Musings during the Ides of May

I don’t know about you, but the routine chaos surrounding our fearless leader is wearing me out. A week has not passed by without some chaos, almost all of it self-inflicted. And, sometimes it is daily, if not hourly wounds.

We should remember that Julius Caesar was killed during the ides of March. Yet, while Julius was knifed in the back by Brutus, our leader needs to look in the mirror at his worst enemy who is doing him in. Our President’s greatest enemy is Donald Trump and it is not even close.

The Guardian has a story today about the worst leaker in the White House. His name is Donald Trump. Who is the source of the most lying – Donald Trump? Who is the source of changing the story which discredits his people who are lying for him – Donald Trump?

It goes on. Whose actions and inane statements, unsupported by fact, routinely get himself in trouble – Donald Trump? Whose unfamiliarity and disdain for knowing what his job entails and necessary history causes unforced errors? You guessed it, Donald Trump.

We will likely look back on the Ides of May as the beginning of the end of Trump’s presidency. Firing James Comey for the reasons he finally fessed up to and doing it in such a terrible fashion reveals a man trying to save himself, but he does not know how. He looks like a guilty man because he is acting likely a guilty man.

Trump said he is the most mistreated President ever. If he believes that, he needs to look in the mirror and tell the image to treat himself better.


36 thoughts on “Musings during the Ides of May

  1. Keith, here there are many who have had years of high-alert fight-or-flight stress, and that prolonged stress comes out in health issues. one friend is back in Canada; her dear heart which broke emotionally little by little from the ocean and then the quake, is now breaking physically. she will most likely have heart surgery soon.

    That makes me wonder about ‘all of you’ up there keeping the watch, slaying what dragons you can and staying informed… is there a way to ‘disconnect’ from the stress each day? — surely there’s too much adrenaline racing through a large majority of those who are concerned.

    this could not be healthy….

    • Lisa, your point is well taken. It has been a challenging time for many with this man’s antithesis of leadership. It has to have a debilitating effect. Keith

  2. A special counsel has been appointed to investigate the Russian hacking and possible collusion with the Trump campaign. I hope Trump will stay off TWITTER and let this take its course.

    • Holly, we know he won’t stay off Twitter and I would wager he will still try to interfere. It will be interesting to see the shake up in the White House, as Hugh notes, he does not except responsibility. Keith

      • He is a such a narcissist that he chose to vent while addressing the Coast Haurd Academy graduates. Unbelievable.

      • Holly, you raise an excellent point. If I were in the audience and heard our commander-in-chief basically orate a hissy fit, my top of mind thoughts would not be favorable. How about you? Keith

    • Janis, his own advisors are worried when he is alone with a leader. On the Bill Maher show Friday, a guest made reference to this is what happens when a low information voter gets elected president. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,
    I like the concept of the Ides of May. There could not be a better choice than Robert Mueller. This is not someone who DDT can push around. This guy is not only extremely competent but he is a good friend to Mr. Comey.

    Ciao, Gronda.

    • Gronda, I agree Mueller is the right choice. Maybe Trump supporters will start listening to an independent person who has credibility. Keith

    • VJ, I am sorry you were married to someone like this. When you go down the list of narcissistic traits, the President does not miss a one. One of my favorites he uses is to criticize others using the same terms used to criticize him – it is a means of deflection. Keith

      • VJ, this is the beginning of the end. It may take awhile to pull the case together, but there is too much smoke for it not to be a few fires. He may quit to make a statement, which is my hope, as it will save an impeachment process. Keith

  4. It is scary what a distorted picture he has from himself! The scary thing is that he doesn’t pretend to think or be the way he does and is… but that he totally believes it!

    • Erika, I agree. See VJ’s comment and my response. In his own mind, he believes his made up comments are real. He apparently was mad that Comey would not defend his Obama wiretapping claim. Keith

      • He is much too focused on himself. He will never act for the sake of the country, other countries, the world. It appears he wanted to be President in order to make wverything fitting for his own benefit and desire. I just read an article where several political scientists and economy experts predicted independently that this all will lead to a short presidency. They believe that he will make too many major mistakes due to his arrogance that even his own party will go for impeachment proceedings!

      • Erika, I agree with the comment that he is in it for his own wealth creation and the ego gratification of winning. Given his success as a marketer, but spotty record as a manager, I feel he likes to win, but is not too crazy about managing. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: At a press conference today, the President answered a question about his collusive involvement with Russia by saying no, but adding that he could only speak for himself. That means he is throwing others under the bus implying they may have been. Back to my previous post on “All the President’s Men,” for all those people on his team who are lying for this man, your loyalty is not reciprocated. My strong advice is to be truthful with the American people, as I can assure you your boss will not.

  6. He truly is his own worst enemy. This week has been extra special for him though.

    I used to worry that he had destroyed or hidden all the evidence on Russia, but despite Putin apparently being competent as a conspirator, he choose his partner badly. I doubt if Trump could hide any skeletons in a closet. He’s probably seating it at dinner at Mar a Lago.

    I think Mueller will find plenty on him. I just don’t know if I can stand the year or so that it will take to do this investigation.

    Do you worry about the congressional investigations stopping because of Mueller? I’m wondering if it matters or not if they decide to pretend nothing is happening.

    • I agree with your statement that evidence probably abounds. Trump has too many ties to Russia for there not to be. I do think the other investigations will continue and supplement. It would be poor form for them not to.

  7. Yes, my friend … the daily dose of Trump has become a bit much to stomach … some days I just want to cry, other days I really want to hit someone/something. I believe he is digging his own grave, though the results will take time and not likely bring the measure of relief we would like. That said … Trump, I am convinced, lacks a conscience. This is not just a critique of his behaviour, but I genuinely believe that he has no thing in his head as the rest of us do that nags at him when he hurts someone, or chooses the wrong over the right. i’m not, of course, a psychologist, but I bet my last dollar that if one ever tested him, they would find some gaping holes where a conscience should have been.

    • Jill, his routine stiffing of contractors and extensive number of lawsuits reveal a man with little conscience. His history shows that he feels comfortable in making a carpenter or sheet rock installer go out of business by not paying them, forcing a lawsuit or smaller settlement. I recall the words vividly from a voter panel member who did not do business with Trump Companies as “the word on the street is get your money upfront.” The question on Trump’s credibility is moot as he has not consistently shown he is worthy of credibility.

  8. The White House Bugged:
    “Donald, honey. You be the Pope and I’ll be a nun.”
    “…Hey, it’s working…it’s working!…”
    “…The Lord is my shepherd…”

  9. A Trump supporter:
    “I voted for Trump and that is Donald Trump because I know Jesus hates gays and I want a wall billed to keep out Syrians climbing over and raping my cows and if Trump is Pope he can do that and yes he will do it and did and his hair must have its own show as the Muppets and a Christian beliefs and that Muslims can go back into Mordor if in the the Bible it is written which not evolution did if Jesus made dinosaurs and finally Hallellular Hallylooler Halleyleyar said the Lord and Trump will bomb them until for peace to us all A men.”

    • Too funny. When he was in competition, many evangelicals could not support him based on his past and what he was saying. Then he got the nomination and apparently redeemed himself. The answer to WWJD is not vote for Trump.

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