Giving makes me feel like I’m living

The above title is a quote offered by Morrie Schwartz, the subject of Mitch Albom’s book “Tuesdays with Morrie.” The book continues to sell with over fifteen million copies sold in 45 countries. It describes Albom’s weekly visits with his favorite teacher and mentor named Morrie.

Albom shared today on CBS This Morning, he was not the only person to routinely visit his mentor. Others went with the goal of cheering up Morrie, but they would leave being comforted as Morrie would invariably ask them about their lives and challenges.

When Albom inquired about this of Morrie, he said “Giving makes me feel like I’m living.” What profound words coming from a teacher. To me, this echoes the term I have used called “psychic income.” Giving to others with your time, ear, support, donations, etc. provides you with a psychic income.

Yet, like with lessons in the book, Morrie’s phrasing of why he gives is much more profound. Albom notes this is the reason his book strikes a chord with so many.

Please honor our teachers, mothers and fathers by paying forward their giving to us. We will also benefit.


29 thoughts on “Giving makes me feel like I’m living

  1. How well I remember a lady in her nineties who stated, “If I could live my life over again, the one thing I’d do differently would be to visit the elderly more often.”
    Her statement had an immediate and profound effect on me.

    Just yesterday I stumbled across a quote from that book and recalled with fondness its message. And here you are today repeating that theme.

    Thanks, Keith, and have a great weekend!

    • Lisa, that is a little slice of Kismet. I love the woman in her 90’s reflection. You embody giving back and I presume make every place you live brighter. Keith

  2. Lovely post Keith, our teachers (and our parents, many who have become distracted from parenthood while trying to earn a living) hold the future in their hands.

    • Holly, God bless the teachers whether that is their profession or modus operandi. We learn so much from these enlightened souls. Thanks for your comment, Keith

      • Most teachers are dedicated souls working very hard. Their hands are tied in a lot of ways these days and a few that I know are burned out. God bless them , we have entrusted them with out most treasured commodity.

  3. Thank you for mentioning one of my favorite books! As a teacher, I find that giving the children my time to listen to their individual voices has a huge pay-off for years to come! I would most likely teach for half the salary…because the satisfaction from keeping up with past students and their successes is incredibly rewarding.

    • Is it Pat? Thanks for your wonderful note and devotion to your students. My mother taught first and second grade for many years. It was only recently, going through old pictures, that I learned my mother named my brother after a favorite student. Bless you. Keith

  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    It is said that it is better to give than to receive, and this I believe. We become so wrapped up in the day to day detritus that sometimes we forget the simplest things. Blogger-friend Keith has written a short but inspiring and insightful piece reminding us of this. Please take just a minute to read his words. Thanks Keith!!!

  5. I love this post, Keith! I read the book several years ago and found it truly uplifting. I shall share this post, because we all need to remember, from time to time. Thanks!

    • Jill, it is a great read about a mentor who taught until the end. I have enjoyed several of Albom’s books. Thanks again for the reblog. Keith

  6. Dear Keith,

    I not only enjoyed the book, it also ended up being a favorite gift when I presented it to others. Whenever, I am going through what I call a dark period, I get my butt out there to volunteer for something. It is an almost sure cure for the blues.

    Ciao, Gronda

  7. Note to Readers: I have been given the opportunity to help others in need, working homeless families. I have come away with a tremendous admiration for the earnestness and faith these parents have to climb out of their homelessness. I get so much from them and am honored to advocate for them. I encourage every group or individual I speak with to follow their passions. If that passion is spending time with the elderly, go for it. If it is reading to or tutoring kids, follow that passion. Paying it forward will help them, but help yourself along the way.

    • Roger, many thanks. Just before I read your comment, I was reading a compilation of 40 things cardiologists do to have a healthy heart. One of them is to show more gratitude by helping others. I like their validation. Keith

  8. It is so true. As a kid, I knew little about volunteering. It just wasn’t done. My mother, raising 2 kids single-handedly surely didn’t have the time or energy to volunteer. And yet, she did as I began to grow up and out of the house. She began working for the establishment of a “Family Planning” clinic in our town (later to become PP). In college, having no money or time to donate, I discovered giving blood. Such a simple way of making the world a better place. And for each pint I donated, I came out feeling happy and carefree. Through the years I’ve learned much from an assortment of volunteer situations. And since retirement I adore my volunteer experiences with local Fish & Game and other resource based organizations. I always feel wonderful afterwards. It’s a far better high for me than the supposed endorphin high of working out! šŸ™‚

    • Linda, it is hard to volunteer when time is so dear. Giving blood is a good way to go about. It does make you feel good. I appreciate what you have done and thanks for sharing. Keith

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