Let me fill you in

One of the more comical exchanges that was overshadowed during our President’s interview on “Fox and Friends” is the response he gave to the question regarding whether he has done anything that warrants criticism. In keeping with his mantra of never admitting mistakes, he could not think of one instance. Really, not even one?

Well, Mr. Trump, pull up a chair and let me fill you in on just a few. For your benefit, I will break them into three categories – your career, your campaign and your presidency.

Your Career

To sum up your history, Mr. Trump, you took advantage of a lot of people. You bullied them, you lied to them, you refused to pay people, you sued them, you threatened them with lawsuits, you lost their money with several bad investment decisions, you groped women and you walked in on groups of women who were not fully dressed. I know you made a lot of money, but how you treat people matters.

Your Campaign

Two fact checking organizations said you lied about 70% of the time. I recognize that all politicians lie, but you lapped the field in lying. You also name-called everyone that got in your way or dared criticize you. And, you lied about your super secret plans for health care (something terrific you said) and dealing with ISIS (I am not going to tell them what I plan you said). Neither of these statements were true as you had no such plans. But, the biggest lie you made is you convinced all these people you are on their side, but the only side you have ever been on is yours alone.

Your Presidency

While we should give you a chance, the early returns are not promising. You have mixed in equal parts chaos, incompetence and lying. Using your favorite word, the roll out of your travel ban was a “disaster.” It was not only unconstitutional, it was poorly vetted, poorly communicated and poorly executed. You have picked fights with our allies over nothing and several members of your cabinet are apologizing for your remarks, assuaging allies and directly contradicting you. Plus, you have attacked the media for catching you time and again with lying about Russia and both consequential and inconsequential things.

To say you have not done anything for which to be criticized is yet another lie. Or, maybe in your narcissistic world, you just close your eyes and ears and wish it all away. While you are President, we need you tell the truth. You may want to start with that man in the mirror and tell him the truth. Maybe then, you can become a leader.



18 thoughts on “Let me fill you in

  1. It really makes me wonder how anyone could reach the age of 72 and not be able to think of ANYTHING that they have done that warrants criticism. Either he is truly delusional (which I think he is), he is unable to admit any mistakes (which he can’t), he is just a flat-out lier (which he is), or we’ve managed to elect a president who is profoundly disturbed and has all three (and probably worse) personality disorders (which I think we have).

    • Janis, I find it hard to argue with your comment, except maybe the final summation. Having said that, my wife has been saying for eight months there is something wrong with this man. His response when he was caught in a lie about his relative margin of electoral college win – blamed his aides and then justified it saying he read it somewhere. The question the reporter asked was answered by his response – we cannot trust him was his response. Keith

  2. Good post, Keith! You summed it up quite nicely and concisely, and you are getting almost as snarky as I am … well … almost … 🙂 He is a consummate liar and is going to push his luck one time too many … the only question is when, and how much damage will he do in the interim.

    • Jill, thanks. I usually stop short of saying what I truly want to say. Unfortunately, he brings out the snark. This latest attack on President Obama is yet one more example of why the current President should not be believed. Why would Obama go almost eight years without a scandal, then wiretap Trump Tower, with nothing to gain? Keith

  3. If he just grabbed a chair and sit with you, Keith! You nailed it all! When he was elected many people who did not vote for him tried to accept him as their president but with all he did, his lies, his ignorant arrogance he is the ultimate example of how to divide a country in pretending his intention was the opposite!

  4. Dear Keith,

    I am past calling DT a “Narcissist” but now I am genuinely convinced that he is a full fledged “Psychopath.” Few psychopaths are serial killers. It is estimated by experts that 1% of the population can be classified as psychopathic but about 15% of the prison population qualify.

    Having him as a boss would be mission impossible but it would help those around him, to deal with him better. Little gets these guys to change their ways, but fear does work.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, it was reported that DT reamed out his team for Sessions’ recusal on Friday. This explains the two childish attempts to shos picture of Pelosi and Schumer with Russians. When Schumer with an excellent put down, he decided to attack Obama.

      As we have noted several times, his Keystone Kops handling of this confirms that an investigation is needed. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: A recurring theme played out in a very damaging way for the President. He is under fire and is reeling, so he attacks and accuses the former President of wiretapping without proof. The former President denies it, the former Director of Intelligence refuted and a report says the FBI director asks the DOJ to stand up and not only refute it but defend his agents. Apparently, the source is Fox News and some alt right broadcaster.

    If this assertion is false, I believe the Predident should resign. It also shows to me he is has some level of culpability with the Russian affair. It also shows Fox News for what they are, the most biased main stream news source in America. That is what I believe.

    • He seems to have a hard time. He certainly does not understand that some news sources are not such entities. If he is going to govern, he certainly is not going to do so very effectively off Breitbart or Mr. Jones.

      • Correct. While some of his ideas may seem pro-growth, many are antagonistic to growth. If he remains president, this may be looked at as the period when the US gave up its global position, which would be the most asinine thing we could do.

  6. Note to Readers: I have written about this before, but one of the things that irks me is how little attention was paid to DT’s history in this election. The man had five biographers and a ghost writer for his most successful book. All six said that DT treats truth like a commodity, only using it when it is in his favor. Thomas Wells, an attorney who was hired by and worked for DT, said the following in a piece he penned for the Huffington Post last summer – Trump lies all the time, about even the smallest of things. He also stiffs people quite frequently claiming bad service. Wells said he could understand the occasional bad service reason, but Trump often used this reason.

    What troubles me is the number of small business people and individual contractors he stiffed who either did nothing, accepted a smaller amount, or sued and were counter sued. These are landscapers, dry wallers, painters, piano distributors, etc. Our President bullied these small business people and more than a few went bankrupt. And, this is the guy who said he understood the common man? This man averaged 1 1/2 lawsuits per week during his career. He was taught by his mentor Roy Cohn, who advised Senator Joe McCarthy of communist witch hunt infamy, to sue everyone and never admit a mistake.

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