Notable Notaries

The other day presented an opportunity to witness a terrific slice of Americana. “Witness” is the operative word, as my sister and I needed to sign nine closing documents in front of a notary and two witnesses, who also happened to be notaries all of whom worked at our bank.

What fascinated me as I was driving to send by Fedex the documents to the attorney, is the realization of the demographic make up of our legal witnesses. While all female, one was an American whose accent reflected an Eastern Europe upbringing. The second was an American of Mideastern heritage, while the third was an African-American.

To me, this moment of reflection made me proud to be an American. Our melting pot of immigrants makes our country a great place. To be hyper-critical of immigrants and people who do not look like you do tears at the fabric that makes us great.

For our President to convey a message that some people are more American than others is hogwash. Another’s rights are just as important as mine, not more or less. That is what makes America great not running down others who some feel are less a citizen than they are.


28 thoughts on “Notable Notaries

  1. Dear Keith,
    I am like you. I find it exciting to live in an area where I see folks from all parts of the world. What makes this country great is what DDT and his ilk are trying to destroy.
    Hugs, Gronda

    • Quite true. Putting it in just economic terms for our businessman President, if we limit our pool of intellectual capital and do not nurture idea creation from all sources, we end up with a smaller economy. The same holds true with our culture, where diversity has a chance to make us more interesting and holistic.

  2. Note to Readers: This diverse group of notaries reminds me of the two separate meetings, one at the Sierra Club, and one at interfaith group monthly meeting where a rabbi, priest and imam spoke of each of their scriptures advising us to take care of our environment. The second meeting was joined by a Baptist minister. Again, this diversity makes me proud of being an American.

  3. nice story, keith i hope that your family business is all settled – tending to paperwork via proper legal channels is never one’s favorite task, but it’s refreshing when those matters are handled by lovely people of various ethnic backgrounds.

    i see that in ecuador a lot, and i often wonder how the various family trees connect back to different countries… sometimes the facial bones offer strong clues. the melting pot gives us amazing cultural differences, and its in the world’s best interest to embrace all – especially those who have peace in their hearts.

    may the rest of your weekend go well.

    • Lisa, you are so kind to remember and connect the two. Yes, this was the final transaction and we look to get a check for selling the remnants of my mother’s house this week. It will be nice to have those issues put to bed.

      As for your melting pot there, it is fascinating to see where folks originated. Before I retired, I worked with folks around the globe which was fun. It made for better storytelling around the dinner table. When I had a colleague who was born in South Africa come to town, he joined my wife, a friend of hers and me to go to dinner and a jazz concert. It is nice to hear people’s story. Thanks for involving me in yours. Keith

      • I definitely remember all you’ve been through, and yes, this last detail helps you and your family move forward.. I remember when I was in my 20’s i once stopped by my grandmother’s home and asked the ‘next’ owner if it would be ok to step inside for ‘old time’s sake.’ The house still had the aroma I remembered from my very early years..
        I hope that the people who bought your mother’s home will honor hermemory….

      • Thanks Lisa. What a great story about the lingering aroma of your grandmother’s house. We are so happy to have this chapter closed. It has been an ordeal, with the fire from lightning destroying much of the roof and house. I am glad my mother did not have to see her house this way. She and Dad were so proud of it. Thanks again, Keith

      • Lisa, I am sorry to hear that. It is good he was spared that memory. It is hard to get that smell out of your mind. My wife’s family home went up in flames as well, but her parents had to witness it. Losing photos and mementos was tough for my wife. Keith

      • Even though the landmarks are gone, the pleasant memories stay alive in our hearts…
        I hope that this next year brings you and your family many smiles…. you’ve had enough challenges to write a new chapter of Job…

      • Sometimes it seems – for me – that the devil’s lurking around the corner and saying, ‘You just think she’s a nice person.. let me get finished with her, and I’ll own her soul…’… thankfully the story of Job helps me smirk and say, ‘Try harder, Satan.’

        Hope your week goes well!

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