Vernacular needs to change

If we want to address real problems in our country, we may want to change our vernacular. When we hear something routinely called or framed a certain way by a politician or news network, we may accept that as the only truth. Yet, it may gloss over the greater problem.

For example, the far greater terrorist threat in the US is not from so-called Islamic extremists. It is from domestic terrorism that more often comes from white supremacist groups. There are over 1,100 hate groups being tracked by law enforcement groups and their hate crimes prevalence dwarfs that of Islamic extremists. Yet, funding to police the domestic terrorists has declined much to the chagrin of law enforcement.

Another example is freedom of the press is under siege and its attackers tend to shout fake news, when criticism comes their way. The best way to address the fake news is to get the story right. I see a greater amount of earnestness in legitimate media to do just that. I would also ask why the shouters of accusations of fake news tend to be the ones who routinely change their story. The White House has announced yet again a change in communication strategy with a new resignation. One thing they have not tried is something so very simple. It is called the truth. I think the reason it has not been tried is the truth may bare some unflattering and illegal activities.

So, when you hear someone shout fake news, consider the source. There is enough fake news out there, we all need to be on our guard and the purpose of the shouter may be use that prevalence  to his advantage. When I hear the President speak or read his tweets, I tend to not believe a word he says. The odds are in my favor.

So, to sum up, accusations of “fake news” are now being used to cover up lying, so pay attention to the source and let’s call lying for what it is. And, when a white supremacist kills multiple people, that is domestic terrorism and is just as evil as any other terrorism. Maybe if we call things what they are, we can better address the issues.








17 thoughts on “Vernacular needs to change

    • Thanks Hugh. I watched an interview today with Carter Page who will be asked to testify in front of one of the committees. The last time I saw him on the news, it was determined later that he lied on the newscast. When he was on that newscast, my wife and I both gleaned he was lying at that time. This morning,it was even more apparent he was lying. It will be interesting to see what happens in front of the committee.

    • Janis, the oath is obviously meaningless. Whether the President is guilty of collusion with the Russians remains to be determined, but it is clear he is guilty of obstruction of justice, which is an impeachable offense by itself. Keith

  1. Dear Keith,
    Vernacular is so important. Fake news and alt facts= lies; “Believe me”= lies; witch hunt for DDT=following the Russian connections; “Make America Great=taking the USA back to the dark ages; whenever DDT refers to Russia-=he is acting as a Russian agent.

    I am 99.9% sure that DDT plans to withdraw from Paris Climate Change because in his tweet, he refers to making USA great again.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, you have great examples. Anything DT says before or after “believe me” is pretty certain to be a lie. The only hope for our remaining in Paris is if he senses he will get more negative press. He will, but it has to sink into his alternative reality. Great news about the Exxon-Mobil shareholder vote which forces management to apprise shareholders of the impact of climate change on their business. Keith

  2. Excellent advice, my friend. Sadly, I do not believe a single word that comes from Trump or any of the White House staff. Interestingly, two days ago there was a rumour circulating that Trump would sign an executive order to abolish impeachment. The initial source was a satirical website, yet people were all over it, believing every word, spewing angry remarks. This is the root of the problem, as I see it … that people will believe whatever they see on Facebook or Twitter, without bothering to find out the truth first. Has truth lost its meaning among the masses? A month or so ago a friend asked me to provide her with a list of fake or satirical news sources so she would know what to believe. I started trying to compile such a list, but it was a lost cause, for there are more coming up every day, and the list is simply endless. Instead, I gave her a list of about 20 sources that I consider reputable/credible and told her if it wasn’t on that list, don’t believe it. The truth is far outnumbered by falsehoods, it would seem.

    • Jill, what I find interesting is the “retreating lines in the sand lies.” Deny it, discredit it, discount it, then diminish it through a series of lies. I applaud your attempt to enumerate the fake news. It is mountainous. I do think there are many truths that never get reported as they are the everyday and mundane ones. I think giving your friend reputable sources is the right solution. Keith

      • Yes, there ARE many truths that do not get reported, or get buried under the detritus. I am working on a piece tonight about a few racist episodes last weekend that were barely noted. Trump blathers so loudly that he leaves us deaf to everything eventually.

      • Jill, the President will be quick to pounce on an possible Islamic terrorist (even when it is not), but be very silent when it is a white supremacist. I think that is the horse whisperer Bannon talking in his ear. Keith

    • JoAnn, I think it works as we are so misinformed and uninformed. Far too many don’t know they are being lied to. Kelly Ann Conway was on ABC Good Morning America and lied most of the time. She even went back to the original story as to why DT fired Comey, which the Presidebt refuted. Thanks for your comment, Keith

  3. Nowadays, the word *conservative* has become a euphemism for those who are soft on (and often in favor of) antiscience, bigotry, and plutocracy. I have taken to saying *pseudoconservative* in the spirit of George Lakoff’s emphasis on framing in political discourse (as in “entitlement” vs “earned benefit”).

    • Mellow, taking your line of thought further, I don’t know what Republicans represent anymore. The President is at odds with much of what the GOP used to believe. Ronald Reagan would lsy into some of the stances of this President and his old party. Keith

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