Mr. President, if climate change is not real, then why are you deleting data?

Prominent climate scientists are concerned as research papers and supporting data are disappearing in the halls (and websites) of our US governmental agencies. It is to the point that several cited links in professional publications are no longer valid and the authors are scrambling to defend their work. As feared, there appears to be concerted efforts to delete climate change information off important government websites.

So, my question is simple, “Mr. President, if climate change is not real, then why are you deleting data that supports it exists and is man-influenced?” To me, this is a legitimate question to ask the President, Scott Pruitt, his EPA Secretary or Sean Spicer, his White House press agent. I would not let him escape without an answer. To me, this is telling. The President’s argument is so poor, it cannot stand up to scrutiny and he must destroy the evidence.

It is not dissimilar to when President George W. Bush’s White House Council for the Environment was having scientific papers rewritten or redacted if the words “climate change” or “global warming” appeared therein. It is akin to Governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Rick Scott of Florida who forbade their state officials from mentioning climate change or global warming in speeches or official papers. With Florida surrounded on three sides by sea water, that is not the best stewardship for his state not to mention country or planet.

Yet, there is another key facet. The US is a leader in climate change research with NASA, NOAA and EPA, to name a few agencies. We are not only harming our planet by stepping away and deleting papers and research, we are giving away a leadership position. This is not how you make America great again, for whatever that means, and is certainly not how you conduct yourself as a world leader.

So, Mr. President, what is the answer to my question?



27 thoughts on “Mr. President, if climate change is not real, then why are you deleting data?

  1. Dear Keith,

    The president wants to stamp down on anyone who would be tempted to deviate from his directives. It is not just containing the outflow of info to the public. If employees cannot email or discuss this issue, then the one who does will be easily discovered. This is big brother at its worst.

    All the more reason that DT has to go asap.

    Ciao, Gronda.

    • Gronda, right now, the rest of the world has equal parts incredulity, fear and laughter when they see our ego-maniacal, chaotic and untruthful leader. China does not want the mantle of sole leader of addressing climate change. Because of his fragile ego, Trump does not like people disagreeing with him. So, destroying the evidence is part and parcel to this. This may also have Ebell and Pruitt’s fingerprints on it. Keith

    • Even Exxon-Mobil, who is being investigated for past misrepresentation of climate change to shareholders, says we should stay the course with the Paris plan. That leaves naysayers like Trump and Pruitt holding the bag.

      • Along with… our own U.S. military considers climate change the greatest threat to national security.

        (Pssst, that should be Rick Scott of Florida. I live in FL, so I know the big, staring eyes. Otherwise, I get all the Koch babies mixed up, too.) ❤

        Great post!

      • JoAnn, you are right about the Department of Defense’s concern about climate change. I do not know how the name Perry slipped in there. I corrected the name to Scott. Thanks for the comment and heads up. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: Fortunately, the data is overwhelming in support that climate change is real and man-influenced and the data is nourished by more than US climate scientists. Plus, we are passed a tipping point on renewable energy as costs have declined and are more on par with fossil fuel costs.

    Yet, one of my favorite stories that reveals a Machiavellian nature to DT, is his golf resort in Ireland formally petitioned the Irish government for permission to build a sea wall to hold back the rising seas due to climate change. Call me crazy, but that is a tad hypocritical.

    • Lisa, that has been their modus operandi. Yet, his ardent followers still think he do no wrong, when he demonstrates time again otherwise. Keith

  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Blogger-friend Keith has just asked one of the most important questions of the day … please take a moment to read this blog … it is short, but poses such a relevant, important question. Thanks, Keith, for implicit permission to re-blog.

  4. Excellent, timely, relevant post, my friend. If only himself would see it and actually respond … yes, certainly, and the Tooth Fairy is real. I only hope the scientists who copied data before he took office got most of the relevant information. Thanks for this one!

    • Thanks Jill. What he has done in this area is malfeasance in my view. I also learned recently that many developers rely on the EPA reports on any environmental problems before they develop. Is that data safe? Keith

  5. For anyone to live in denial of global warming/climate change now is ludicrous, and for any government deadly. I am reblogging, twittering, and Facebooking your post so apt for this moment in time.

    • Mick, many thanks for the reposting in so many places. I see you have commented on several posts, so I look forward to reading your comments. You are right, it is ludicrous and dangerous to deny climate change at this point. Keith

      • A point I have been making for years, on the web, and at my locale. The amount of people who say what can we do about it is just untrue. The irony is they are doing something, and when explained that by recycling their waste their doing their bit, I get a an “Mmm, suppose we are”. Its the bottom line they/we are doing our bit, encouraged by our local councils? All we can add to that is to mandate our governments to act on the scientific research and not bin iy.

      • Mick, we fortunately are passed a tipping point on renewable energy. Iowa gets 1/3 of its energy from wind and Texas leads the country in wind energy. And, Burlington, VT is 100% renewable and has not had a rate increase in years. Then, there is solar going like gangbusters with double digit job growth for five years in a row. The truth is Trump cannot stop renewable energy growth. Keith

    • Thanks David. The world (and rest of country) will move on to fight climate change leaving the White House behind. I see a future role for Obama leading this effort, since Trump and Pruitt want to bury their head in the sand. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: Exxon-Mobil has a well done TV commercial showcasing their people during the NCAA tourney. There is only one problem, the closing line by a female engineer is not truthful. She says natural gas is reducing emissions. The truth is carbon emissions are reduced relative to coal, but methane emissions are increased, sometimes by choice when methane is vented directly into the air. Methane is not good.

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