Mr. President, we need YOUR loyalty

The headline of Reuters Financial News quotes what James Comey said the President asked of him. “I need your loyalty. I must have your loyalty.” As I read this and thought of the growing evidence that is revealing a very uncomfortable alliance between our President and Russia, I want to the turn the question back on the President, “We need your loyalty.”

To be frank, I don’t think we have it. I don’t think the President’s first loyalty is to the United States of America. I think it is first and foremost to Donald Trump. Investigations will eventually reveal why the President is so beholden to Vladimir Putin.

My belief is it gets down to money. It always does. Either he has been promised various opportunities for investment in Russia or loan forgiveness or his various funding sources either show he is compromised or his debts are more significant than he lets on and they are placing pressure on him. His unhealthy devotion to all things Russian is more than curious.

What we do know is our President is acting more like a guilty man than an innocent one. His people have not been very forthcoming and have routinely changed their stories about Russian relationships. The President has admitted he had obstructed justice, even if it may not be legally determined yet. And, we know that our intelligence community believes with high confidence the Russians interfered with our election.

The truth will be revealed over time. But, I think it is a fair question to ask our President. “Do we have your loyalty?”

17 thoughts on “Mr. President, we need YOUR loyalty

  1. This, my friend, is the absolute truth … very well-said, though I wish I could dispute it. I keep picturing a sign at the arrivals gate at JFK reading “Welcome to the United States of Russia”. And maybe beneath it in smaller letters, “Please leave your values at the gate”. Jaded? Sadly, yes. But still … excellent post.

    • Jill, I am bemused the President is feeling vindicated about Comey saying he was not under investigation. Two things. 1) By highlighting that it could be construed he is not questioning anything else Comey said which is damaging. 2) Comey refused to make that public as he said he would have to make public any future corrections.

      A related story is DT and Jeff Sessions are do at odds, Session offered his resignation which was declined. One of the reasons he is mad at Sessions is he did not tell DT that Robert Mueller was hired to be the special prosecutor. My guess is DT does not want a formidable and honest person doing the investigation. Keith

  2. Dear Keith,

    How true! DDT’S FIRST loyalty is to himself. The republican legislative sycophants first loyalty is to their party of which DDT is a member. Where does this leave “We the People” but out in the cold?
    Serving as a republican legislator or as a republican in the WH does mean leaving one’s values, integrity, courage decency, truth, and loyalty to one’s country at the door.

    This is like working for the MAFIA but only worse because they pretend to be better.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, I think the most compelling comment was uttered by James Clapper to Australia news when he said this Russis story is worse than Watergate. From an intelligence official who just left office that is damning. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I find it interesting that there are conservative groups funding anti-Comey commercials to discredit his testimony. This tribal nonsense needs to stop. We need to find out more about what the President did or did not do. There is far more to the equation beyond Comey, as Mueller just started less than a month ago. My educated guess is there is a lot of fire beneath this smoke which we need to find out. It matters not anyone’s political affiliation or whether they voted for the President. It matters to get to the truth. The one thing I will not tolerate is a “homer” telling me the man did nothing wrong, when evidence appears to the contrary. Right now, Mr. Putin has the widest grin on his face on the trouble he has caused for our country.

  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    After last year’s November 8th election, I was already predicting gloom & doom, but my blogger-friend Keith was more open-minded, saying we had to give Trump a chance, that we had to hope he would leave his campaign rhetoric behind and step up to the plate, listen to sound advice, and become a leader. Keith was, as always, more cool-headed than I, and he was correct to keep an open mind. Thus, when even Keith determines that Trump is loyal only to himself and is not acting in our best interests, we know that is the truth, for Keith gave him a fair chance and Trump blew it. I am sharing Keith’s latest post, because he asks and answers the most timely and pertinent question of the day. Please take a moment to read his short, well-expressed opinion. Thank you, Keith, for this post and for implied permission to share!

    • Many thanks, Jill. After deferring all questions to DT’s attorney, his spokeswoman said Trump is not a liar and that is an offensive question. The evidence is quite to the contrary.

      • NOT A LIAR???? Seriously??? cough, cough, choke, gasp, cough … even by his own admission he IS a liar!!! ‘Scuse me … I must cough some more …

      • Jill, I bet it was difficult for the reporters not to bust out laughing. She, of all people, should know his prolific lying. Keith

      • Jill, David Brooks said someone needs to explain to DT that his manner of speaking is not conducive to being under oath. He said DT is imprecise at best. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: I watched an interview with Retired Admiral William McRaven on CBS about his new book on life lessons that can be gleaned from his Navy Seal training. McRaven was the leader of the team that killed Osama Bin Laden. He was asked by Charlie Rose about James Comey’s testimony. He said he knows Comey and he says he is a man of integrity and would not lie. He said he did not know the President, but he was quoted in earlier articles in February being critical of the President’s attack on the media. He added we must come together as Americans to get to the bottom of the Russian election meddling.

  6. Note to Readers: The President said he “100%” wants to testify under oath. Someone needs to explain to him that lying under oath is a crime. I recognize it won’t matter. I do look forward to the day in the future when Mr. Mueller has a press conference to announce that the President is under investigation. He should not celebrate too much in the first quarter. Mueller just got hired. And, he has two things that the President does not possess, at least in this job – integrity and competence.

    Another interesting part of Comey’s testimony is the concern raised over the Attorney General. Trump will ditch him in a heartbeat, as he already is at odds with him. If Kushner becomes a liability, he will ditch him too, even if he is his son-in-law. These are all my opinions.

  7. The person in the Whitehouse step way over the mark in trying to bait the Mayor of London after the latest terrorist attack.
    I feel so sorry for loyal Americans, as by any measure of the standards of the office you do not have a President of the United States, just a person of small character who by some fluke happens to reside in the Whitehouse.
    Your nation deserves better.

    • Roger, thanks. Our nation does deserve better. I saw someone defend him saying all politicians lie. But, what they don’t realize is the percentage of lying is reversed from DT. Politifacts had him at lying 70% of the time before and after the election, lapping everyone else.

      Kudos to the London Mayor for shutting down negative dialogue with our childish President. Keith

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