A few obvious statements

There are lot of important things we should be talking about, but let me make a few obvious statements about what is.

– While it remains to be proven whether the President of the United States colluded with Russia to get elected it is painfully clear he has lied about no involvement from any of his campaign team with Russians.
– While Junior says nothing was gleaned from the meeting with the Russian attorney, there are two truths using his own words in emails. He expected and relished in getting Russian government dirt on Hillary Clinton. And, he lied about the meeting, the purpose of the meeting, that Kushner and Manafort did not know and then released emails after being advised the NY Times was going to. Now, he says his father did not know, but frankly, why should we believe him now?
– if the GOP led Senate passes a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare using only GOP votes and the bill gets reconciled with the House bill and signed into law, it will harm two groups – a great many Americans and the Republican Party.
– The US has begun its official demise as the global leader. With the pulling out of the Paris Climate Change Accord and poor performance on the world stage at the G20 meeting, coupled with the retrenchment on trade and proclivity for untrustworthy behavior, this President has done huge damage to our reputation. If you have not seen it, check out the scathing review of Trump by an Australian political reporter who is saddened by this.

These stories are critical. We need Americans to pay attention to legitimate news sources. You could start with everyone being condemned by the President as fake news. Based on his lying and denials that are eventually disproven, people should not take this man at his word. He has not earned that right.

14 thoughts on “A few obvious statements

  1. Dear Keith,

    I have said this so many times but it bears repeating, I can’t believe that there are still republican legislators carrying his water, enabling him, etc. They will not be viewed kindly in the history books.

    With Senator Grassley going off the reservation on the Intel Committee, like Rep Nunes did, there is no way that their shouldn’t be 9/11 type commission of experts which is totally independent of the US Congress. I am troubled that the Senate’s Ban stopping DDT from unilaterally lifting sanctions against Russia.

    Hugs, Gronda. .

    • Gronda, it has been apparent for many months that GOP legislators should not hitch their wagon to the President’s. They are certainly not on the side of the Angels. Keith

  2. Keith – thanks, again, for your wise analysis ๐Ÿ™‚ … don’t even know what to say about all the political shenanigans. It seems we are drip-drip-dripping our way into more controversy and shameful behavior ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Thanks Susan. Someone said earlier today, this is obviously no longer a “witchhunt.” The emails, meeting and repeated storychanging mean there is very real concerns and have been all along. Another thing is certain, Junior may not be finished with his storychanging. Keith

  3. It is frightening when a nation of more than 330 million people cannot trust a single thing to come out of their elected officials. It needs to end soon before the damage to our very foundation becomes irreparable. As re: Junior and his meeting, it does not matter whether he received information damaging to Hillary (I suspect he did not) … what matters is intent. As a private citizen, perhaps he broke no law, but as a representative of a candidate? Maybe. And bottom line is that there is no way DDT did not know of that meeting.
    And just as we here in the U.S. cannot trust anything that is said by any member of the administration, our allies have now learned that they, too, cannot trust. DDT is our representative and I have never in my life been more ashamed. I cannot even begin to imagine where this ends, I just hope it ends soon and without bloodshed.
    Excellent post, by the way!

    • Agreed. Our allied and other leaders have quickly learned that Trump’s word is worthless. That was a key point of the Australian journalist scathing review of Trump.

      To me the key purpose of the Junior meeting was to see if he would attend. In doing so, the Russians knew they had compromise to build from. This is modus operandi for Russian influence.

      Based on vignettes that Trump said on the campaign and when he said them, per Gronda’s summary, of course Senior knew. Keith

      • Yes, I am certain you are right about the purpose, from Russia’s standpoint, of the meeting with Junior. And yes, I agree with Gronda also … I’d be more likely to believe in the tooth fairy!

        The Australian journalist you mention … is that Chris Uhlmann? I just came across a video on The Guardian and thought that must be who you were referring to.

      • Jill, Uhlmann is the one. It is interesting that Jared Kushner’s role in data mining is being investigated by the House and Senate, since there is belief that the Russian fake news stories had to know where to target places where HRC was vulnerable. On top of all the lying around this meeting, it may be a bigger smoking gun than first envisioned. I find it interesting his Senior is very nicely starting to throw Junior under the bus. At some point, someone is not going to want to be the fall guy and start telling the truth. Keith

      • Oh yes, he will throw Junior under the bus, tie him to the train tracks, and drop him from a plane if he thinks it will protect himself, for himself is the only person he cares about. Frankly, I think he would throw even his youngest, Barron, under the bus if he thought it would protect him. I have called this man many things over the past two years, but frankly I cannot think of a word to describe the abomination that is Donald Trump.
        I suspect there are so many smoking guns buried ‘neath the detritus that we will never find them all. Sigh.
        And yet, Trump has registered as a candidate for the 2020 election and is already campaigning!

      • Jill, his greatest talent is salesmanship and one of his worst is management, hence the spotty business record. And, spotty Presidency. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: The Wall Street Journal, not known for being a bastion of liberal reporting, has reported that links between Russia and Trump campaign officials date back to 2015. Adding that to the Junior meeting and the reported investigation into Kushner’s digital operation as a tool to focus Russian bots with fake news, and the plot is truly thickening. It should scare Trump that the Mueller’s folks are being very close to the vest as they do their work. Susan Page of the USA Today noted on CBS this morning that the Congressional Committees have known about Junior’s meeting for a few months. I wonder what else they know about?

    • True. Right now Newspapers like these are the bastions of the free press, especially with a President who has such a hard time with the truth.

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