Around the world in one hundred eighty days

The US President has just completed his first six months in office and his 180 days have been a lengthy and chaotic affair. Each week has seen bizarre story after another and, just when it looks like we can go no lower, the President can slip under an even lower limbo bar.

The sad part is he not only affects the US, he has created an untrustworthy relationship with pretty much every leader around the globe. Even leaders who are on his side likely do not trust the man as far as they could throw him. Conservative writer Ross Douthat wrote recently, “as soon as you give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt, he will disappoint you.”

A recent Pew Research Poll of 37 countries said trust in the President has fallen from 64% with Obama to 22% with Trump, a fall of 42 points. Think about that. Pulling out of agreements like the Paris Climate Change Accord and having to be shamed into fully supporting NATO reveal a man whose words do not mean that much. As a result, neither does our word as a country.

This is a key reason we try to honor earlier commitments. But, with Trump saying everything done before is a “disaster,” he feels he has to prove it by destroying it. As a result, other leaders may choose to work with more dependable countries.

Finally, when he layers in his destructive tweets, he seems to forget or not care that his tweets maybe contradictory to earlier statements made in person with another leader. The sophomoric tweeting is not enabling good governance.

So, until he is removed from office, we will have to suffer with the world. God only knows what the next 180 days will bring.

15 thoughts on “Around the world in one hundred eighty days

  1. Given the events and news of the past 48 hours, I don’t think we can afford another 180 days of this escalating chaos. We are heading rapidly toward a place we do not need to go …

    • Jill, and the next 48 hours will likely have more negative news from the man. Firing Comey was a huge mistake as is belittling his allies. When more people start saying things under oath or fall apart under questioning, things will get ugly. Mueller is unnerving him by saying very little. Trump’s interview with the NY Times was a mistake, in my view as he offers up more contradictory nuggets. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I should have added a concern I have had since Trump won the nomination. I feared he would make the US a pariah in the world. To me, it was easy to predict from his history and campaign statements. Everything is transactional to Trump, so morality is not really s major factor as his sense of morality is low. So, words and truth are commodities. Sadly, he is has pulled America away from the leadership position of the western world and is heading us toward being an outlier. It will be up to others to restrict his negative influence on the world.

  3. Dear Keith,

    This is one of the reasons that I’m so sorry that Senator McCain is suffering from ill health. Because he is well connected enough, he has been meeting with several world leaders to offer assurance that DDT is an aberrant event and the USA is still the same country that they have known.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Linda, I am digesting the word interesting, which he is. But, it is more like watching a horror movie where the audience is screaming for the doomed actors not to go down that path. Keith

      • Of course, in this movie, Frankenstein has a comb over. This reminds me the ghost author of Trump’s “The Art of the Deal,” is called Dr. Frankenstein by his publisher as he made the story too compelling thereby creating a monster.

  4. Note to Readers: We have an opportunity to change the arc of relationships with countries for many years, especially countries like Iran and Cuba with youthful demographics. Yet, just because Obama did it, he is restricting the great inroads with both. What he did with Cuba was foolish as economists said it is like adding a 51st state. Iran has a median age of 35, so we could alter our future with them in a huge way.

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