Goodbye Ruby Tuesday – a few random thoughts

With due credit to the Rolling Stones, we approach the end of a gem of a Tuesday. We are celebrating our daughter’s 20th birthday at her favorite restaurant. It is a joy to see the woman she has become, with her sense of purpose, humor and morality.

With the latter in mind, let me speak to those who are our moral compasses during these much needed times. The first shout out goes to Angela Merkel who has now become the leader of the free world. She has taken the mantle that the current US President has ceded with his retrenchment mindset and fondness for authoritarian leaders. She has a better grasp of right and wrong than our leader and sees the advantages of mutual trade and trust.

Another shout out goes to the three men in Portland who interceded to protect two Muslim American women from the verbal abuse of a white supremacist. Two of them (Ricky John Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche) paid with their lives, while the third (Micah Fletcher) was injured. It should not be lost on anyone that one of the deceased (Best) was a veteran who fought for the rights of the Muslim women to practice their faith with our freedom of religion. I have purposefully avoided the use of the killer’s name who I view as a domestic terrorist.

Finally, a shout to Dusko Markovic, the Prime Minister of Montenegro. His graciousness exemplified how to handle maltreatment, when our brutish President shoved Markovic aside as he moved to the front of the group for a picture of the NATO leaders. This was not the worst thing our President did while in Europe, but it is emblematic of his bullying nature where everyone stands in his way.

We need to recognize those who do the right thing, especially when the cost is so severe. Former news anchor Dan Rather gets it, as he admonished the President for saying nothing about the Portland terrorist act. The President did finally say something, but he used a less popular channel than he normally uses when he feels slighted or threatened.

Have glorious remainder of your week. May it be a gem. And, let’s applaud those gems among us. We need their morality.

32 thoughts on “Goodbye Ruby Tuesday – a few random thoughts

  1. Happiest of birthday wishes to your daughter. She is obviously a tremendous source of pride for you.

    What happened in Portland was such a tragedy. I hope the horrible outcome doesn’t dissuade other good people from standing up to hate.

  2. Bad things happen and there will always be people who are unconscionable and try to do whatever they can for their bad intentions. But we must never lose out of sight how many more good people are out there to prove that love and the sense of humanity cannot be destroyed!
    Happy belated birthday to your daughter, Keith!

    • Thanks Erika for the birthday wishes for my daughter. As for the Good Samaritans, I just wish it had not cost them their lives. They are heroes. Keith

      • Those are the real heroes. Thank you for sharing that information because I did not know. What examples of humanity? Seeing someone needs help and they just act!

  3. ♫ Happy Happy Birthday to Keith’s daughter!!! ♫ I love Ruby Tuesday’s also … their salmon and salad bar are a special treat!

    I agree with your shout-outs to Chancellor Angela Merkel, the three heroes of the day in Portland, and Dusko Markovic, who simply grinned after Trump shoved him aside in the rudest possible way. And thank you for the mention of my post about the Portland tragedy.

    I plan to re-blog this post later today (it is currently 4:40 a.m., and nobody in their right mind is up reading blogs … um … well … here I am … 🙂 ), as it is a good reminder to us all about the things that matter in life, mainly doing the right thing. Thanks, Keith!

  4. Dear Keith,
    Congratulations to your daughter, and both of you as her parents for crossing another milestone with grace.

    .. We need these super stars like Dusko Markovic, Angela Merkel and the three Portland heroes, to stand up for what is right, decent and honorable.

    Ciao, Gronda

  5. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    I always enjoy blogger-friend Keith’s random thoughts, and he has some good snippets today, mostly about people who we need to recognize for ‘doing the right thing’. Thank you Keith for this post, and for permission to re-blog … you do good work, my friend!

    • Thanks for your remarks and sharing the article. It is quite the compelling piece. I would agree he has become the most mocked man in the world.

      • Linda, I remember when I attended global meetings at my company, how incredulous my foreign colleagues were that we reelected George W. Bush. Now, it is beyond incredulous. I believe that our President’s election and manner of discourse is a factor in Marie Le Pen’s loss to Macron. So, at least some good has come from it. Keith

  6. Great post. Let’s hope our young people are paying more attention to the good examples. The bad ones seem sometimes to be increasing led by some high up in government who should know better. —- Suzanne

    • Thanks Suzanne for dropping by and your comment. I agree, we need to highlight these examples, as the negative ones are definitely highlighted.

  7. It is good in this era to be reminded of the graciousness, and courage of people in general.
    Thank you Keith.

      • ‘Ware the Press’ though
        It will build them up and tear them down as it sees fit.
        The current Administration just don’t seem to understand this, I am staggered by their amateur antics.

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