Musings at the start of summer

The longest day in the Northern Hemisphere is upon us. Maybe with this extra daylight we can have more illumination on issues. It seems we have a bad habit in our country of governing off rhetoric rather real information.

Saying it more basically, we believe our own BS. It is puzzling why we would make decisions off stuff we made up. Yet, that gets to the heart of the matter. The authors of change don’t necessarily want to solve the problems. They just want to win the election game of optics.

A good example is the secretive Senate effort to develop a repeal and replacement bill for the ACA. The effort has several of the remaining Republican and all of the Democrat Senators up in arms. What is missing is open and honest debate. What is missing is open acknowledgement of Republican efforts to strangle the imperfect law by withholding money from insurance companies promised them to take on adverse selection (higher risk).

Another good example is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Change Accord where America abdicated a global leadership role. While the President and EPA Director tell us there is not consensus on man’s influence on climate change, they fail to tell us that there is an overwhelming consensus from the scientific community. They also fail to heed the recommendations of countless companies, cities and states to remain, including ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell. The sad part is the job growth and investment in renewable energy is growing rapidly and large companies like Amazon. Google, IKEA, Walmart et al are leading the way.

Let’s hope our myopic leaders will use today’s extra sunshine to see the light.

20 thoughts on “Musings at the start of summer

  1. Note to Readers: I sent a note to my two Senators and Senator McConnell. In addition to speaking of the poor stewardship of doing this bill in secret, I mentioned if a variation of the AHCA was signed into law, it would likely cause a recession. If 23 million people lose coverage, they would have to spend full unnegotiated rates for services. They would either forego spending or use dollars from elsewhere in their budget. That means monies would not be spent on other things. This would have a dilutive impact on the economy.

    But, let me make a bolder statement. We have a poverty and near-poverty problem in our country. Kicking these folks off their healthcare insurance is not only unhelpful, it is overtly mean-spirited.

  2. I applaud your optimism, dear Keith, but I suspect the extra daylight did not shine behind the closed doors on Capitol Hill, nor the big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. I’m sure after yesterday’s election in Georgia, they were busy patting themselves on the back, saying, “Let them eat cake!”, or some such drivel. As for the health care bill … I have serious doubts that it can pass a vote, but then … I had serious doubts that Trump would be elected, so what do I know? As for the EPA … check out my post tomorrow (Thursday) morning. Sigh. S.N.A.F.U. 😦 Nonetheless, it was a good post … Happy Summer!!!

    • Jill, you are so right about the difficulty in seeing the light with the door shut. That is the best of metaphors.

      I mentioned to Linda on another comment and post that I don’t think the GOP should be celebrating too much. In four very safe districts, they barely won. We live close to the SC district, so we saw the TV ads. The Republican ran against Obama who hasn’t been President for five months and his opponent ran the best TV ads I have seen in a long while, where he (and his wife) made fun of himself as a serious person. He surprised many by only losing by 3% and is precisely the kind of thoughtful people the Democrats (and Republicans) should put up. Keith

      • Thanks Keith! Yes, I was disappointed by the Georgia election, but still felt it made a statement. After another five months of Trumpian antics (I shudder), perhaps the results would have come out differently. If Trump is not impeached, I think that by the mid-terms next year, members of Congress will face stiff opposition if they have blindly followed his lead. But … that’s a bit of time, and much can happen in 17 months. Never let it be said that we live in boring times, eh?

      • Jill, ironically, the worst thing that could happen to Republicans is if this ill-conceived ACA repeal and replacement bill was passed and signed. It is so detrimental to Americans it will cause a severe backlash. It is too bad most Americans do not realize the sabatoging role the GOP has played in Congress and with Trump making higher premiums even higher. It is Machiavellian. Keith

      • Agreed. I am encouraged that some republican senators are saying they will not support the bill. All it takes is 3, so … fingers crossed. I read a commentary a few days ago that said McConnell doesn’t care whether it passes or not, he just wants to get it done so he can move on to the tax plan. Your thoughts?

      • Jill, more senators need to come out against it. This bill harms people. But, the key mission of the bill is s tax cut for the rich. Trump’s fans have little awareness they are being used to gain more for those who do not need it. And, as one Trump fan said they can cut Obamacare as long as they hee the ACA. But, sir….Keith

      • Yes, I heard that one some time ago and shook my head … it rather shows the ignorance of his followers. Did you happen to catch Stephanopoulos’ interview with Kellyanne Conway this morning? I didn’t, but read the transcript. I have to wonder why they even let her speak in public, for she is incoherent, contradicting herself at every turn. She said the senate bill would not cut people currently on Medicaid off, but then turned right around and said they would need to find other options, like a job! Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!

      • Jill, I missed it. She has a trait I do not care for and that is “smugness.” Even when you know she is lying, she appears smug. I would add many senators voting for this bill do not fully recognize his awful a bill it is. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: We have several problems needing to be addressed such as our poverty or near poverty, proficiency for open jobs, healthcare access, cyber security, environment, debt, et al. We should ask how these bills or executive actions specifically address these issues and make sure they are answered. For example, the AHCA of passed would cause a recession and hurt 23 million people – call me crazy, but that is not good.

  4. I fear that like bad generals, or good generals suffering hubris they will reneforce failure rather then admit to error.

  5. Dear Keith,
    In the Georgia race there were super pac ads which associated Mr. Ossoff with the left leaning shooter of Congressman Scalise. This is what was done to cater to the alt-right voter.

    The republican candidate,Karen Handel condemned the ad but it was not pulled.

    As per
    The ad, funded by a little-known group called the Principled PAC, opens with sounds of gunshots and footage of U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise being wheeled away on a stretcher after he and other members of the Republican congressional baseball team were ambushed by a lone gunman while practicing in a Washington suburb.

    Fortunately, in the 2018 mid term elections, there are enough republican held seats in democratic led districts where democrats can pick up seats.

    Hugs, Gronda.

    • Gronda, between that and tying him to Pelosi. People are not paying attention to how dysfunctional and mean our old party has become. Keith

  6. I enjoyed your play on words, Keith, and we wish it could be so easy that the extra hours of daylight at this time of year might help our leaders see more clearly. Pres Moreno seems to be doing well with the same amount of day/light, and he needs no corrective lenses to help him see better. So far I’m really proud to witness his integrity…

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