More mid-week musings on D-Day

I would like to make a shout out for the memories of those veterans who stormed the beaches at Normandy and for those who are still alive to tell about the necessary horror of doing something so difficult. Imagine being on ship in transit knowing there was a good chance you might not see the next morning sun.

With that bravery in mind, a shout out is needed for all the police officers and civilians who have stood up to terrorists, whether they are Islamic extremists, white supremacists, or with mental issues they cannot control. I am so saddened by the loss of lives and their families who have to mourn and deal with their deaths. There is no honor or glory in killing innocent civilians – you are simply a murderer, no more, no less.

While not as dramatic as terrorism, the US President pulling out of the Paris Climate Change Accord was an extremely poor move. Especially with his speech citing his reasons teeming with untruthful statements. With the President mentioning jobs, he seems to be overlooking the double digit growth rate in renewable energy jobs. Per John Oliver on his recent show “Last Week Tonight,” with China investing US$ 361 billion to create 2 million renewable energy jobs, the President is creating jobs with this move, just in the wrong country.

Speaking of China and climate change, Governor Jerry Brown of California signed an agreement with the China to join together to fight climate change and promote renewable energy. By itself, if measured as a country, California is the 7th most prolific generator of solar energy. It should be noted that several other states are joining with California to support the Paris Accord.

Our President has greatly harmed America’s global leadership by pulling out of the Paris accord. We will no longer be at the grown up table as a country and will be ignored on these issues. Fortunately, we are passed a tipping point on renewable energy and these states, cities and businesses will carry our banner for us working with the rest of the globe. The President does deserves credit for galvanizing Americans to support fighting climate change.


8 thoughts on “More mid-week musings on D-Day

  1. What the president did regarding the Paris accords is inexcusable. What he does every day is also inexcusable. But we must fight the temptation to see this as a doomsday scenario. He will soon be out of office and much of the damage he is doing and has done can be undone. Not all, but much.

    • Hugh, I hope you are right. My worry is unchangeble reactions to North Korea, China or Iran. I have been pleased with reaction by others to pick up the slack on the climate change fight. Keith

  2. Very nice musings, Keith! I’m with Hugh … if we can get Trump out of office quickly, most of the damage he has done can be reversed fairly quickly. Though I suspect our European friends will, for years to come, elbow one another and laugh, saying, remember what the United States did back in 2016 when they put that clown in the White House? And then they will roll along the Seine or the river Thames laughing hysterically. Good post!

    • Jill, I don’t know if it can happen quick enough. Just today, he insulted Qatar and then our military leadership directly contradicted the President and says Qatar has been a good friend for letting us have a naval base there. Someone needs to send the President to his room without privileges. And, Putin smiles wider when no one is looking. Keith

      • At least I am glad to see the military leadership speaking the truth rather than bending to his will. Yes, he needs to be put in his room, his twitting machine taken away, and the door locked at all times! And you are right … Putin is having a field day with this!

      • Jill, when he chooses not to know or care to know history, shooting from the hip is very dangerous and stupid. The Middle East is very complex, so our President is beyond a loose cannon. Keith

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