A few mid-week musings

Since we are at mid-week, let me offer a few miscellaneous musings, mostly good with a few bad. Let me start with some good news:

A Federal appeals court in the Chicago area ruled that the LGBT community is protected under the 1964 Civil Rights amendment even though they were not specifically listed. The court case was around a community college professor who contended she was fired for being a Lesbian. The ruling was 8 to 3, but will of course be appealed to the district court in Indiana.

On what appears to be good news, but falls way short, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a repeal to the discriminatory HB2 law, yet left the most important piece of discrimination therein. They rolled back the change on the transgender bathroom issue, yet left in place the exclusion of the LGBT community from protected status for discrimination. Reviewing the above ruling in Chicago, it is apparent that feature is unconstitutional.

The electric car maker Tesla blew past expected deliveries this past week for their first quarter with over 25,400 cars. Tesla is on pace to deliver the high-end of their 45,000 to 50,000 first half of the year estimate. What is interesting the stock market is valuing the future for this company and its current market capitalization value is $48 Billion which is now higher than Ford at just under $45 Billion. Tesla is owned by Elon Musk who is leveraging his battery technology to aid in solar and wind energy storage, working on a key project to help Australia with an outage problem.

Reuters reported today that utility companies are not being influenced by our President’s fight to end the war on coal. With the exception of one of 31 companies, a two-thirds majority said it would not impact their plans to move to cheaper and cleaner natural gas and increasingly cheaper renewable energy sources. The other companies were silent. In a piece I read last year, we are passed the tipping point on renewable energy and it was postulated about utilities why would they invest in an expensive coal-fired plant that will be obsolete before it is completed?

On the bad side, I am increasingly concerned by Bashar al-Assad and his willingness to gas people. This man has a history of doing this and then lying to reporters and other leaders about it. It would be great to see the UN powers come together and say, we will help end this war in your country, but you must step down now or face charges of war crimes. While our former President did many good things, his handling of Syria was not one of them. He and Congress let the world down by not spanking this SOB for his last gassing of civilians. I am a peaceful person, but there are times when you must stand up to evil.

Then, there is North Korea who remains a threat as it is run by a petulant tyrant. China must join with the rest of the world in helping put a lid on this man’s chest beating. Otherwise, we leave it in the hands of our own mess maker. While I trust some of his military advisors in doing the right thing, I have little confidence in our leader solving this problem without some diplomatic help. What at least should scare North Korea is our President is a loose cannon, as it scares me.

Well, that is all for now. Have a great rest of your week.


20 thoughts on “A few mid-week musings

    • Dru, I agree, but we need to find and report the good. I once responded to a news paper reporter, when he said they do report good news. I said yes, but you don’t report the day in and day out good things that happen. When a surgeon does 19 surgeries well, that is not news, but when he messes up on the 20th one it is. Keith

    • Hugh, I agree on both counts. The value of the company has to be based on the present value of the future earnings, which likely gives credit to his genius. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: Maybe we could put Assad and Kim on a deserted island and tell each one he is the boss. That would be an updated version of Jean Paul Sartre’s “No Exit.”

  2. I always enjoy these mini-summaries … every now and then I do one myself, when I have many topics, but not a lot to say on any single one. Great info. As re your ‘note to readers’ … could we send Trump there also? 🙂

  3. Dear Keith,

    Thanks for reminding us that some good things are happening. If I win the lottery i will buy a red Tesla.

    The president did one more thing right with his (Gen. Mattis) limited proportional response of bombing a Syrian airfield target with about 59 tomahawk missiles to retaliate against the Syrian President Assad’s recent gassing of his own peoples.

    If I were President Putin, I would not continue to back this fool if he has a replacement in mind.

    And of course, Steve Bannon is no longer a principal on the NSC and Rep. Nunes has agreed to recuse himself from being part of the Trump/ Russia investigation as the chair on the US House Intelligence Committee.What a difference a day can make…

    Ciao, Gronda

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