exist?) where the ball bounces in so many different directions that it is nearly impossible to keep up with. Intentional, or simply a product of his jumbled mine? Who knows …

      • No … but my daughter (age 47) is, and she knew exactly what you were talking about! My music tastes are varied, leaning more toward 60’s folk music, jazz, r&b, and classical. 😀

      • Jill, I bet you were a big Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, and Peter, Paul and Mary fan. On the R&B side, The Temptations, Four Tops or more Memphis sound with Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding? Keith

      • You hit the nail right on the head! All of the above! Today I still like PP&M a lot, and listen to the likes of Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, etc. I never did get into the ‘metal’ sound, nor do I care for rap. Just sounds like a lot of noise to me. 🙂

      • I like those as well, especially James Taylor and Stevie Wonder. I am a head banger, as well, but like hard rock and less heavy metal. My go to favorites are Bob Seger and Billy Joel.

      • I like some selections from both Bob Seger and Billy Joel also. Much depends on my mood and activity. if I am walking, or doing house chores, I like something a bit perkier, but if I am just chilling out (when do I have time for that these days?) then I like slow and mellow.

    • Janis, both have lost what little credibility they had. They must know their boss is lying and probably are getting as tired of his schtick as we are. DT is as unapologetically relentless a liar that I have evern witnessed. He lies hourly, some times several times an hour. Keith

  3. The number of souls in this administration that have been sold to the devil, in less than a month, is ridiculous. Like you said, his behavior is nothing new. He has shown us all who he is and it’s time to believe him. As for the people around him who are forced to follow that behavior or be fired … GET A SPINE! If you can’t be impeccable with your word, you are indeed worthless in my eyes.

    • Lisa, more folks are catching on, but we have too many that accept what he says as the truth or believe what he has proposed will serve the purpose. This travel ban and related terrorist chest beating efforts sound good to many, but when the orders are considered either unconstitutional or to have the opposite effect and increase terrorism, some cannot make that leap. This alt right movement has easily swayed an uninformed audience. Keith

  4. Dear Keith,

    I rarely talk about my faith but it is important to me. And I have asked Him about what is going on? I do not hear voices, get visions etc. But i do get these moments of clarity which frankly comforts me.

    Here it goes:

    This is the grumpy old White men’s “Last Hurrah,” and their days are numbered. They will manage to bury themselves with their own misdeeds and in the future, they will not be missed.

    But the American peoples will benefit from “a wake up” call to where they appreciate the blessings of this country and its forefathers pre-planning. The USA was meant to give the world a signal for hope but its peoples will need to stand up and fight to keep this country moving forward. We have to be active participants, by not being lazy TV watchers, armchair quarterbacks while putting all of our trust in elected officials. We cannot take this great country for granted.

    This means that we must also fight for the truth.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, it is a fight worth having. Here is what puzzles me about the evangelical support for our President. His entire career has been at odds with the teachings of Jesus. He lies, he cheats, he bullies, he sexually harasses and assaults women, and he is the most vain person I have ever witnessed. Keith

  5. Yes, we badly need the truth and it’s going to be constant work to make sure we get it. Unfortunately, there are still many out there who will believe everything the new administration says and also many so-called “news” outlets willing to pander to them.

    • Karen, most definitely on both counts. More legitimate news sources are finally reporting when the lies and contentions without data are voiced or tweeted. But, those pseudo news sources remain to beholden to whatever he says. Keith

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