Is it thrifty or environmentally friendly

I have mentioned in the past I am both a tree hugger and capitalist. On the latter, I like to spend money wisely. But, it goes hand-in-hand with being environmentally friendly, as conserving resources is both cost effective and good for the environment.

My wife laughs at me as I will eat leftovers for several days. She will usually join in for one more meal, but she will abstain from further meals. It gives me satisfaction to finish food off. This is especially true as we as a country throw so much food away. And, I hate to throw food away.

We are also doing our best to drink filtered tap water. My wife tells folks my husband won’t let me buy plastic bottled water. She likes to tease me about things like this as many spouses do. However, I can assure you my wife won’t do anything unless she agrees with it. She understands this will keep from adding to the floating plastic in the Pacific.

We also live in an area of the city which is a couple of miles away from three shopping areas of various sizes. As I like to walk, I often will become a pedestrian shopper. It saves on gas emissions and gets me some needed exercise. And, since most car accidents occur within a mile from home, it helps me with the odds.

I mention these three things as they are easy things to do to save money and the environment.  I am sure each of us have things we could do that would save on both. What are some of your actions?

So, it is more than OK to be a little thrifty. Of course, my wife threatens me to not to turn into her mother who raised five kids on her father’s salary.

17 thoughts on “Is it thrifty or environmentally friendly

  1. Each of these three easy things require a measure of self-discipline. Good, because self-discipline leads to peace, freedom, and even joy. It must feel great to be both a tree-hugger and a balanced capitalist! We all need love and boundaries. 🙂

  2. Dear Keith,
    Thanks for sharing.
    Conserving is about conserving when ever possible in easy steps.
    I invested on a water filtering system; I bring my own bags for grocery shopping, I carefully separate the thrash for anything that is recyclable, I use the energy efficient light bulbs; etc.
    We can all play a part in becoming more conscious of having less stuff.
    These steps become habit forming where you don’t even think about it.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, they do become habit forming. We do the grocery bags as well, but I kick myself when I forget to grab them before heading to the store. Keep up the great efforts. Keith

  3. A geologist gave me a portable water-purifier, where the water is put in a little bag and then poured/squeezed thru a filter…. down here it’s pretty easy to have very little trash – i buy fresh/cook immediately. when i have a home – shhh, casa loca is not an option any more – i have a large selection of healthy items growing in the yard…. at the market there are many options depending on where one lives – potatoes/onions/carrots/corn/tomatoes are always available – even eggs can be kept at room temperature for weeks… it’s that old fashioned type of life that’s becoming lost in many parts of the world. people are usually shocked that i have no refrigerator and have not had one for years and years and years. ditto for no need for air conditioning or heat… it’s pretty easy to keep a very low imprint, but flying to the usa negates all the good actions in a hurry!

    when i am in the ‘states, most of my loved ones seemed embarrassed when we discuss going to eat, and i smile and say, ‘i’ll race you!’… then dash on foot while they drive… it’s usually a tie…. or they’ll get ready to go get something from the store, and i volunteer, refuse the keys to the car and go on foot… it’s also a way for me to get ‘warm’ in the summer months b/c so many people keep their homes so cold! i go outside in the heat to get warm!

    i miss my loved ones, but i don’t miss the lifestyle!

  4. It is interesting how we can save money and do the right thing at the same time — much like eating food that is good for us and which also tastes good! You are a good man, my friend.

  5. Note to Readers: Apparently, Scott Pruiit, who has purged files on climate change, giving away our leading edge research and harming our planet, but now he wants to waste tax payer money to focus efforts on naysaying climate change. He has a hard time grasping what peer reviewed scientific papers are. And, while he dithers two major events have happened this week.

    More than expected ice floes are breaking off Antarctica. In this case it is sea ice which won’t specifically raise sea levels (it is like melting ice in a glass), but the break off is exposing more the land ice, which will cause sea level rise when it breaks off and melts. This is an important distinction to remember.

    The other key occurrence is Tesla is on target to release its more economical electric car at US$35,000. They plan to release 250,000 of these cars by next spring, with the first roll out soon. It is an attractive vehicle that is fun to drive and gets 215 miles per charge.

  6. Giggles. I can just imagine some of the conversations in your kitchen. 😉 Like you, I hate throwing food away, which is why I avoid shopping at the more thrifty places like Costco. I see no thrift in buying 3 heads of lettuce if I will end up tossing 2 out. I am also buying more items out of the bulk section, which is cheapest of all and in many cases allows me to reuse containers. I also use green produce bags in the fridge to try to keep things fresh longer. I stash empty green bags in my shopping bag so as to avoid using the store’s plastic produce bags.

    I also avoid bottled water. When offered bottled water at some event, I am a bit smug in holding up my own refillable water bottle from home. Hoping that at some point monkey will see and monkey will do.

    I’m blessed to live close to downtown and to minor shopping options. I try to leave the car in the garage unless I have no option but to drive across town for some errand, appointment, or visit. Then, when I do have the car fired up, I add major shopping to those trips to stock up on the stuff that is hard to bring home on my bike.

    I also enjoy shopping at the farmer’s market whenever I can. This is especially important for my meat purchases. I like knowing where my meat came from and how it was raised and butchered. Plus, I like supporting my local farming/ranching community. And leftovers? As a single person, I live off of them! I love cooking up enough food for 2 or 3 meals. That reduces the chances of having not prepared for dinner and resorting to fast food at the last minute.

    • Linda, many great ideas. When it is just the two of us, we will get two or more meals (for two people). I love your devotion to Farmers Markets. Keith

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