The Great Russian Rationalization

As the retreating lines in the sand continue to be drawn with the lying, denial and story changing, there is an interesting process underway. As the Russian meddling story gets closer to the White House, more than a few so-called news sources and supporters of the President are doing the “Great Russian Rationlization.” Fortunately, there is growing number of conservatives who are realizing the President has been less than truthful to counterbalance the rationalization effort.

Yet, these rationalizing discussions are increasing because of the growing credibility of the Russian meddling story. With the Donald Trump, Jr. emails and meeting with a Russian attorney and investigation into Jared Kushner’s digital data mining role, the story should no longer be downplayed as a witchhunt, the favorite dismissal line of the President. So, these so-called news outlets are openly discussing that collusion may not be a crime, this meeting is just bad judgment, this is not conspiracy, treason and so on.

Attorneys, news agencies and supporters can talk all they want, but if Ronald Reagan were alive, he would rake these folks over the coals. A Watergate prosecutor said on NPR earlier this week, this could be construed as a conspiracy with a foreign entity to accept value in violation of the Federal Elections Campaign Act. The contention by Junior that no services were proffered is moot in the mind of the prosecutor as he went to learn about such.

It should also be noted that Senior’s FBI Director nominee, Christipher Wray said yesterday under oath to a Senate committee that the investigation of Russian meddling is not a “witchhunt” directly refuting the President’s assertion that it is. He supports the effort of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller who he holds in  high regard and calls a “straight shooter.”

Setting aside the Great Russian Rationalization, here is what we know.

– the President is on public record for firing the FBI Director over the “Russian thing.”

– the testimony under oath by former FBI Director James Comey spoke of the President’s coercion to drop looking into the issues related to Michael Flynn.

– the President and several of his team have been confirmed to have lied about Russian meetings during the campaign and transition leading to the firing of Michael Flynn, the recusal of Jeff Sessions from the “Russian thing,” and Junior confirming with his own words that he lied several times about the meeting. Further, the President lied about no one having contact with the Russians.

– the changing stories as information filters out. I refer to this earlier as drawing retreating lines in the sand. Call me crazy, but this gives me the impression of people with something to hide. I would add do not assume Senior or Junior are telling the truth now.

Yet, four things convince me Trump was more than an unwitting pawn in the Russian meddling. He has been embarassingly nonchalant about a major crime against the US by Russia. He has been overtly friendly with the Russian leaders in meetings believing them over the advice of his intelligence community. He has numerous business and financial ties to Russian investors and lenders. And, per six authors who wrote about Trump’s history, the President has a very difficult time with the truth.

My strong advice to legislators who support this President “no matter what” is to remember they swore an oath to the United States of America. And, do they really want to be remembered for blindly supporting a man whose word means so little? To be brutally frank, people can perfume this pig all they want, but to me it looks and smells like conspiratorial acts may been committed. One thing is for certain, this story will not be going away.



15 thoughts on “The Great Russian Rationalization

  1. Good and concise post, Keith! We have been inundated with so much in the past few weeks, especially in the past 5 days, that … at least for me … it is making my head spin. The only thing I can say with absolute certainty is that the entire Trump family should not be believed to matter what they say, and that Trump obtained his title dishonestly. Every new revelation expands the scope of Mueller’s investigation, ensuring that it will take even longer to drill down to the facts of the matter, and thus longer to have the evidence, to have the ducks in a row, to remove Trump from office. Meanwhile, Trump continues to destroy regulations that were intended to protect the public, and continues to browbeat and bully Congress into passing poor legislation that will hurt the public. How long can he remain in office and how much damage can he do during that time … those are the questions bouncing around in my mind …

    • Thanks Jill. It will take time to put the complex case together. It is clear to me and I think other that some shenanigans have gone on. You are right with the his leading the way, there is an assault on the environment, climate, healthcare, financial protection, smokers, people in poverty, etc.

  2. Note to Readers: The President and other supporters are citing how customary it was for Junior to attend this meeting and that anyone would have gone. Every news show I have watched who had experts speak say this is highly unusual. Some opposition research experts said it never happened to them and Russia should have been a huge red flag. But, don’t take their word for it. Trump’s FBI Director nominee, Christopher Wray noted yesterday that he should have immediately contacted the FBI.

    • Janis, more supporters continue to peel off, but he still has a large core. One would think the continual changing of stories would cause some alarm. Earlier this week, a Libertarian news reporters ripped him a new one saying this is unacceptable. In her mind, it showed the President has been lying. Keith

  3. Dear Keith,
    The republican lawmakers who are still enabling DDT is what is shocking to me. The followers resemble a cult to where they will continue to follow him no matter what he does.

    But these republican legislators know better. They are betraying our country, its peoples and every good thing this country represents. Our country is under attack and they are a part of this. They are showing no shame.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, thanks. Your post on some Republicans speaking out is timely and needed. There has to be a point of reckoning where one defends the man based on yesterday’s (or that morning’s) position only to find out he changed the story. This is what happened the badly handled Comey firing. But, that is not isolated.

      I read in Reuters this morning after stating he only recently learned of Junior’s meeting, he said on the plane ride back, he might have been told earlier, but did not know what it was about.

      When you lie as much as he does, it is hard to keep track of them. As he found out when he relented a gave a deposition in one case, the other attorney got him to admit to 30 lies.


  4. Note to Readers: I am witnessing false equivalents to Hillary Clinton in defense of Senior and Junior. First, Clinton is not President. Trump is. Second, the Russian cyber-warfare group which is guided by Putin, but operates at a distance, hacked our election with bots, trolls, and fake news stories, some of which were repeated by candidate Trump (a good example is the story where Google searches favored Clinton – that was Russian plant of a discredited story). The Russians are and will do this again and, the next time it my be against a candidate you like.

    Third, the President is nonchalant about this occurrence. This is serious business and he won’t say it is important – why?

    Fourth, the President, his son, Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Carter Page, Jared Kushner et all have lied and changed their stories, often multiple times. Why?

    We need to know the answers as we cannot have a President who is compromised with a harmful adversary. Keith


  5. Note to Readers: I just watched Mark Shields and David Brooks on PBS Newshour recap the week. They both said Senior and Junior are devoid of a sense of ethics or moral reservation, believing that Junior did nothing wrong in taking this meeting. Plus, they noted that Senior can no longer be given the benefit of the doubt. Brooks quoted fellow pundit Ross Douthat who said this week, “every time you give Donald Trump, the benefit of the doubt, he will disappoint you.” And, he cited Michael Gerson who said in view of Trump’s win at all costs mantra, “if you make losing a sin, then cheating can become sacrosanct.”

    It should be noted that Brooks, Gerson and Douthat join George Will and Charles Krauthammer as conservatives who are critical of this man in the White House.

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