Encourage a No vote on the AHCA

The following is an email posted to my US Representative’s website today.

As a retired benefits actuary, consultant and manager, I encourage you to vote no on the AHCA vote today. The CBO says the modifications made do not alter the expectation that over ten million people will lose coverage. Plus, two hospital groups, two Doctor groups and the AARP have all recommended a no vote.

As a benefits professional, my strong recommendation is to improve the imperfect ACA. It is disappointing that my former party has highlighted the negatives of the ACA, while downplaying the many positives.

I would recommend the ACA be improved with a few changes:
– fully fund the risk corridors to reimburse insurers for adverse selection, the absence of which drove premiums up and forced some insurers out of the market,
– introduce a public option in areas that have no competition,
– encourage the 19 states who did not to fully expand Medicaid.

There are other changes that would help, but getting rid of this law would cause more problems that it would solve. Also, a poor reason to vote for the AHCA is to do so because a President who has little understanding of healthcare and wants to check a box is threatening you.

Please vote no to the AHCA and improve the ACA instead.

27 thoughts on “Encourage a No vote on the AHCA

  1. Dear Keith,

    I love your letter. It is better than the one, I have been sending. May I use it as a template letter?

    It has been reported and tweeted on by several news outlets that a recent Quinnipiac poll indicates that only 17% approve of the republicans’ AHCA bill.I have been tweeting back that those who approve this bill consist of the wealthy who get huge tax breaks, and executives of the healthcare insurance industry as well as a race to the bottom line businesses.

    Ciao, Gronda

  2. I’v signed all petitions presented to me to vote no on “TRYAN” care and instead fix and improve the existing ACA. Thank you for your shout out…I’ll see what I can do about calling my congressman today. ~~dru~~

    • Thanks Holly. You may want to remind Marco that he was one of the principals behind stiffing insurance companies over the risk corridor payments. The Senator help reduce the funding by 89%. Humana exited the market with the federal government owing them $591 million. The word that comes to mind is Machiavellian and Americans have little idea of the GOP’s role in helping the premiums go up.

      • Holly, it is indeed. It is interesting the Freedom Caucus wants more repeal language, as the Tea Party leadership advocated Romneycare for the whole country before the ACA borrowed from it. Keith

    • Janis, when you sell off misinformation, it makes it harder to govern. The truth is the ACA is not perfect, but the positives outweigh the negatives. The opposite is true for the AHCA. The other truth is Trump does not care about the impact – he wants to check a box and beat on his chest. If the vote goes down in flames, Trump will blame Congress. Keith

      • My fear is that they will not pass a replacement but do everything they can to ensure ACH crashes and burns. I guess at that point, we’d be back where we were before we had anything… and maybe that’s what they want.

      • Janis, I have not seen any expert say it will crash and burn. With that said, it does need improvements. Congress needs to think of the current status of health care from the patient lens. The withdrawn bill did not due that as it hammered blue collar workers and older workers.

        The ACA needs the improvements noted above, plus an evaluation of other changes. They need to encourage some insurers to stay or come back to the exchanges and pay them for the adverse selection they promised.

        My hope is Nancy Pelosi will sit down with Paul Ryan and address these fixes. Even they don’t the ACA will survive. But what is different was said succinctly by several conservative pundits – the Republicans own the problem. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: Per The Washington Post, “Meanwhile, a new analysis by the Congressional Budget Office released Thursday evening showed that changes House leaders made to the bill Monday do not alter a projection that 24 million more Americans would be uninsured by 2026 under the bill. In addition, the updated bill would cut the deficit by $150 billion over the next decade — nearly $200 billion less than the earlier version of the legislation.”

  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    As Trump is is bullying and threatening our elected Representatives in the House, demanding a vote be taken today on his terrible healthcare plan, it appears there will not be sufficient votes to pass it. Fellow-blogger Keith has drafted an excellent, short piece that he posted to his representative’s website today, and I recommend that anyone who wishes to “just say ‘no'” to this bill use it as a guideline to send a message to your own representative! Thank you, Keith!

  5. Excellent, concise letter! I took the liberty of re-blogging without asking, as time is of the essence. Looks like they cannot garner enough votes to pass it, but we want to make our wishes clear, just in case they are tempted to give in to the bully in the Oval Office. Thanks again!

    • Jill, thanks. You need not ask, but I appreciate it when you do. The GOP need to hear that a repeal and replace will make things worse and disrupt the health care system and people’s lives. Trump is screwing over his blue collar supporters and many have no idea their guy is kicking them in the teeth. Keith

      • Thanks, Keith! I like to ask the first few times I reblog a person’s work, just as a courtesy, but I quit asking Hugh a long time ago, and won’t feel a need to ask you now either, as you have always said yes. I think we are all happy when somebody shares our work … it reaches a larger audience, and with posts like this one, that is important. Happy to see they pulled the bill without voting! A loss for Trump & Ryan, but a win for us, at least for the moment. Wonder what trickery Trump will try now? I’m sure he’s fuming … two major losses for him in as many months! 🙂

      • Thanks Jill. He will first have to blame someone. That is usually his first step. The fact his plan kicks his blue collar followers in the teeth needs to explained to people. But, that is consistent with some of his budget cuts. My guess is he will blame Ryan and select members of the GOP bloc.

  6. Note to Readers: I just read where the House vote has been postponed. Hooray. Now, if they will listen to their constituents – all of them, CBO and the medical, hospital groups, then maybe they can fix the ACA and not give it the heave-ho. One key comment about the CBO – when they support your proposal, they are deemed fair by the proposers and when they don’t, they are deemed biased. This comes from both political parties. So, we need to trust the non-partisan number crunchers to do their best and not let politics get in the way.

  7. This is the true and most effective way to tackle such ‘policies’ by a dignified, informative and intelligent response. Screaming abuse falls flat against quiet determined dignity.
    All the best you in your efforts.

  8. Note to Readers: It is not surprising to see our President blame everyone for the AHCA failure but himself. That is par for the course. What is interesting is he publicly endorsed Paul Ryan, then is throwing him under the bus by encouraging his followers to watch a Fox show where the host will suggest Ryan step down. An attorney who worked for Trump said even if you are on his good side, he will throw you under the bus at some point. He used Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich and Rudy Guiliani until they were expendable. Keith

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