Extremely poor form, but not surprising

Rather than focus on the obvious concerns about the timing and reasons given for the firing of FBI Directior James Comey, I want to focus on the absence of common decency exhibited by our President. Firing someone should be hard, but one thing you must do is let the person know before you tell others not involved in the process. Apparently, Comey found out while making a speech across the country after someone saw it on a TV news report.

That is extremely poor form, but not a surprise given our President’s history of taking advantage of people. It should be noted that a White House source said the President kept the firing close to the vest, so the roll out was chaotic, even beyond their normal chaos level.

As a former manager, I have had the misfortune of having to let someone go. Even after vetting the issue to make sure this action was ultimately needed, it still bothered me to have to ask someone to leave and it showed when I did it. The process must be handled with as much grace as possibly can be mustered.

Yet, our President did not take the time to make sure Comey knew beforehand. Comey served our country for many years and deserved better. When a senior person was being let go in my office by the bold line matrix management, I asked if I could sit in to honor the man’s thirty five years of service. We owed him that.

To me, it is very obvious this President is hiding something. The fact he wanted to get the firing announced in time for the evening news is telling. The fact he wanted to do something to respond to Sally Yates saying he knew well before Flynn’s firing that Flynn is trouble is telling. The fact Comey was fired after he wanted to expand the scope of the Russian investigation per several Senators is telling.

But, let’s set that aside. The fact our President fired someone and announced it before the employee acknowledged it is telling. It tells me exactly what kind of leader our President is.

27 thoughts on “Extremely poor form, but not surprising

  1. It is clear there is something there. Civized people have come to recognize that Trump has no sense of protocol , doesn’t reven realize he is shooting himself in the foot. He is unfit to be president. Timing is key.

    • Holly, no argument here. The Washington Post is reporting the Deputy AG almost resigned when Trump blamed the firing on his recommendation, as if to stay above the fray. Our President has a very hard time with the word “accountability.” Of course, that should not be a surprise since he has a hard time with the words “truth” and “character.” Keith

      • I heard that Keith, I think it was naive of the deputy AG to not recognize that by making his recommendation in writing, he would surely be the sacrificial lamb. Of course, it is all about closing in on the presidents men. I hope the GOP seek the truth and do not continue to circle the wagons. Have a great day Keith.

  2. Yup and don’t forget he used an email instead of a personal phone call. In my mind another unfortunate circumstance. Above all else if a personal interview is out of the question at least it should be a personal phone call and not an email. Couth, did I hear anyone use the word couth? ~~dru~~

  3. Like you, Keith, I had to terminate a number of people throughout my career, and it was always the hardest part of the job. I lost more than a few nights’ sleep over knowing what I had to do, trying to find the right words and be kind. But the difference between people like us and Trump is that we have consciences, where he has none. We have compassion for others, where he is lacking. I was impressed with Comey’s reaction, after seeing it on television monitors while he was giving a speech, he is said to have laughed it off, then finished giving his speech. He has not publicly made any criticisms. The man has class … something which DDT is sorely lacking.

  4. This is another succinct and concise post Keith.
    The important aspect you’ve highlighted on here is the bumbling amateur way this administration is carrying on.
    I cannot stand that in a political administration!
    (My own political views are coloured somewhat by an adherence to a very left-wing outlook in which state intervention would be common-place….and maybe not so democratic…. this is very European based outlook and wouldn’t last a year in a USA environment.)

    • Roger, what is a little surprising, but not much, is the level of “chaos and incompetence” of this White House. The quoted phrase is from conservative columnist David Brooks. Then, you add equal measures of lying, unaccountability, lack of due diligence, and lack vetting of important issues, and we have a leader who routinely makes too many hasty decisions is not respected by people he is supposed to be leading or by other countries’ leadership. Today, he contradicted the story of the firing his press people had crafted on the fly. I continue to be surprised why anyone would want to work for this man. Keith

      • History suggests that Incompetence has it field of attraction. (And of course there are always those who will rush in for the chance of making a ‘quick buck’)

      • Roger, on both of your points, our President has said he alone can solve our problems. Not only is that not a true statement for multiple reasons, he creates more problems than he and others could attempt to solve. As for the quick buck, his extensive conflicts of interest make his presidency highly leveragable to increase his fortune. His failure to release his tax returns perpetuates the belief he is hiding something. Keith

  5. Dear Keith.
    DDT has earned the ill will of FBI personnel everywhere.The way DDT handled the firing was done to show his contempt and to humiliate Mr. Comey. The FBI Director Comey deserved better. And we all know one thing fore sure, this was done as soon as DDT learned that Director Comey was asking for additional resources to expand the Trump/ Russia inquiry. A director doesn’t ask for this if the project isn’t going somewhere.

    What is interesting is that those in the DOJ are denying that this request was made and that there is a need for additional finances.

    And so the plot thickens.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • I agree with you Gronda. It is indeed puzzling that the DOJ would deny such requests were made, which is at odds with what Senators on the Intelligence Committee are saying they were told. This may be the beginning of the unraveling, which is long past due. And, he may have handed Congress one of the clauses of a future impeachment document – blocking an investigation. This was a key term in the one drafted for Nixon.

      As he loses allies by his own actions and verbiage, he will find it a tougher road to hoe. At some point, there will be more Republicans bailing on him, as their own reputations will be tarnished.

  6. Note to Readers: This story continues to confuse, but a couple things stand out as classy moves. First, James Comey’s farewell letter was encouraging to his former colleagues and did not show animus toward the President. Second, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe showed class in his admiration for Comey. He also directly contradicted the President saying Comey had broad support, even now within the FBI. It should be emphasized this was said under oath,

    On the flip side, in an interview with Lester Holt, Trump contradicted his two press people and the Vice President on why Comey was fired. He also was anything but gracious about Comey saying he showboated, something that could be said about our President.

  7. Note to Readers: I watched a conservative talk show host being interviewed on PBS Newshour. While he said he believed the media was liberal and out to get Trump, he proceeded to give multiple examples of Trump’s mismanagement and tweeting that supported everything the media was reporting on. Maybe they are just reporting the truth?

    Trump said he is constantly being treated poorly by the media. He spoke this morning how it is hard for his aides to speak on his behalf – Bob Schiefer noted “that is an understatement” on CBS Morning News. My strong advice to the President has been consistent – if you want the media to cover you better you could start by telling the truth. The odds are in my favor, but I start out not believing a word the man says. If he is talking, there is a roughly 70% chance he is lying. He treats truth as a commodity, so it is hard for him to understand when someone testified under oath and contradicts him, that means something.

  8. Note to Readers: I was thinking about another unstated rule about someone who has fired an employee. You are told by HR not to share the story. This action was taken, it is unfortunate, but he is no longer with us. That is it. Truth is this President does not know this rule. Per a conservative pundit, the President has used “disorganized dishonesty” this week. Plus, by the failure of the President to shut up, he is actually giving more information to a list of impeachable offenses.

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