A Beleaguered President

In his public attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the incumbent has given us the perfect word to define his Presidency. Beleaguered.

The beleaguered President has done more to undermine his own veracity than anyone else could possibly muster. His worst enemy is the man-child that looks back at him from the mirror when he shaves. And, man-child is the appropriate description.

The beleaguered President spoke to a large gathering of Boy Scouts. Yet, the key messaging of the key-note speaker was not one of honor, trustworthiness and service, it was one of lying, cheating, name-calling. It also included a healthy dose of braggadocio. The far more honorable part of the equation was in the audience, not behind the dais.

This man-child has a multitude of reasons why he should have never been elected. Those reasons continue as President. This is even before we see what he has done as President to make the US a less trustworthy country and what he is likely to have done with Russian influences to get elected.

Yet, two items should stick out which are examples of his character. He fired James Comey and announced to news sources before telling Comey was fired. That is extremely poor form.

The second is how he is bad mouthing Sessions in public. Mind you, Sessions is no day at the beach in my view, but he is being bullied into resigning. The adage of praise in public and criticize in private is lost on this man-child. The President asks for loyalty, but offers known in return. Per an attorney who worked for him, this is modus operandi. And, make no mistake, if his son or son-in-law become a liability, he will jettison them.

My hope is Robert Mueller will complete his work and find the trail of money, which makes the beleaguered President nervous. And, it should not be lost on anyone that the Senate and House have passed bills with only single digit dissent to sanction Russia and restrict the President’s ability to change them. That says loudly and clearly, “we do not trust you.” Neither should we.

28 thoughts on “A Beleaguered President

  1. Note to Readers: I was less impressed with Jared Kushner’s speech than some, as I found him too smug and choreographed. He painted over missteps much too easily and flippantly. But, the one thing that showed he is a true son-in-law of Trump, is he blamed his aide for his misrepresentations of his many meetings and assets. It is easy to remember when Trump is caught red handed, how he blames other people for giving him the wrong information or for their failure. It was Hillary Clinton’s fault Trump accused Obama of being foreign born over several years and many times.

    Paraphrasing Harry Truman, on Trump and Kushner’s minds, the buck stops somewhere else.

    • Dear Keith,
      You’ve got his number. Jared Kushner thinks he pulled the wool over the eyes of Congress, but he just set himself up for the slaughter by Mr. Mueller.

      Jared Kushner in 2015 did a major multi-million dollar deal with the business partner of Denis Katsyv, the Russian owner of Cyprus-based Prevezon Holdings, of which Natalia Veselnitskaya is the attorney of record.

      He is prevaricating and he’ll be hanging himself.

      Hugs, Gronda

      • Thanks. His history indicates nefarious dealings. Plus, we need to remember he bought a small newspaper in NYC where he would order revenge type articles on adversaries. A choir boy he is not.

  2. Like you, I hope that Robert Mueller is able to complete his investigation, as there is not a doubt in my mind that Trump and nearly everybody closely associated with him are guilty to one extent or another of aiding and abetting the Russian interference into our election. That said, it is obvious that Trump is making every possible effort to shut down the investigation. I cannot predict whether he will be successful or not … much depends on Congress at this point, and I do not trust the republicans in Congress to take their collective heads out of the sand. He is, indeed, a man-child, but dangerous, nonetheless.

    • And I forgot … as re: Jeff Sessions … I do not like him, think he was a lousy choice for AG, BUT … right now I would very much like him to stay in that position, for if he leaves and Trump then puts either Giuliani or Cruz in the position of AG, the investigation will no doubt be beheaded. So for now … Sessions makes a good placeholder, so to speak. Twisted logic? Sure, but these are twisted times.

      • To your point, Breitbart who loves Sessions is angry with the President. Sessions has been carrying the discrimination banner for the far right. When Trump goes, we will also be left with Pence who promotes discrimination.

      • That is true, and for that very reason, I do NOT like Pence either. However, I think (hope) that he is at least a more rational being and therefore slightly less dangerous for not only the US, but the entire globe. I really wish that, in light of the fact the election was not a fair and honest one, we could just hold a new election, but … that won’t happen.

      • Jill, maybe, when Trump is impeached, Pence would appoint John Kasich as VP. The only way I could see Trump resigning would be to say the process is unfair. Keith

      • I’m with you … I don’t look for him to resign at all … his ego is far too big (and fragile) for that. Kasich is a decent guy, I think. Probably not far enough to the right for Pence, though.

  3. Making enemies in business is one thing you can surround yourself with lawyers and new companies and the ordinary folk do not really care.
    Making enemies in politics, the Real World is unavoidable, but a true professional plays that situation as an astute card or chess player.
    I am writing a less than serious history of the Isles which make up Wales, England, Ireland and Scotland, however this does require some serious research and there are parallels with your current incumbent and weak kings: The lashing out, the self-pity, the willingness to employ the inept because they agree as opposed to the professional who gives out the hard choices.
    Unless this fellow learns his lessons he will be nothing but a foot-note in history to be ridiculed or harshly judged by later generations and there will be nothing he can do about it.

    • Roger, egalitarian leaders are too rare. This US incumbent has so many character flaws that cause his own demise. He cannot stay out of his own way and has a history of shady dealings, with or without Russians. Shakespeare could write an updated play that would have the same level of intrigue as “Hamlet.” Keith

  4. Note to Readers: It has taken less than a week for the new Communication Strategist to the White House to reveal that he was not the wisest choice. A strategist should be steeped in communication experience, not one prone to shoot from the hip and not one who does not appreciate a modicum of protocol. Ron Christie, who worked in the younger Bush White House, shared these concerns before the week started and that the position should not report directly to the President, especially this one. He was prescient in seeing the pool fight caused between the communications director and chief of staff. The problem is the lifeguard cannot control himself much less the two feuding children.

  5. This man knows nothing of loyalty, honor, truth, or dignity. He cares only about whatever tickles his fancy from moment to moment. Truly, as many have said, the moral fiber of a 2-year old.

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