Zero Credibility

If you were a foreign leader, let me ask you a simple question. Would you trust the current President of the United States? Unfortunately, the answer is an obvious no. The sad part is the leaders have less trust in America.

With the continuation of his lying and insufficient knowledge of the issues, he has offended several leaders in so little time. His mistakes are unforced, so he has brought them on himself.

His worst mistake which weighs him down as investigations continue are his continuing insistence that his predecessor had his offices wire tapped. He greatly complicated this false accusation by indicting the British in the wire tapping. He damaged a relationship with our best ally, so that he would not be caught in a lie. So, his solution was to lie again.

Adding to these lies are the Russian conspiracy investigation, the incompetently handled travel bans and various insults to Germany, China, Australia, Mexico, Sweden and NATO. He has shown he is something of a loose cannon which unnerves folks. He says he likes to be unpredictable and he is. But, so is a toddler.

Right now, our President has zero credibility. Unfortunately, he is our leader, so we are guilty by association.

38 thoughts on “Zero Credibility

  1. I consider myself speechless over the continuing idiocy of our current government administration and their ministrations in an apparent attempt to…do something other than run amok….taking our Country with them in the mad dash to irreparable damage. Speechless I said? I lied…which is now the new normal.

    • The adults in the room need to keep this toddler from wrecking, not just the country, but the world. I would like other so-called leaders to call him on the carpet for his inanity and perpetual lying.

      • They at least forgot they are adults. Some are between a rock and hard place, though. You have the President pressuring them to vote yes on the ACA repeal and replace and you have the Koch Brothers saying vote no.

  2. Note to Readers: If you want to be trusted, you have to be trustworthy. Our President’s mentor taught him to never admit a mistake and to sue everyone. Neither of these traits add to trustworthiness.

  3. Dear Keith,

    DT is a liar and he is paranoid. He may be right about being under surveillance but it was not because of President Obama or the Brits It takes an enforcement agency to order a FISA warrant. DT and/ or General Flynn were either caught because the Russian Ambassador was being monitored and whoever talked to him would be recorded. The alternative is that Gen. Flynn was being monitored as part of a FISA warrant.

    In the hearing, some callous republicans were angry because the content of Gen. Flynn was leaked which forced Gen. Flynn to resign.They never once referred to the content or the inappropriateness of his actions. How sick is that?.

    All it all it takes for evil to prevail is for good (people) to do nothing.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, agreed on your observations. The related issue is Trump said he was not apprised of Flynn’s Turkey relationship and the need to register as a lobbyist. That is not a true statement, which is not a surprise. Keith

  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    The title of this post by my fellow-blogger and friend, Keith, says it all. Zero Credibility. Credibility, like trust and respect, must be earned. Our current president has earned none of these, and the cost is likely to be our standing among our allies. Please take a moment to read and think about Keith’s post … it sums our current standing in the international community quite accurately. Thank you Keith, for your very good, concise summary and for permission to re-blog!

  5. Don’t worry Keith. The guilt by association only applies to those who voted for him which I don’t believe was the majority. The majority just get our sympathy and the hope that enough Republicans get a backbone to control this idiot’s wilder excesses and rein him in until someone pulls the plug on his stay in the White House. The proof is out there.

  6. Note to Readers: Representative Nunes has decided he no longer should be allegiant to the US constitution and should speak with the President who is subject to investigation. His communication to the President is that maybe some of Trump’s team communication may have been detected in surveillance of foreign targets. Trump feels this gives him some vindication, yet think about it. Our intelligence community is surveillance operative they have concerns with and Trump’s people come calling. This is not the same thing as wire tapping Trump Tower and should give us all pause why Trump’s people are calling operatives that are targets. It also shows Nunes needs to back down and make this an independent investigation. This Russian conspiracy is bigger than either party and the bigger story yesterday outside of Nunes’ extremely poor judgment is Paul Mannafort’s hired gun for sale to Russian leaders to do their bidding. There is so much more to this story and Nunes just did a Session and should now recuse himself. This is that important says this Independent voter.

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  8. If this continues, irrespective of motives or intentions (I’m trying to be objective here); perception will become the dominant factor and the professionals (Congress, Senate) will feel self-preservation kick in.
    It could get quite Shakespearean. (Richard II?)

    • Good point. These so-called leaders operate on perceptions more than data and what is right. It is beginning to happen, but the realization that the President is untethered is becoming more than just perception to more than a few leaders. The GOP leaders have tolerated him, but when his base begins to realize the President is not what he represented to them, the knives will come out forcing the GOP members of Congress to act. What the GOP leaders need to ask themselves is simple – do you want your name to be associated with this man? Truth be told, Trump would ditch anyone who crosses him, so it would behoove the leaders to just do the right thing and not worry about Trump’s ire.

      • Yes. There will always be those who will wish to hang onto their jobs.
        However from an outside perspective, the current president has an operational problem as well as a strategic one.
        So far all his experiences relates to be a CEO, TV personality and running an electoral campaign. Now all these by definition have a certain dictatorial nature. So when it comes to the administration role of a president in a very complex democracy he has no experience. Therefore by using his previous experience he will only find he runs into systems which are in place to halt the excesses of this approach. He therefore has to accept a certain degree of humility and lean on the job, fast too.
        Now whereas he may hold a certain measure of control over some, there will be many in the wings who are playing a longer game. Any young ‘up and coming’ will know he will only be around for a maximum of 8 years and if there are of a school of thought that this is most unlikely will already be formulating their own strategies .Experience suggests some of these run counter to his, and in consequence they will be looking to undermine him from within. For this current president has a ‘legend’ of hi-jacking the Republican party.
        He cannot therefore be certain of the loyalty of his power base if he continues in this manner.
        True the GOP may well fall into line over his health care bill, but how they fall into line and who says coded what could well be telling for the future.
        Overall then this administration is currently woefully naïve in the practicalities of how national politics work. Claiming they will drain a swamp makes great copy for a campaign, however they would do well to study the political life of LBJ and his work on Civil Rights to realise that even the most astute (and amoral) of operators needs to work very, very hard.

      • This is extremely well said. Another mistake made about Trump is since he is a businessman, he will be a great leader. In my consulting experience, the 80/20 rule applies to CEOs as well as every one else, with only 20% being good leaders. Trump is an owner-CEO, so he barks orders and expects them to be followed, so he can be even more dictatorial in style. Truth is, while Trump is a great marketer and seller, he is not as astute as a manager and leader. This is being revealed on a daily basis. Thanks for your thoughts.

  9. Note to Readers: Among the many examples of boorish behavior toward allies and others, one example stands out as a metaphor of why this man has zero credibility. After publicly ridiculing German Chancellor Angela Merkel during the campaign, our President had a chance to build a bridge on her recent visit. Instead, he insulted her by refusing to acknowledge the question asked first by a reporter and then by her to shake her hand for a symbolic picture. This is the leader of one of the strongest countries in the world and an important ally and the man refused to shake her hand as a symbol of unity. He will sing praises for a totalitarian crook in Vladimir Putin, yet he won’t check the hand of a woman whose economy is much larger than Putin’s and is one of the greatest humanitarians in the world.

  10. AS I blogged a short while ago inspired by my comment to my comment to Rob Goldstein’s I Believe…, if you keep on waiting for someone else to do it, it will never get done. What happened to the old American grass roots movements. Are you all too scared you might end up in jail. Or are you too old to remember the 60’s and 70s. Americans banded together and made things happen. It should not take a Canadian to remind you of this. use that supposed American ingenuity and get out there and accomplish what you want to do. Trump isn’t God! get on hisd tail and treat him the same way you treated Tricky Dicky. The man has to go, and I am doing my part the best I can, trying to rabble rouse a bunch of old farts, fogeys, and hippies to get your blood running through your veins. All it takes is one person to start it. As I said in my blog, “Save a Monarch, Impeach Donald Trump,” talking about the Monarch Butterflies that are dying because of humanity’s sheer uncaring carelessness. If Trump were a White Elephant, I wouldn’t blame you for trying to save him, but he a rabid red foxhound, and he needs to be put to sleep, however you want to interpret that. (I am not saying kill him, just lock him up for the rest of his natural born life, then put him on life support until even that can’t help him. Save our universe, before he finds a way to infect other planets with his brand of schizophrenia.
    Please, do something, the rest of the world is depending on YOU!!!!

    • Thanks for your comment. I believe he has already screwed the pooch with the wiretapping claim which boxed himself in. In my view, it is no longer a matter of if, but when he will be impeached. If the Russia links do not get him, the conflicts of interest will. Keep pushing on your end, but our focus will need to be on several Republican senators including McCsin and Graham. Thanks again, Keith

  11. Note to Readers: Another reason this man has zero credibility is he has blamed everyone but himself for the AHCA failure. He also is deceitfully throwing Paul Ryan under the bus after endorsing him the day before. He is getting his followers to watch a Fox show which is calling for Ryan to step down. This is par for the course as it is a common tactic of Trump, says an attorney who worked for him. Why would anyone go to bat for this man?

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