The exact opposite of what is needed

Since tribal fervor gets in the way of good information sharing and debate, we end up with laws, bills and executive orders/ comments which are the exact opposite of what is needed. This troubles me greatly, as if you took the time to look at data and explained what the change would do, people would not be supportive of the change.

Here are a few working examples:

– Treating Muslim Americans poorly, blocking travel from Muslim countries, and criticizing the London Mayor who is an exemplar of successful Muslims in the western world make us less safer. Ostracizing Muslims feeds into the recruiting messaging for Islamic extremist groups; welcoming Muslims and involving them in conversations and diligence is making us safer.

– Defunding Planned Parenthood will increase the abortion rates, health care cost and poverty. Poverty is highly correlated with larger family size. Family planning reduces the number of unwanted pregnancies. Plus, women’s health for low income families improve which saves money.

– Cutting back on renewable energy investment and tax breaks will be dilutive to job increases and rural economies. Many of the solar and wind energy jobs are occurring in rural settings where they are needed. The market for solar and wind energy continues to rapidly grow as the prices fall. Investment in these areas is accretive to growth.

– Regulation is not the enemy. Inefficient and ineffective regulation are. Dodd Frank needs improvement, but we need to be mindful of the changes. The ACA needs improvement, not repeal. Very few industry leaders advocate for regulation – it does not mean they don’t need them, especially when greed exists. We need to govern our regulation either paring, repealing or improving where needed. Here is an example – when Erskine Bowles was asked to head the Small Business Administration he reduced the application for assistance from 42 pages to two.

– Pulling back from global leadership will make the world less safer. America helps provide guardrails to global crises. The more we abdicate responsibility, the less safe it becomes for America and the rest of the world. We must be engaged and collaborative.

I have many other examples. What do you think? What are your examples?


35 thoughts on “The exact opposite of what is needed

  1. The only thing I would add is that we need Muslims Leaders to speak put against radical Islamist terror. They are not doing their part to express outrage over terror attacks. The Muslim communities could do a lot more to decry the acts commuted in the name of Islam.

    • Holly, I think some are, but my guess is some may be hesitant to be too vocal. I have seen the community let police know where radicalization has occurred. But, more is needed. Keith

      • It’s their religion that is being tainted. They need to come kut strong against this. They can’t be any more fearful than the rest of us. Silence is complicity

      • You are quite right about the Muslims in this country being hesitant to be too vocal. I live in a neighborhood that has many Muslim refugees, and many are my friends. They are afraid. Ever since Trump’s election, they are taunted when they go out in public, even here in the neighborhood they are taunted and threatened, and they are afraid … they try very hard to keep a low profile.

      • Thanks Jill. In our country, we have too many who feel empowered to indict (and in some cases verbally or physically abuse) Muslim Americans. A Muslim western woman has written a book about the extremist recruitment and she cited Trump’s words as aiding such. Keith

      • My friend Maha was ridiculed many times because she wore a hijab, so now she rarely goes out in public, and when she does, she wears a woolen hat, similar to a ski-hat. It makes me so angry!!! I even considered wearing a hijab next time I am out with her in public, but she said, “No no, Juju … you must not!” (I am Juju to all the Arabic speakers in the neighborhood, as they cannot pronounce ‘Jill’ … but to all the kids I am just ‘Grannie’.) 🙂

      • Jill, it is sad that Americans cannot practice their religion without fearing for their lives. Outside of being shamed into commenting on the Portlanf knifing, very little comes from the President speaking out against intolerance, harassment or violence to Muslim Americans. Tell your neighbors there are many more folks like you who believe in their rights. Keith

    • Janis, plus some of the stuff he is doing is what he said, but is not the right answer. Pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, eg. Keith

  2. Our representative democracy has become an oligarchy, where most of our representation serve powerful monied interests, instead of the “demos” or common people. Trump has not caused this, he is possible only because of it. Likewise, the Clinton machine and foundation. Likewise, the Bush-Cheney-MIC war.

    We The People need to aim for the root cause. Good conservatives, progressives, and everyone in between need to join forces to reclaim our democracy. It will upset the Republican and Democrat parties — they will need to undergo meaningful reform, or fade away.

    Until we deal with political corruption, “laws, bills and executive orders/ comments… [will be] the exact opposite” of what most citizens need and want. Naturally. Because they are designed to enhance corporate freedoms, not ours. In that, they are very successful.

    • JoAnn, you won’t get an argument from me. We could begin with s 28th amendment as well as other changes to diminish money from politics. Ask any Congress rep how they spend their time and about 40% is fundraising – making daily calls. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,
    DDT’s actions appear to cater to the alt-right, the haters, those who are so angry over a changing world. Instead of moving us forward, these folks want to take us backwards which is just not going to happen. But these alt right folks need to be resisted. But they will not give up without a fight.

    Ciao, Gronda

    • Gronda, Naomi Klein who predicted the rise of a Trump like populist, says we must be well read and refuse to give in. She refers to DT as an idiot who is masterful in the art of distraction, first to distract investors, lenders and customers from his poorly run businesses, and now as President. We must call out the alt right for their treachery. Keith

      • Dear Keith,
        I am a Noami Klein follower. She and I are on the same page with regards to the alt-right issue. As it becomes clear to those who voted for DDT that he is not going to be delivering on things that make their lives better, DDT and his surrogates will have to throw these folks some red meat which will be to fan the flames of racism and all the other isms in this country. And this is what we as non trump voters, need to be vigilant against.

        ALSO, the democratic party has to open up a dialogue that’s for real with the white working class folks. It is in the democrats interests to do this because what is done to lift them up, helps all of us.

        Ciao, Gronda

      • Gronda, it is amazing (in some respects) how reviled our President is around the globe. I guess his base thinks this is a badge of honor. The dissatisfaction levels with this President are even higher than within our 50 states. Making us out to be pariah in the world, I thought would take longer than it has. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: One of the big “exact opposites” is our President’s emphasizing coal energy, to stave off the decline in those jobs which are predicated on declining demand. Coal harms the environment in so many ways from gathering to maintenance of disposal sites years into the future. The Duke Energy Dan River spill was from a coal ash site next to a shuttered plant. Plus, there is routine seepage of ash toxins into water supplies of nearby neighborhoods.

    Natural gas is the largest stake in the heart of coal energy. This continues with the global fall off on price. As renewable energy prices fall, those cleaner energies will cause even more decline. Interestingly, the US city that uses the most renewable energy in the US, generating 89% of its electricity is Houston, Texas. Plus, six of the top 30 cities are in Texas.

  5. One of my pet peeves is in the field of education. Betsy DeVos is planning to do the exact opposite of what is needed by cutting funding to public schools and promoting vouchers that will benefit few. Now, more than ever, we need good public schools where ALL children are afforded the best possible education. And we need to make college available to more students, but the reality is that fewer than ever will be able to afford a college education. The dumbing down of this nation is NOT what is needed!

    Great post, Keith … I am planning to reblog. Thanks!

    • Jill, I agree. The voucher system movement is basically a way to pay in part for private or parochial schooling. We also have charter schools that are not governed the same. We are creating two sets of education systems. Keith

  6. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    The U.S. is not being properly governed and the resulting chaos gets worse with each passing day. There are things that our nation needs, but the current administration is taking steps to ensure the exact opposite will occur. Blogger-friend Keith has neatly summarized some of these needs and the moves being made by Trump & Co. to ensure those needs will not be met. Please take a few moments to read his post, for it summarizes and clarifies some examples of the issues that are moving our country in the exact wrong direction. Thank you, Keith, for an excellent post and for permission to share!

  7. They say investigation and prosecution take time. It seems there is a new team being created to look at the Trump/Russia connections. Few people can now doubt there are connections and what they are for.To end the sanctions. If the law takes too much times recruiting and then investigating, the sanctions will be a long time over and in my opinion Trump’s debts to Russian banks will be a little lighter.
    I don’t mind Trump withdrawing from the Paris accords. There will be many people there who are glad because the data is so obviously false in their eyes. But, it’s the responsibility of the Government- Both Sides- to tackle the problem of global warming for your Country.
    Immediate things apart from that…….stop the increase of coal mining, stop the drilling for oil in National Parks and to stop the Keystone pipeline going ahead until a way is found to bypass Tribal lands and take away the threat to their water.They are not second class citizens with no rights and no expectation of care from the government.
    Lobbyists should not have direct access to the Government so they can wine and dine them and provide nice holidays. Create a buffer zone where those who hear the pleas don’t have power but who can ensure the information gets to the right source.

    • David, many thanks for your thoughtful comment. This investigation will take time, but Mueller is formulating a very good team. As you note, the onslaught on the environment is more than backing out of Paris. You might like my next post on some US cities leading the charge on renewables. Thanks, Keith

  8. Note to Readers: Probably the greatest exact opposite approach relates to the stated objective of the President to improve the financial well being of his followers who have been or believe they have been short changed by leaders. Yet, celebrating the AHCA bill which would kick off 23 million Americans from health insurance, as I advocating the gutting of the CFPB which helps defrauded financial customers, proposing a tax bill which benefits greatly a small wealthy percentage and unwinding a mortgage premium break that would have helped over 1 million homeowners who could not put a lot down on their house all run counter to that objective.

  9. This makes depressing but nonetheless compelling reading Keith. You always bring an air of dignity which makes the point all the more powerful.
    You did ask for an example. At the risk of repeating myself, I would cite the sheer ineptitude combined with the complete absence of dignity (or affability- ie Presidents Regan and Bush jnr).
    Since the disgraceful business after the London attack I concluded that morally and ethically the American people are without a President of the USA. I am so sorry for the ordinary people of the USA.
    In the meantime keep up your good work

    • Many thanks, Roger. Choosing to condemn the London Mayor for words taken out of context, then doubling down after being corrected was childish and unnecessary. He causes most of his own problems, then chooses not to learn from his mistakes. All the best, Keith

  10. Note to Readers: In a perfect example of the exact opposite of what to do, it greatly interests and frustrates me that the President calls the House AHCA bill to repeal and replace Obamacare “mean.” That is true, but this is the same man that threw a party on the White House lawn for GOP legislators after it was passed (and before it was scored by the CBO). Celebrating something before you know what it does is the exact opposite of what you should do. You do not solve health care problems by screwing 23 million people out of healthcare – Mr. President, this law was mean before the party, but no one took the time to listen.

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