A little class would help

We cannot condone violence. We cannot promote violence. And, we cannot make excuses for violence.

I cannot say it more simply than this. We cannot say it is OK to slug someone because they said something you disagree with. We cannot lie and then be upset when someone calls us on the lie.

We need to follow Jesus’ mantra and treat others like we want to be treated. But, people in a position of leadership must do more than that to actual be real leaders. They need to have a little class. They must be exemplars.

We are witnessing what happens when a person in leadership does not act like the role requires. It is not a requirement that we agree with everything our leaders do or say, but we should require them to act with the dignity the office requires. I can assure you, leaders in other countries notice when our incumbents do not.

39 thoughts on “A little class would help

  1. Well said, Keith. I think our current government is the result of a self-fulfilling prophecy started by Ronald Reagan, “The government is the problem.” Since 1982 Republicans have focused all their effort to this purpose. Is it any Wonder we have ended up with nothing? Rudderless and without purpose? We have arrived at Ronald Reagan’s “shining City on the hill” and there is no Hill and The Shining City is a violent slum filled with people who have no purpose because no one cares. Our present government has a fascist vision for our future and just wants to let us know that they can crush us if necessary.

    • Tom, the dilemma is this story is sold hook, line and sinker. Government is not the problem – inefficient and bureaucratic government is. Easy example – when the IRS is staffed accordingly, they do more audits and catch more people gaming the system. People may not like the IRS for what it does, but a well run IRS keeps people from cheating. We have laws to prevent insider trading and interlocking boards. Why? So, people don’t game the system. We have a CFPB that is doing an outstanding job helping people when banks and credit card companies defraud them or too aggressively market to them. So, our President and GOP friends in Congress want to do away with it. Yet, it is easy to point at the government as the bad guy. Keith

  2. Holy smoke. I got a bit over-loaded, and have stayed away from political news for a few days, thinking things could not get much worse. I’m not sure I want to know what happened, but I do have to wonder where the moral low-ground will sink. Regardless, hope your Fourth is a nice one! Susan

    • Susan, yours as well. The question I want to ask parents, whether they support this man or not, is what do you say to your kids when the President does things you tell them not to? Keith

      • Politics has been a weird little universe of its own for a while, but it’s pretty sad when we can’t rely on a basic level of civility and decent public treatment of people. Yikes. Here’s goes my head back into the sand 🙂

      • Susan, I think we may need a bottom up approach to civil behavior which encompasses ministers, rabbis, imams, teachers, principals, etc. Our leaders need to be told that uncivil rhetoric is not appropriate. Keith

    • Janis, see my response to Susan. That is the question that should be reported on and the question that ministers and Sunday school teachers need to ask their audiences. Keith

    • Hugh, I am embarassed for our country that we selected this immoral man as our President. How many times must he do or say the indefensible until he breaks the camel’s back. Other leaders know not to trust him. What does that say? Keith

  3. Very well said, Keith. Short, sweet and to the point. In my latest post, I suggest that the time for Congress to wake up and begin immediate impeachment proceedings is now! We simply cannot take much more of this … it is destroying us.

    • Jill, while he has likely made impeachable offenses, we need to let the process unfold. Unfortunately, we cannot impeach a person for being a jerk. Keith

      • Sigh. I know, Keith, but I want him gone … yesterday! I am not as patient as you. And … I think his firing of Comey and the evidence that he tried to get at least 3 people to drop the investigation against Flynn, constitutes obstruction of justice. Sigh … I’m tired of this rabbit hole.

      • Oh, I want him gone as well as he had worn me out. If that is his strategy, he is successful. There is little doubt in my mind he has done unethical, unwise and illegal things, the question is gathering the proof.

      • Yes, he has worn many of us out. What is concerning now is that some who are wearing down are burying their heads in the sand. I know of at least two people who were highly outspoken about Trump, his volatility, his bad policies … who have, in just the last few weeks, basically said, “I’m tired of it all … I don’t care anymore.” That frightens me, for we cannot just give up.

  4. Living in another country, I can definitely support that observation; it’s not only the leaders, but every single person shows by example what represents their version of the USA. Unfortunately there are many who take their spoiled, ‘I want it now, I want you to speak MY language’- attitude… but there are also many who represent our country in the best of ways. It’s nice to see the images of the Obama family on vacation, interacting with others with grace and respect… Yes, the world is watching, and oftentimes with collective gasps of shock….

    • Lisa, good example. People may have disagreed with Obama, but very very few folks would say he is a jerk like our current incumbent. An easy example of mistrust – he told Xi that he believed in the one China policy after earlier other impressions. Then last week, the US sold arms to Taiwan. How does Xi trust the President – the answer is he doesn’t. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: You likely notice my distinction between being in a leadership position and being a leader. While I gave him a chance as he is the President, I have not confused him with being a leader. In fact, he has backed our country away from being the moral leader in the world. I feared this would happen, but it has actually happened much faster than I expected.

  6. Sad but true Keith. I was willing to give him a chance because one should always try and respect the democratic process, however as this person has failed to live up to the dignity or approachability of the holder of the office then it appears to me that by moral and ethical standards the USA is without a President.
    As I hold a great fondness for America (with its faults- which country hasn’t?) and the Americans as a people this is painful to witness. I have faith in you as a people to overcome this unfortunate episode.
    Celebrate the heritage of 4th of July Keith.
    Best wishes to you and yours

    • Roger, it will be interesting to see how seriously his opinions are considered at the G20. When the responsible leaders discuss climate change, will they just ignore him or go to another room. Keith

      • I have a feeling that somewhere along the way when it sinks in how little respected he earns in ‘the real world’ his ego will collapse in on itself not dissimilar to a star converting to a black hole, only with out the spectacular display that only Nature can create.

      • Roger, I agree there will be a day of reckoning with a subset of his fans. The irony is the worst thing that could happen is if the Obamacare repeal and replacement goes through. Reality would slap his followers upside the head. Keith

      • Then as the old biblical saw goes:
        ‘There will be a wailing and a gnashing of teeth’

    • Lisa, I agree, Little Donnie would get called into the principal or manager’s office. Maybe it is an attempt to distract from issues that he cannot intelligently discuss as he does not want to do any homework. He would rather watch multiple TVs to see what is being said about him. Welcome back, by the way. Keith

  7. Note to Readers: Looking back out our imperfect Presidents during my lifetime, while they had flaws, with the exception of Nixon who did illegal and unethical things, I don’t feel they dishonored the office like the current incumbent has. I disagree with actions each President has taken, some more than others, but I do not feel the same negative perception as I do with the current incumbent.

    But, they need not be choir boys either, but that helps. Jimmy Carter may be one of the finest men and best ex-Presidents we have ever had, but he is not remembered as one of our better Presidents. On the flip side Bill Clinton was a known womanizer, but the economy performed well, more jobs were created than under any other President, the budget was balanced and we avoided war. He cared about working people, he just liked the influence his power afforded him with women.

    One thing is already evident, more and more Americans are missing the current incumbent’s predecessor.

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