Tuesday’s Gone with the Wind

With a shout out to one of my favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd’s songs “Tuesday’s Gone with the Wind,” here are a few tidbits for this Tuesday.

It should not be lost on anyone that two of the biggest players in wind energy are two of the largest manufacturing companies in the world – Siemens and GE. With Iowa at almost 1/3 of its electricity provided by wind and oil rich Texas at 13% and the largest US wind energy state, this is much more than a breeze and just shy of a gale.

What the ranchers and farmers in the Midwest and in other areas have learned, is leasing their land to wind mills earns annual income and let’s them continue to use the land. In North Carolina, for example, one farmer leased his farm for eleven wind mills for annual income of $55,000. With the variability of profit margin associated with working the land, this adds some stability.

Thinking of a different kind of wind, the Senate leader is a particularly blowhard. Now, that the third effort to revise the Senate ACA repeal and replace has fallen apart, he is still reluctant to take the more appropriate path. Rather than working with all members of the Senate following normal procedure for legislation, he now is talking about a full repeal vote, without replacement. Not only is that malfeasance in my view, it runs contrary to the wishes of most Americans. The fact the President suggested it does not improve the veracity of the idea.

Folks, please pay attention to the good and bad things happening. We can no longer assume our elected leaders will act with the necessary diligence and stewardship.




21 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Gone with the Wind

  1. Dear Keith,
    I may have gone too far is responding to a couple of comments on Jill’s site. I wish there was an edit bottom where we had a short time to rewrite something.

    Back on topic, I now suspect that Senator Mitch McConnell maybe deliberately following the president’s instructions with the full knowledge that any attempt to repeal the ACA outright will fail. I watched him speaking awhile back where his thinking was that any replacement plan for the ACA should be a bi-partisan one.

    His own State of KY would suffer bigly if the repeal were to pass.

    Wind energy is the future, not fossil fuel.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, I have not seen the comments and will take a look. I sure hope this bid for full repeal fails. It should. The CBO said 32 million would lose coverage. Keith

    • You’re fine, Gronda … I read your replies and they were quite apt. rawgod is not a friend … he is sometimes malicious, vulgar, and I was happy to see you respond. Jamie is … just Jamie. He’s a good sort, but sometimes he goes too far. Always feel free to comment on anything you see on any of my posts. 🙂 Hugs!!!

    • Hugh, I agree. I am reading “Cilmate of Hope” about how cities are doing some heavy lifting on battling climate change. It is worth the read. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I encourage American readers who agree with my comment on the possible repeal only vote to call their Senators. I spoke with my Senators via a voicemail and through an aide to not vote to repeal without a replacement. I strongly suggested following normal process for bills and working with Democrats to repair the ACA. This is what Senator McConnell and the President should have done from the outset. Keith

  3. Love this post, Keith! From what I am hearing, the efforts to repeal without replacing are also doomed to fail, which is fine with me. Trump is referring to all Democratic senators, and the 4 Republicans who said they would vote against as being “disloyal”. But wait … isn’t their loyalty supposed to be to We The People, not to megalomaniac Trump? And the fact that he says, “let Obamacare fail and then they (Democrats) will come begging” just shows how little regard or compassion he has for the very people who put him in office. Are we surprised?

    The answer is, indeed, blowing in the wind, and despite his best efforts to throw a wrench in the works, I think at this point there are more companies and people committed to clean, renewable energy than Trump believes.

    Yes, we need to keep our eyes on the ball, contact our representatives and Senators, and remain vigilant, for as he loses more and more battles, I look for him to become ever more vicious.

    • Jill, Senator Capito, a female Senator from WVa joined Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins in saying no to a repeal only vote. Capito said something that Donald Trump may never understand. She said “I did not come here to hurt people.” I think it is a violation of public trust to not step in to to help and worse, like what Marco Rubio did to make the ACA less successful. Trump should be embarassed for his position on this. Keith

      • Yes, I read about Senator Capito’s comment earlier and applaud her for taking this stand. Why aren’t the rest of them? Oh yes — money & greed.

        I agree that Trump should be embarrassed for his stand, for his rhetoric, for his blatant disregard for the citizens of this nation. But Keith … let’s fact it … there have been a thousand times in the past two years that the ‘man’ should have been embarrassed, but wasn’t. He wasn’t embarrassed when his comments about groping women were made public. He wasn’t embarrassed by the story he made up in his feeble mind about Obama ‘wiretapping’ him. He hasn’t been embarrassed by all his downright mean statements toward women, democrats, Hillary, Obama … I think that absolutely nothing embarrasses him. Ergo … he has no values, no morals, so how can we possibly trust him to look after our best interests?

      • Jill, I can’t disagree with you. This man has no shame in saying he will help people and then do the opposite. At his inaugural speech, everything will be to help the common man and within two hours he signs an executive order to repeal a planned mortgage premium reduction that would have helped over a million common man mortgage holders who had to buy mortgage insurance since they could not put enough down on the house. Being a real estate tycoon, he knew exactly who he was screwing over. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: I have read that many Republican Senators do not have a good understanding who Medicaid covers, meaning over 30 million kids. I watched a Senator from Mississippi botch a question along those lines tonight.

      • Jill, I believe one of the reasons Trump reversed course after a day of saying “let it fail,” is the ACA is showing signs of stabilizing. And, he just cannot have that. It still needs several improvements, but I found that interesting. Keith

      • Very interesting indeed. And now I hear he is bullying the Senate to re-visit the failed bill … bullying those who stand against it to change their minds. My mother used to have a saying, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”. Seems Trump could learn a thing or two from that.

      • Jill, I am hopeful the Senators won’t take too kindly to bullying by someone who knows so little about the topic. As for his sales approach, he is the caricature of the worst approach to a successful sales strategy – promise anything to get the order, regardless of whether you can deliver. This is a reason he has a hard time managing as he cannot meet his promises. Keith

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