A few thoughts for Thursday

I would be remiss if I did not express my sympathies to the victims of the terrorist bombing at the conclusion of Ariana Grande’s concert. Targeting civilians is bad enough, but targeting young adults and kids is vulgar in its cowardice and an insult to any deity the perpetrators say they worship.

As a needed antithesis, I applaud the many angels who helped the hurt, lost and confused after the attack. They revealed the best of humanity as a direct contrast to the worst shown by the terrorist. Peace be with those angels, survivors and the families of the victims and injured.

In other news of the week, I do want to give credit to the President for his visit to the Middle East to further relationships. And, he has been surprisingly well behaved, which is traceable to him sticking to script and not tweeting his thoughts. Yet, we do need to peel a few layers back and understand that he spoke to a group of autocratic Sunni leaders in Saudi Arabia about dealing with terrorism. It was an important step away from his negative Islamic rhetoric, but terrorists exist because of the corruption of autocratic leaders who cause disenfranchisement.

The other concern is to paint Shia led Iran as THE bad guy, when they just had an election while he was there and elected the moderate Incumbent Rouhani to continue as President. Iran has a median age of 35, so by trading with Iran and treading carefully, we can help break down barriers for the future.

Finally, just yesterday, a Republican candidate for Congress in Montana named Greg Gianforte apparently does not like tough questions. He has been arrested for assaulting Ben Jacobs, a reporter from The Guardian when Jacobs asked him about the CBO scoring of the repeal and replace AHCA bill that would knock 23 million people off insurance. In front of other reporters, Gianforte choked, shoved to the ground and began punching Jacobs.

Let me state the obvious. A leader does not beat up someone for asking questions you don’t like. I am positive entertainers like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh will drum up their fans saying it is OK to beat up a liberal reporter. No, it is not. And, if a wannabe leader has to resort to force, it means you are worse than a name caller and certainly no leader irrespective of the outcome of the election.

25 thoughts on “A few thoughts for Thursday

  1. As always, a great summary. There is so much happening, and the Manchester bombing as well as the explosive temper attack both reflect symptoms of an unhealthy world. The outpouring of sympathy for the first, and most likely another outpouring of disgust fr the latter should help all stand up in collective and positive unity.

    • Thanks Lisa. You sum it up well, we must celebrate the good and condemn the bad. As we speak, there are already two narratives on the assault story. Yet, the man was arrested, so we should not lose sight of that. Keith

      • Will be ‘out’ all day so it will be interesting later to see how the events unfold. Still, anger is anger, and it sounded as if it were explosive anger… yes we all have our limits but if one wants to be in public office, one’s character is extremely important.

      • Lisa, a Congressional reporter on CBS Morning News supported the integrity of the reporter from The Guardian. The Guardian reporter was on ABC’s Good Morning America and said the only thing the candidate got right in his version was the reporter’s name and employer. Keith

  2. I am sickened by Trumps nauseating claim to be the deliverer of peace to Israel and Palestine. it will take a while for him to get that like health care its not that easy. apparently he was un aware that Israel is in the Middle East , doesn’t Kushner tell him anything? Since the thugs took over American politics brawling is not headline news anymore. I am surprised but relieved that an arrest was made , I’m sure the cons will justify the attack on the press member somehow.

    • Holly, I did not say this, but the verbiage the President is using is short on details and long on platitudes. It is also continues a narrative that most Americans do not understand the complexities and subtleties of the Middle East (Sunni, Shia and Kurds) and that most Muslims do not live in the Middle East. So, there is a much needed broader and deeper perspective otherwise we will fight the same fights over and over again. Keith

      • Holly, while I applaud the effort for peace, this President has shown a proclivity to not knowing or caring to know the details. The former ambassadors who have spent time in Democrat and Republican White Houses note that the solutions to these complex problems have to be multifaceted and long term.

        Good example. After the Iraq invasion, we permitted the Iraqi leadership to fire the police force. This caused unrest and disenfranchisement of the Sunni minority. ISIS filled the void and the Sunnis only realized later they invited the devil into their midst. When ISIS is defeated in Iraq, if the Iraqi Shia leadership treats Sunnis and Kurds like second class citizens, then this will all happen again.

        As for Saudi Arabia, the leaders treat Yemen as their serf-like work force. Yemenis are in poverty because of how they are treated and paid. Guess where the disenfranchisement and now fighting is occurring?

        Human rights mean something. Corruption means something. If we deal with corrupt and autocratic leaders, then we better know what that entails. Otherwise, we will not solve greater problems.


  3. Note to Readers: The antithesis of two leaders was revealed today by reactions to the assault by Mr. Gianforte. Speaker Paul Ryan condemned his actions and said he owe an apology saying such actions are uncalled for. Keeping in character, our President applauded the assault on a reporter and said he would pay the assailant’s legal fees. Call me crazy, but our President does not sound like much of a leader to me. I am not surprised by anything this man says or does.

  4. Dear Keith,

    DDT is not someone, I would want as a role model for any child. This is not how we deal with uncomfortable situations. But Mr. Gianforte and DDT would probably get along very well.

    The election results for Montana will be announced much later this evening.I have my fingers crossed.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, too true on the lack of role model. Per DT it is OK to attack someone who asks you a question you don’t like. The election results for Montana were disappointing, but closer than initially expected. Keith

  5. I love your snippets!

    I was watching news of the Montana election tonight, and despite his vicious attack on the reporter yesterday, he managed to win the damn election! When the first results rolled out at 10:30, he was trailing by about six-tenths of a percent, but that quickly changed. Where are people’s minds???

    My take on Trump’s trip to the Middle East is a bit different than yours (surprised, aren’t you? 🙂 ), as you will see in my a.m. post, but that is what keeps it interesting, yes?

    Good post, my friend!

    • Thanks Jill. It is disappointing. Of course, there are some (like our President) who applauded bearing up a reporter. It is not a stretch this is the same man who values autocratic leaders who do not allow dissent. Keith

      • I suspect that Trump is envious of those autocratic leaders and, given half a chance, would try to structure his own position more along those lines. Let us hope the Constitution does its job and prevents that outcome.

      • Jill, I do hope the constitution protects us. But, he is listening to Bannon who wants to blow up institutions. But, think long term, with the changing demographics and whites being a plurality not a majority, maybe, just maybe, the end game is to have less of a Republic. This is a cynical view, but it is plausible given Comrade Trump. Keith

      • I share your cynicism, and put nothing past the man and his minions. Rumour had it that Bannon was in disfavour, but I guess not, eh? I was hoping they would make him ambassador of Siberia or some such. 😦

      • Jill, from what I gather, subordinates are up and down with Trump. He may have put him in the background, but he is still there. Keith

      • I wondered when I heard that Bannon had fallen from favour, if it wasn’t just for show, as Bannon was one of his more controversial advisors.

      • Jill, most of what the President does is for show. The accountant in you may like my next post on the budget. I look forward to your feedback. Keith

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