ACA truths Republicans don’t want you to know

The Affordable Care Act is an imperfect and complex law, but it is actually working pretty good. It does need improvements, but a few of its imperfections have been heightened by our Republican friends in Congress and in state legislatures. Yet, they do not want you to know about these actions, some of which are quite devious and harmful to Americans. To be frank, this subterfuge frustrates me as people are harmed as the GOP tried to waylay the law.

What has not been reported very much in main stream news is Senator Marco Rubio’s successful efforts to stiff insurance companies. These companies were promised additional funding for taking on excessive bad risk, called adverse selection. This was done successfully when the Medicare Part D plans were rolled out. By stiffing the carriers, the insurance companies had to raise premiums even more than they otherwise would have. Some even left the exchanges as this action hurt their bottom line. Let me say this plainly. Senate Republicans screwed Americans with higher premiums to try and strangle the ACA. Rubio even bragged about this on the campaign, so please Google “Senator Marco Rubio and risk corridors” to read about what he did.

On the state level, 19 Republican led states chose not to expand Medicaid, a key component of the ACA. 31 states who did so are seeing fewer personal bankruptcies and better hospital accounts receivables. Republican John Kasich, who expanded Medicaid as Governor in Ohio and ran for President, said “Medicaid expansion is a no brainier.” I would have likely voted for Kasich had he won the GOP nomination.

Then there is the naysaying that has been facilitated by the 50 plus repeal votes. Far too many folks never gave the ACA the benefit of the doubt. It is imperfect and the exchanges were rolled out horribly, for which I blame former President Obama. Yet, this law has made a huge difference in the lives of many Americans.

Finally, what is ironic is the ACA is built off a Republican idea. This is a key reason Republicans don’t have a good replacement. In fact, former Senator Jim DeMint, the initial Tea Party leader, strongly advocated Romneycare, on which the ACA is loosely based, for the whole country. He even wrote a letter to President Bush advocating for it. Yet, when Romney ran for President in 2012, DeMint said both Romneycare and the ACA were unconstitutional. This hypocritical change of heart can be easily found by Googling “Senator DeMint and Romneycare.”

People need to know the truth. This is not false news as our President likes to claim. Please research these facts and read as much as you like. Then, ask your representatives to start governing with real information and look to help Americans. I strongly recommend we do not repeal the ACA and improve the law. To do otherwise, is poor form for those who hindered it at the expense of Americans.




29 thoughts on “ACA truths Republicans don’t want you to know

    • Janis, if the House bill were to pass and pass the Senate, multiple millions of Americans would be impacted. This horrible bill will not pass the Senate, but it may squeak out of the House. I find it extremely poor stewardship that they will not wait for the CBO grading nor heed the advice of the AMA, American Cancer Society and AARP who are against the bill. One thing is for certain, if the GOP breaks it, they own it. Keith

  1. I strongly suspect that you know more about the ACA than members of Congress. They should hire you as a consultant to help them understand the strengths and weaknesses of the act!

    • Hugh, the problem is they are not looking at data or listening. I would wager most Republican legislators don’t know what the ACA entails or what this bill does. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: Even without CBO scoring, the Republicans say they have the votes to move forward. This bill is as bad as the first, yet veracity does not matter. It only matters to kill Obamacare. The multiple millions who lose coverage do not matter. Trump needs a win. The fact that many of his voters are impacted is irrelevant, as they are pawns. Please call your congress rep and ask them to vote no.

  3. Excellent, informative post, Keith! From what I was reading tonight, they believe they have enough support in the House to pass, and are planning a vote tomorrow. I do not know how the moderate republicans were swayed, but I suspect by bullying and browbeating, as those are the tactics of the current administration. I still believe the bill will fail in the Senate, but nonetheless I agree with you, that we need to contact our representatives and urge them to consider facts … and the will of the citizenry … in their decisions. I will re-blog this post, as it needs as much exposure as possible … this is both important and urgent.

  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Tonight, the House Republicans claim they have sufficient support to vote on the repeal of ACA and the extremely poor replacement being proposed. This bill, if passed, will take health coverage away from millions of people. Fellow-blogger and friend Keith has some advice for us all, and some very informative information. Please take a few minutes to read his post and check out the links. This is important, friends … this is our lives! Thank you, Keith, for this timely information and for permission to reblog!

  5. It’s bile inducing to see how much the desire to beat Obama lead them to screw the American Public. A good number of the people who voted for them got screwed. And will probably be screwed again today. Even more, ironically.

    • True. We have a poverty problem in the US and the Trump and Republican solution is to kick poor people off healthcare and give rich people a tax break. This is the “kick them in the teeth and pee on poor people’s head” solution.

    • Susan, what is sad is making a decision without data and vetting the process, is a bad decision will occur. This bill if passed in both chambers will likely cause a recession while kicking people in the teeth. I do not use the recession word lightly. Keith

  6. Thank you Keith for a most informative post.
    From this side ‘of the pond’ this seems most unfair upon the ordinary American.

    • Roger, now that our President has secured the ordinary American vote, he can continue kicking them in the teeth. Why people don’t realize what he is doing is beyond me. As long as he distracts them with his tweets, he can screw them all day long. Keith

      • Roger, the majority party is not listening to all Americans. Hopefully, the mid terms will be a come uppance for them. Keith

      • Won’t be the first time. I expect plans are already being put together.

  7. Note to Readers: Well, the vote was 217-213 to kill the ACA in the House. It is up now to the Senate to show more wisdom than these representatives have shown. As noted above and in previous posts over the past many years, the law needs improving not gutting. If the GOP continues with this less than patient centered approach, they will own the problem. And, by not waiting to hear the CBO scoring beforehand, the House will get the embarrassing revelation after the fact of the potential havoc they potentially could cause. I guess the AMA, AARP and American Cancer Society plus hospital organizations do not count in what they think. It is far more important to know that Congress reps can now go home and said “see there, we got rid of that horrible Obamacare.” “But, you kept the ACA, right would be a retort from some.”

    • Dear Keith,

      Supposedly this was passed just so those in the US House could prove they could pass significant legislation. What they have demonstrated is that they were willing to pass a law without having read the final product and without the CBO numbers just to prove the party could do an incompetent job to pass a law that hurts their own constituents. Why am I not impressed?

      Ciao, Gronda

      • Gronda, you have been a strong advocate to get the message out what Senator Rubio did to harm Americans to win an argument. People need to know this subterfuge. As for the vote, I agree, this was in response to “pass something” from the White House. Since Trump cares little what the details are, it mattered not who is harmed. What troubles me is these guys are high-fiving taking a step to kick 24 million Americans off healthcare. Nice work. Keith

  8. Note to Readers: To further indicate that is all about style than substance, and this President cares little about the details, several Republican Congressional representatives did not like the AHCA bill they voted for per The Washington Post. They felt pressured to get Trump a win in the House. These same folks know the Senate will alter it significantly (which the GOP Senate leadership as already said) and it may not ever survive a reconciliation process. Yet, they needed to pass something.

    The CBO will likely not be kind to this bill as they were the first one. These guys are running victory laps over screwing over 24 million Americans out of healthcare. To be frank, not waiting on the CBO scoring and voting for something only for political reasons is extremely poor stewardship and malfeasance in some respects. That is this Independent voter’s opinion. But, what do I know, I just try to be a voice for those who rarely have a place at the table and certainly not this table.

    • Lisa, they have heard from 11 Reublican governors to not take away Medicaid expansion and they will see the revised CBO report. Plus, they are seeing the backlash on the House vote, that even the President can’t tweet away. Keith

  9. Note to Readers: There are several things that give me pause under the House GOP bill. The high risk pools referred to for people with preexisting conditions have been tried in many states and failed due to underfunding. The tax credits approach will work less effectively than the subsidies as people have to hit their own cash flow and get reimbursed later. Plus, the older folks will get less subsidy, which is a key reason why AARP is against the bill.

    But, my primary beef is with the Medicaid expansion going away. To put it plainly, we have a poverty problem in the US. The GOP House bill kicks low paid people in the teeth while it gives tax benefit to wealthy folks. This is not what Trump supporters likely realized they would be getting as large swaths of them will be negatively impacted. And, Mr. President that is not fake news.

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