All the President’s Men

Not to overstate the obvious, but it would behoove those who serve the President to remember the famous title of the Watergate movie – “All the President’s Men.” While President Nixon was pardoned for any crimes that led to his resignation, over twenty of his colleagues went to jail.

Our current President has many challenges that continue to be problematic. His biggest character flaws are his large ego, thin skin and disdain for telling the truth. Yet, what makes these attributes even worse is he cannot remain silent when that would be the wiser course of action. As a result, he has unforced errors.

A month ago, the bookies in London had the odds at even money, this President would resign or be impeached before his first term ends. My guess is the odds are now better than 50/50 that he won’t make four years.

While the proof has yet to be found, this President is acting like a guilty man with respect to Russia collusion. But, what may also be his undoing is his vast number of conflicts of interest. I personally believe he is using the Presidency to make more money, as caring for others has never been his modus operandi.

So, I would recommend people to stop lying for this man and start doing their job. They will stay out of trouble that way.

42 thoughts on “All the President’s Men

    • That’s a good assessment, it seems Republicans are on life support. They are being attacked on every issue, while on the defensive they will defend Trump as long as their party lasts on a sinking Titanic.

      • 1EarthUnited, when I left the GOP back in 2006, one of my reasons was its tendency to make things up. Abetted by its own news source, the real issues were discounted or presented in at least a spin doctored way. So, trying to solve our complex problems without analysis of the many causes, leads to poor decision-making and invites criticism. Keith

    • Janis, outside of a few constants, Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain, the rest are ignoring some apparent truths about the President. Also, conservative pundits David Brooks, Michael Gerson, George Will and even Charles Krauthammer are consistent voices of criticism. People need to pay attention to them as they are not Democrars whining about losing as the President dismisses. Keith

    • Thanks Dru. I think it comes down to an equation that each I’d personally calculating. Am I better off supporting or condemning him? And, that is the key problem with politics. Keith

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  2. Today I watched an interview with John Dean. He was discussing the many parallels between Trump and Nixon. Aside from both being autocrats he stated that Nixon’s colleagues didnot fear him and when confronted with his criminal actions he would cooperate with the law but he feels Trump would not, ie; turning over any tapes that may exist , etc. Our country is in a confidence crisis soon to be a constitutional crises. It’s beyond frustrating to see our Republican servants of the people circle the wagons for Trump. In the end they will go down in flames and Trump will skate away if they don’t do what is right for the country.

    • Holly, I did not see Dean’s interview, although I read his book many moons ago. I recall him as the most reflective and remorseful Watergate witness. I actually agree with Dean’s assessment. Trump uses the law to take advantage of people and protect his financial interests – 1 1/2 lawsuits per week is a high frequency litigious man. The problem he does not realize is he is doing most of the digging.


      • My thinking is that he is comfortable knowing his target will not have the money or tenacity to face him in a court of law.

      • Holly, very true. Now, he is facing some foes who can spend money investigating him. It is just a matter of political courage. Keith

  3. For many of his advisors and appointees, it is probably too late. For the rest, I am still trying to figure out if they cover for him because they fear him, or if they really believe the lies. Your thoughts?

    • Jill, if he does have tapes, his colleagues better come clean now. My guess is they were a threat, a ham-handed one. As much as he takes advantage of people and lies, those tapes would be very damning of Trump. Keith

  4. Dear Keith,

    Thanks for an important post.

    When the former DNI head James Clapper has been sounding the atarms, you would think that the legislative leaders would pay attention and act accordingly.Conservatives who are intellectually honest and who still have a grasp of what’s real are doing likewise.A recent poll indicates that 78% of the American public wants an independent investigative body to look into Russia’s meddling into the 2016 US presidential elections.

    Remember that story in the Book about Lazarus. When the republican legislators start to pay the price and then proceed to cry cry about their demise, they can simply look in the mirror because they chose not to listen to all the voices out there that were sounding a warning.

    Unless the Russians have them, I can say with 100% certainty that DDT does not have any tapes.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, I agree about faulting no one but themselves. They hitched their wagon to this man. I also agree about the absence of tapes. Given his nature, taping his conversations would be the most idiotic thing he could do. I remember Nixon spending hours over the tapes trying to provide context to an empty room of watchers. Keith

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  6. Note to Readers: The news about our President revealing some covert intelligence about ISIS to the Russian ambassador and foreign affairs minister when the visited the White House is making the rounds. While McMaster denies that processes of acquisition were not released, they apparently knew the President screwed up enough to report the breach to the CIA so they could let their confidential source know he (or she) might be compromised. There is a naïveté about this President that continues and it is exposed by his own worst enemy, himself. My guess is the CIA and FBI will begin briefing him in a different way, maybe just briefing McMaster who is far more trustworthy.

  7. If I was generous and assumed that one-half of the stories revolving around the Whitehouse were either exaggerations, distortions, or mis-heard whispers that were re-whispered and so forth there would still be an extraordinary number of gaffs or questionable actions for the early days of an administration.
    I daresay at this stage the Republicans will circle the wagons, which is to be expected & I daresay there will be folk who will stick to the administration even if it does go down, that’s not uncommon in history.
    Where however the administration will be a hostage to fortune is in next year’s mid-terms. The scenario of a large increase in those voting if only to express their alarm and dissatisfaction and thus turn the balance of power around is not far-fetched.
    I would have thought this would be concentrating minds in and around Washington?

    • Roger, 50% would be generous as you offer, when Politifacts says his untruthful rate continues at 70%. The other issue that continues to emerge is good candidates for positions have withdrawn their names from consideration given the President’s nature of changing his story after you defend him. There were three more today who withdrew from consideration to replace Comey.

      Right now, every Republican is routinely doing the calculation of whether they are better off with him or against him. Courage is absent in this question. Keith

      • Strange and disturbing times when a Francis Underwood character might seem an attractive option, if only for stability.
        I suspect there is more than one of this mentality working away in the shadows looking for the right opportunity.

      • Roger, with his management style of pitting people against each other coupled with his Shakespearian character flaws, have created a “combative and chaotic” environment. Reports of yelling arguments are normative. Keith

      • I did not really want to bring this comparison out because of the assumption I am comparing the president with this fellow; but it has to be said this is reminiscent of the style Hitler adopted, and in the long term it lost the Nazis the war and brought ruin to Germany.
        “Eisenhower! Thou shoulds’t be living at this hour” (with apologies to William Wordsworth)

      • Roger, I agree with your point and reticence. Too many folks here call every thing bad Nazism or reference Hitler. Yet, in this case references to how Hitler squelched dissent are apt.

        It is interesting how a man who has been known for lying much of his career has been able to convince his ardent fans that he is telling the truth. Keith

      • It would seem he owes his success not to himself or his own powers of persuasion but to the contempt The People held for the political system.

      • True. Yet, they were sold a bill of goods, in my view. In my view, our political system is broken because of extreme views of small, but loud groups that view collaboration as an evil word. More collaboration is the answer, so those who cause the problem cannot be part of the solution. That is our conundrum – this President makes the problem worse.

      • The art of ‘The Deal’ through compromise does seem to have evaporated somewhere towards the end of the 20th century. In comparison with the efforts (for example) FDR & LBJ made to ensure their primary goals were achieved while still managing to bring people on board.

      • Roger, I think it was ushered in with the news segmentation. In 1996, Fox News aired and showed that people could find a place to tell them what they wanted to hear. It is about the same time the word RINO appeared which belittled collaborators (Republicans In Name Only). Keith

      • To paraphrase Lincoln:
        All people will be fools some of the time, and some people will be fools all of the time. But we hope the time will not come when all people are fools all of the time.

  8. oh my it would be interesting to peer four years into the future. ditto for ecuador.

    if he stays in office for four years, oh my, i think the entire world will hate every person that represents the usa…. if tossed out of office, hmmm, a new puzzle for everyone to ponder. some wonder if he stays in office, if we’ll even have a world left in four years or we’ll all be in survival mode… every so often there’s someoone who mentions that the US dollar will be worthless….

    ah, but we have just one day at a time, and hopefully the ones with strong positive lights in their souls will stand strong and do the best with the day at hand.

    thanks for doing all that you do.

  9. Note to Readers: On PBS Newshour last night, columnists Mark Shields and David Brooks noted that the staff in the White House has such low morale that several have become “deep throats,” as they worry about this administration and their own hide. Each week seems to be unprecedented, but the two pundits said the last two weeks have ratcheted up the chaos and concern. They noted for a man who values loyalty, he shows little loyalty to his team.

    And, as Brooks said, most people would tend to hide the fact they “obstructed justice,” whereas this President brags about it.

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