The circus is not going away

While Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey will be ceasing their circus tours ending an era, we have an even bigger circus going on in the White House. It is the new greatest show on earth, but unfortunately that is not a good thing.

Former Republican Congressman, Senator and Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen was being interviewed by the BBC earlier this week. A question was asked regarding the President’s lack of veracity with the truth. The correspondent said the world is noticing and leaders are coming to the conclusion that they cannot trust Donald Trump.

Cohen said it is more than that, as not only is it the lack of trust in Trump, he represents America, so it is our trust that is at risk. He added “the world is watching our circus.” He added when President Kennedy approached French President De Gaulle for his support in the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy offered to show him pictures of the missiles. De Gaulle said he did not need to as he trusted America. Cohen did not sense Trump and America would get that level of trust.

Even Trump’s hand-picked people (Messrs. Mattis, McMaster, Kelly, Tillerson and Pence) are having to apologize for his remarks, assuage our allies and openly disagree with the President. One NATO leader asked “who speaks for America?” When our leader lies about the smallest of things to nurture his large ego and has problems with the truth on larger issues, it requires others to fill in the gaps.

Yet, this should not be a surprise as Trump has always had trouble with the truth per six authors who wrote his biographies and his best seller. It was no different during the campaign when fact checking organizations said he lied 70% of the time, by far more than any other presidential candidate since 2007 when their measuring started. This same percentage is holding steady in his Presidency per these same fact checkers.

While I am in the camp of giving him a chance, he has not been able to achieve even my low bar of expectations. A key reason is he cannot stop lying. Even during his lone speech that got accolades, he lied at least eight times. And, when caught in a lie, he doubles and triples down on the lies enlisting his staff to get the coarsest sand paper to smooth out his stories. They say he is not lying, you misunderstood him, he was speaking jokingly or did not mean to use that specific term, e.g.

Yet, when something major happens, both Americans and our allies have to be able to trust the President. Right now, the answer is they will be less inclined to do so. I have shared before I don’t believe a word the man says. If he says it, the odds are in my favor it is not true. As just one example, he said he has never met a Russian businessman who bought his house and had his plane on the same tarmac as Trump’s on two separate occasions – I don’t believe him. Now, I a may be wrong to think that, but his track record would say I’m right.

And, that is sad. We do not need a circus in the White House. We need a leader. We need someone to tell us the truth.

7 thoughts on “The circus is not going away

  1. All so true. Lying just seems to come naturally to him … it’s as if he doesn’t even think about it, but rather just opens his mouth and out comes … whatever! I love Janis’ analogy! I have always felt that if somebody lied to me once, they were likely to do so again. I wonder if he even knows the difference in his own mind?

    • Jill, you may be right that he does not even know he is lying. I read he tripled down on his wiretapping story after Clapper, Comey, House Committee and Senate Committee. And, your proof is….Keith

  2. Note to Readers: While this sounds trivial and comical, in his hey day, our President would call info radio talk shows pretending to be his own press agent. In his disguise complete with different pseudonyms, the press agent would brag on The Donald, his genius, his dating profile, etc. A question that must be asked who does that? An egomaniacal man who lies just about anything. Who says so? His authors plus an attorney who worked for him, who said he lies about stuff that does not matter plus stuff that does.

  3. Dear Keith,

    DT has been getting away with his manipulative, lying habits for 70 years, and he is not about to change now.

    If more republicans do not face up to our president’s serious shortcomings real soon, when the ugly truth is revealed, they are going to have lots of egg on their faces.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, you are right, he is not prone to change. He just ticked off our British allies by involving them in his lie to save face. They pushed back on him. To the larger point, how can anyone trust someone who would harm a relationship to support an ongoing lie. What is interesting to me, is if he chooses to govern off what Fox News says, then he will crash and burn as Fox has such little veracity. Keith

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