Yet another set of mid-week musings

A week has passed since my last potpourri of musings. I don’t know about you, but I feel the world is a much less safer place since our President was inaugurated.

While I don’t feel the bombing of the Syrian airstrip was a bad move, I do feel it might have been in haste and comes on the heels of a variable strategy towards Syria and Bashar al-Assad. Without clear strategy and with the wheel in the hands of a loose cannon, I worry about next steps.

Then there is the petulant boy in a man’s body who is leading North Korea. His ego and penchant toward chaos rival our own leader. I just hope our cooler headed generals play a more active role, since they each have a keener sense of history and diplomacy, much moreso than our President or his Press Secretary.

With the world a tempestuous place, we should not have to worry about the verbal fumbles of the White House Press Agent. Trump is bad enough, but Sean Spicer cannot get out of his own way, which is not a good quality for a PR person. He is apologizing profusely for saying Hitler did not resort to chemical gassing like al-Assad does. This was more than a mild offense to those who died during the Holocaust.

While I have not checked, there must be oddsmakers taking bets on the next Trump advisor to fall. Will it be the aforementioned Mr. Spicer or will it be Steve Bannon? As an attorney who worked for Trump liked to say, if you are on his good side, you won’t be there for long. It is possible both may not see the summer in the White House.

I could ramble on, but let’s leave it at these few musings for today.

26 thoughts on “Yet another set of mid-week musings

  1. It is truly scary when you look at the leaders of big (or dangerous) nations these days. They all only brush and pat their egos and don’t waste one thought on the real purpose of their positions!

  2. I don’t think there’s an educated, thoughtful, or wise person in the whole applecart. The world is in the grips of 3 egomaniacs, a Russian, a N Korean, and an American. And the stage is littered with a bunch of minor menaces who could stir the pot at any time.

  3. Note to Readers: One of my many concerns over our new President is he might make the United States into a pariah. We can not be such and remain a shining light on a hill for others. And, that is something we should not be proud of.

  4. Dear Keith
    The silver lining in all of this saber rattling, is that the generals are leading in the decisions being made regarding US national security interests. Still, the chicken game being played between DDT and N Korea’s Kim Jung-um gives me the willies

    The only question for me, is who sees the exit door first? I think that the odds are in Mr. Spicer’s favor.
    Ciao, Gronda

    • The clash of egos does not bode well. Kim Jung-Un thinks he is a God and is told he is one, while our guy thinks he is a King. My money is on Spicer, too.

  5. I do love your ‘musings’, Keith, and am convinced that your mind works much the same as my own. πŸ™‚ As re Trump v Kim Jong-un … I think Gronda said it best when she said something to the effect that it was two little boys playing chicken … a damn high-stakes game, at that. And Spicer/Bannon? I doubt either of them last through next month … but … I suspect Bannon knows where the bodies are hidden, and he is known for being vengeful, so that might give DT pause for thought. Then again … the man acts on impulse, regardless of consequences, so who knows? Again … good post … you should make this a regular feature! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Jill. Thinking like you is indeed a compliment! Gronda is right about the game of chicken. China appears to be stepping up their role as peace broker.

      • I actually started to say I wasn’t sure if thinking like me was a good thing or not, so thank you … I’m glad you see it as a good thing. πŸ™‚ Interesting that China seems to be the one with all the good sense at the moment!

      • Jill, you are right about China. They will need to broker a cool down, as our leader cares more about looking like a leader rather than being one. Keith

      • Yes, we have gone from shining light to circus strobes. And all in under a year. The really unfortunate part is that it takes such a long time to earn a good reputation, and such a brief minute to destroy it. It will be years, at best, before we live this down. Perhaps decades.

      • True. I was thinking about this as I read about the March for Science on Saturday. We have a President who wants to fund fewer diplomats, fewer scientists, fewer artists, fewer career development courses, and more military. We need to let that sink in. How does that make one great?

      • I think that by my definition and yours, it does NOT make us great. But by Trump’s definition, perhaps it does. “Great” is one of those words that is subjective, is relative. I think that if we look at Trump’s projects before he entered the political arena we can see that he does not define ‘great’ quite as we do. In his building projects … take Trump Tower, for example … he calls it ‘beautiful’ … I call it ostentatious. He calls himself ‘very smart’ … I would argue that he is rather one of the least intelligent people I have come across, not even capable of stringing a simple sentence together. He says he is ‘successful’, but his successes, if one can call them that, come from unscrupulous means, lying and cheating. And the list goes on. His vocabulary is different than ours. Sigh.

  6. It is a strange time in which the folk of the US may have to look to their military and security services to rein in a president as opposed to the opposite, but it may be necessary because it would appear the majority of those in and around the Whitehouse are unprofessional, out of their depth and facing a very steep learning curve that even adept and flexible folk would find a challenge.
    (I always thought the ‘clever’ statement ‘military intelligence is an oxymoron’ as being an example of very lazy thinking)

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