The emperor has no clothes

At a recent cabinet meeting, the leader asked for comments beginning with his second in command. Kim Jong Un, it is an unbelievable privilege to serve you. The next cabinet leader said I am blessed to serve you oh great leader.

Cabinet leader after cabinet leader continued fawning over their leader, making sure they each stroked Kim Jong Un’s ego. None dared to mention the country had a hard time feeding its people or that funding their military may not be the best use of their funds.

None dared risk the wrath of their leader citing his inane statements and policies or delusional behavior. They dared not say “the emperor has no clothes.” His temper is legendary. His inability to digest and benefit from criticism is as well.

This emperor only wants to feed his immense, but oh so fragile ego. Yet, the problem for us is this emperor is not Kim Jong Un. His name is Donald J. Trump and he is President of the United States. And, he has no clothes. The sad truth is his cabinet of sycophants know this.

38 thoughts on “The emperor has no clothes

    • Thanks Lisa. We need them to remember who they serve, all Americans. I am watching this shooting of a Congressmen and a few others while practicing baseball and I moved at their humanity toward the injured and wish it could always be thus way with less animosity. Let’s keep Congressman Scalise and the others in our prayers.

      • Fortunately, no one was killed, but the Congressman was hit as were four others. One of the injured police officers guarding the Congressman wounded the attacker.

  1. Dear Keith,


    Only the Secretary of Defense General Mattis managed to preserve his dignity. If it had been me on that room, I would have taken a quick potty break. Thank Heavens that I’ve never been cursed with a boss like him.

    Hugs, Gronda

  2. I was totally shocked at this display of hypocrisy and cowardice, the bowing down to this narcissist maniac. It’s beyond comprehension…how do they face their families, kids, or look at themselves in the mirror.

  3. Great post, my friend! I think you are spot on, and the comparison to Kim Jong-un is particularly apt. And you are quite right when you say they have forgotten who they serve … We The People have seemingly been left out of the equation.

  4. You know, I basically stay away from politics but sometimes I am having a hard time doing it. I cannot believe that so many play that game although the lies and stupidity of attitudes and actions are obvious!

    • Erika, when it is this inane and scary, it is hard to ignore. As I mentioned to two others, the cabinet meeting was nauseating. What little respect I had for some was vanquished by the obsequious comments of each. Our Vice President, who will be President, if DT is impeached was particularly nauseating. Keith

      • Erika, it is surreal. The Washington Post has announced that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has expanded the Russian investigation to include possible obstruction of justice by President Trump. I think the Trump folks knew this was coming, hence the love fest Cabinet meeting coupled with a some Trump attack dogs trying to discredit Mueller. This has all the makings of a worse Watergate than the original one. Keith

      • Oh, definitely worse! I think what makes it so surreal is that obviously wrong and corrupt things are happening in front of people’s eyes. It is sooo obvious and that makes it all such a farce. You don’t know whether to laugh about such stupidity and diletantism or cry about so much corroption!

      • Erika, people around the world see it, but here the President has done a relentless job of demonizing anyone who would question him. There has been an increasing trickle of Republicans who see a problem. Right now, our President remains nonchalant about Russian hacking. This nonchalance speaks volumes that something is just not right. It is more than his ego wanting to deny his election may have been abetted by someone else. Keith

      • I am convinced that basically everyone see it. And as we said…. he might not survive the first term of his presidency! T does everything for an impeachment proceedings.

      • Erika, I don’t know about everyone seeing the same thing. You should read some of the letters to the editor in my paper. I do think there is more agreement even with his fans that he should not be tweeting. Keith

      • It is indeed pitiful. Warren Buffett one said President Obama was the best editor of information he has ever seen. He solicited honest feedback which helped shape his decision. Just suppose, someone like that was only told what they wanted to hear? What makes matters worse about our current President, he shows little inclination to understand the issues, sticking with shallow answers. So, telling him what he wants to hear is not a deep conversation.

      • Oh no, definitely not! And actually I thought that his advisors are there in order to give him more views on a subject…. this all is so weird…

      • Erika, if DT had come in and appointed people that new how to govern and had credibility, they could have counseled him better and made up for his weaknesses. Outside of a few, he brought in people who were inexperienced like he was and, as a result, on top of questionable policy decisions, his White House has been in a state of chaos and incompetence. And, that is not considering his likely collusion and obstruction of justice. Keith

      • OMG, you are so right! He only picked people who owe him something and those who obey him… he never had the greater meaning of being president in mind but the rise of his ego!

      • Erika, I don’t know if you remember the piece I wrote on Genghis Khan a few months back. Khan was not big on nepotism and steered toward merit promotions. He valued competence. Our President could learn from this. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: I would add that our friend Gronda has added her own post to that of Jill’s on the nauseating sycophancy of the Trump cabinet meeting. While there are many derogatory synonyms that could be used, one that I like is the word “toady.” To me, that is a way to say sycophant that gives a visual without cursing. So, Reince Preibus or Jeff Sessions, who are rumored to be on Trump’s hit list, were both toady.

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