Friday Freakiness

This title is actually a misnomer in some respects, as the behavior is normative while the statements are not altogether true. In no particular order:

Representative Robert Pittenger from NC described the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau as dictatorial and bad for the economy. In his one sided argument, not once did he mention the CFPB has fined banks, credit card companies, pay day lenders, etc. over $12 Billion for fraud and aggressive marketing practices. Over 90% of these fines go back to consumers. Banks and their funded politicians don’t like the CFPB, but this is government oversight at its best.

In a sadly comical moved during a scary time with North Korea, the US ships that we were told were heading toward North Korean waters were headed in the opposite direction. To see Sean Spicer try to explain away chaos like this adds to the farcical nature of this White House.

The state of Arkansas has decided it wants to be known for executions rather than something more productive. It turns out their killing drug of choice is about to expire, so the Governor and Attorney General decided a dozen death row inmates had to go. With new DNA techniques and the Innocence project, we can not be certain that all twelve are guilty, with at least one still claiming innocence.

Finally, another shoe has dropped on the election influence with a detailed Russian plans being revealed from a think tank who advises Putin to abet Donald Trump’s efforts. What is also interesting is when this think tank thought Hillary Clinton was going to win in October, the strategy shifted to drumming up concerns over voter fraud. It is also interesting that  this is about the same time Trump ramped up the voter fraud issue and said he had to wait and see if he would support the results. To be frank, for anyone to say these efforts did not affect the election results is selling a story without proof. From where I sit, the survey percentile ranges shifted notably after James Comey’s announcement handing the election to Trump.

That is all the freakiness for one Friday. Have a great weekend.

20 thoughts on “Friday Freakiness

  1. Dear Keith,
    These are freaky times. I have been describing all of us as living in a national reality show where surprises and cliff hangers are just around the corner. It is a house of mirrors where you only see what you want reflected back..

    No matter how the republicans spin it, the Russians did their very best to effect the outcome of the 2016 presidential elections and this is not acceptable, period. That DDT and friends may have coordinated its campaign tactics with Russian operatives borders on treason. And in the final curtain call, the American peoples were robbed of a fair and aboveboard election season.

    I’m betting that Melissa McCarthy will do a SNL takeoff on Sean Spicer explaining how the US ships were heading to N. Korea after the armada was sent to Australia.

    Doing away with the CFPB is counter to DDT’s promises not to do anything that harms average everyday workers.This would just be another broken promise by DDT.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, his followers watch pseudo news that paint a glossier picture. Yet, it is clear he is at a minimum the benefactor of Russian influence. Keith

  2. We are creating chaos and fear in the world with blustering and false claims…ie, the “armada”. Why we are allowing it to go on is beyond me. As for the inmates on death row, I have no sympathy, pretty sure their victims did not get an appeal or a reprieve.

    • Holly, on the Arkansas thing, the rush to action is the unnerving part coupled with some who may be innocent. You are right, we are seeding chaos in the world and I don’t trust this President to be the conveyor of information. Keith

    • Janis, that would be fitting. What would add to their frustration is having no access to technology to tweet and having no audience but each other.
      “I’m better.”
      “No, I am better.”

      • Janis, I had an additional thought. It is a “No Exit” scenario. The Jean Paul Sartre play about four people in a room and they each have traits that annoy the others. They find out later it is hell. For Trump, hell would be no one to brag to.

  3. Ahhh … so much freakiness that it has indeed become a three-ring circus. It would be funny if it weren’t so infuriating, frightening, and downright disgusting. Stop the merry-go-round … I want to get off!!!

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