Ides of July – the heat is on

Summer is in full force here in the Northern Hemisphere. If I don’t get my yard work started before Noon, it is not happening. I worked through 12:30 pm today and am a worn out camper.

Speaking of heat, the Senior and Junior Donald are feeling the heat right now. More than a few conservative reporters, pundits and legislators are concerned over Junior’s zeal to collude with Russia and his evasive storytelling. As Charles Krauthammer noted in his column, the ability for Senior to claim this is a media and Democrat witchhunt is now over.

Continuing with the theme of heat, a large chunk of Antarctica sea ice fell into the ocean. The fact that it was the size of Rhode Island should be a wake up call. Melting sea ice won’t directly increase sea level, but the buffer it provided to land ice is gone. And, as land ice melts, it will become a problem for sea levels. The best description I heard is the sea ice melting is like losing the white edge of your finger nail exposing the more painful parts.

Finally, please provide more heat on Republican Senators before they pass one of the more unpopular and damaging pieces of legislation to repeal and replace the ACA. Not only will the CBO score this poorly, but it is opposed by the National Governors Association, the American Hospital Association, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the American Cancer Society and AARP to name a few. I encourage these Senators to work with Democrats to improve the ACA, which is the preferred choice of the American public.

If the Republicans pass this into law, they have not seen the heat it will bring on their party. This law will harm Americans and the party who passes it.


21 thoughts on “Ides of July – the heat is on

  1. Note to Readers: With the theme of heat, climate change heating up the planet is causing a problem with air travel. The hotter the temperature the lighter the planes must be to obtain full take off. In Phoenix last month, when temperatures hit 120 Fahrenheit, the big Jets were grounded.

  2. Hi, Keith! Need to do some work in the garden too today but at least it cooled down due to the rainfalls of the past days. Thank you for your reports always. Sorry, if I don’t always leave a comment. But I appreciate it. Just wanted you to know! Happy Sunday to you!

  3. Note to Readers: The City of Charleston, SC will be investing $100 million to raise the Battery Park area 2 1/2 feet due to expected sea level rise. This beautiful area of architecture has been religiously protected over the years. For this city that values history so much, to embark down this path, speaks volumes. This message must be heard and heeded.

  4. Dear Keith,

    There is a lot of heat going on. I worry that as this heat continues to intensify that some will become compliant and complacent with this new normal, which is not normal in any way. I was reading a report that almost 50% of republicans doubt that US democratic institutions were indeed hacked by Russia during 2015-2016.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, I fully understand your point, but Junior’s meeting and the lying surrounding it have served up the President’s Waterloo. To me, it has been only a matter of time dating back to his firing of Comey and the appointment of Mueller.

      This week we have seen more than a few pundits, reporters and legislators see the President with an appropriate lens. The trickle will increase with other Republicans who have tended to believe the President following suit. As for his ardent base, it will take more time and many may never see the President for who he is, but some will.


      • Gronda, I saw a news report that echoed your fear. While the President’s approval rating has fallen to 36%, he still has the rock solid support of his base and too many Republicans. The reporter noted Krauthammer, Will, etc. have been against him, so their opinion is discounted. He also noted Republicans in Congress have even lower ratings, so if they come out against Trump, their opinion is discounted.

        With that said the chinks in the wall are growing. The sad matter it will take more time than would otherwise be necessary. As we have speculated for many months, I believe this President is up to his eyeballs in this mess. Keith

  5. Yes, it is hot … in more ways than one, as you point out. Temps here are normal … mid-to-upper 80s, but the humidity is stifling. Take care out in the yard! My yard consists of a 2′ x 6′ plot of dirt in front of my apartment which is overgrown with sunflowers, lilies and other types of flowers. It actually looks like a colourful jungle, but it brings me pleasure and only requires a bit of watering in the mornings.

    I hope that you are right about the latest in the Russian escapade being Trump’s Waterloo. I agree, but have concerns because nothing else has stuck to him yet … he seems to be Teflon-coated, and I fear he will find a way to slither out of this also.

    The health ‘care’ bill … I was thrilled to hear that the governors of most states are against it, and was disgusted by the administrations attempts to bully them. Since it has been postponed until McCain returns to active duty, I suppose that gives them more time to rally the troops, but I hope it fails miserably … or even by 1 vote. Actually, I wish there were a way to force them to vote this week, with McCain out, whereby it would be guaranteed to fail! 🙂

  6. In recent yrs the Republicans have led charmed lives regarding heat.  They do stupid things like crashing the economy and shutting down the government, they take a lot of heat in the opinion polls at the time, and then they get elected again anyway, after a few months have gone by.  The modern 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse (voter amnesia; vote suppression; dark $; fake news that sometimes has vodka breath) keep riding to their rescue.  If they do pass TrumpCare, maybe the resulting pain to real people will be so intense and long-lasting that they finally take heat when it counts, on Election Day.

  7. Note to Readers: If true, it looks like AG Jeff Sessions perjured himself in front of a Senate committee. After first omitting that he met with the Russian ambassador, he said that they did not talk about the Trump campaign.

    It has now been reported the CIA picked up conversations between the Russian ambassador and Moscow that he and Sessions did talk about the campaign. The President is focusing on the leaks, but Americans need to step back and ask why are these leaks occurring – it just might be the leakers are tired of the blatant lying going on by their leaders.

    The sad truth is this will give Trump the reason to fire Sessions and put another stooge in his place to do his bidding to control Mueller.

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