The President and Congress own Obamacare

I have written often about the imperfect Affordable Care Act and ways to improve it. I have written often about the Republicans role in sabatoging the ACA making premiums even higher by not funding promised payments to insurers for adverse selection as well as naysaying the law and not expanding Medicaid in 19 states.

This sabatoge continues under this President who says the ACA is in a death spiral. It is hurting in many areas, but stabilizing in others. He said he wants to let it implode and then fix it.

Mr. President, that is not good enough. You are threatening to cease further promised payments to insurance companies which will harm people. You see, what you and Congress fail to realize is you own Obamacare. If it fails, it is on your watch. And, to be frank the significant majority of Americans and the press do not recognize the role you played in hamstringing the imperfect law.

My strong advice is to do what is necessary thinking of its patients and users. Those Americans out there deserve your best efforts to help them. Watching the ACA fail after you greased the skids is extremely poor form and uncaring. It is that simple. Fix the ACA. That is what is done to laws that need it to help people.

38 thoughts on “The President and Congress own Obamacare

  1. I think this man could care less about the welfare of we the people. He will completely sabotage healthcare out of revenge. The GOP does own the outcome of their actions. Hats off to McCain and the two lady Senators who proved to have more balls than the cowards who shut them
    Out of the process.

    • Holly, you are so right. Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and John McCain helped many Americans and saved the Republican Party from itself. The features of these bills were thrown against a wall to see what stuck, not following normal process.

      The President’s true colors are showing as he would rather win than help millions of Americans. And, actually play a part in screwing them as did the Republican senators before him.


      • In addition, he feels free to publicly shame and ridicule people of his party/cabinet or sic his yard dog Scaramucci on the job. No class whatsoever.

      • Holly, it is the old build yourself up by tearing others down strategy. It has never been endearing no matter who does it. Your last line says it all. Keith

  2. The President and all of Congress must remember that they serve the citizens of a representative democracy, not some obscenely rich and powerful minority. Wasn’t that what 1776 was all about? Anyway, it’s very satisfying that war hero McCain had the opportunity to make a stand that stymied Trump’s Republican health care “plan.”

    • JoAnn … you are absolutely correct. With all the posturing and bickering in Congress and the temperamental fool in the White House, it is We The People who are being left out of the equation. I like to think that we will remind them soon enough, but meanwhile how many more times will they attempt to sabotage our safety, our health, and our overall well-being?

      • JoAnn, his berating his allies is a strange strategy for a man in trouble. When the impeachment vote occurs, he will have even fewer friends. Again, the way he is acting is commensurate the way he has always acted. Keith

    • JoAnn, you are so right. The Senators who voted for these three failed bills knew they would harm from 15 to 32 million Americans and were unpopular by a large margin. But they voted for them anyway. Stewardship be damned they just had to beat back Obamacare. The President was even worse – he did not know what they did nor did he care to learn. Keith

  3. Y’know, Keith … I honestly believe that the single driving factor in Trump’s absolute insistence, his temper tantrums, rants and threats, is because the ACA was President Obama’s legacy, is commonly referred to as Obamacare, and it is driving Trump to the edge. Nothing … absolutely NOTHING else matters but that he get rid of ACA, no matter what the cost to the 300 million+ people who he is supposedly representing and in whose best interest he is supposed to be acting. All for his ego, nothing more.

    • Jill, I wish I could say you were wrong, but I believe you are 100% correct. In his efforts to pat himself on the back and demean predecessors and others, he must rid himself of other’s achievements. The only way he will get to Mount Rushmore is to visit. Keith

      • I have heard the term “God-complex” many times in my life, but was never quite clear of the meaning until the last year or so … Trump is the epitome, the definition of a God-complex!

      • Jill, I just read an article about white supremacists gathering in Tennessee. They say things like “Hail Trump.” Plus these is a subset of the Reddit website that refers to him as the “God Emperor.”

        Here is a man who has made his fortune screwing over people, many the common man. To avoid paying thousands of invoices to hard worker contractors saying the all gave bad service is telling.

        Thanks for your comment, Keith

      • How awful!!! I had not heard about that gathering, but will check it out this afternoon. What next — a resurgence of the KKK? Any other prez would speak out harshly against such activity, but not Trump. Never Trump. 😦

      • Jill, I hate to tell you, but there has been a resurgence in the KKK thanks to the empowerment of this President. I was listening to NPR this morning about how social media has enabled white supremacists find kindred spirits worldwide. Keith

    • I believe that Egyptian Kings and Roman Emperors liked to knock their predecessor’s heads off statues and replace with their own. And Trump’s talk of adding his big head to the Mount Rushmore Group is likely an Indicator that he means to eradicate any and all legacies of previous presidencies.

      • Colette, very interesting historical tidbit. I have never been a fan of a President trashing his predecessor, even when it is more warranted. They have a hard job. With that said, we have the most fragile of egos in the White House (a weak and whiny man per Peggy Noonan of the WSJ), so he cannot stand to be unfavorably compared to anyone. So, he attacks. Keith

      • On a rather similar note, Colette, I have frequently thought about the life-size picture of himself that he purchased with funds from his so-called charity, and thought how fun it would be to draw Hitler-esque moustaches on it! Perhaps black out a tooth, draw a black eye … πŸ˜€ The equivalent of knocking the head off his statue!

      • Jill, I think the life size picture and how it was purchased are good examples of large ego and small ethics. I do think we must avoid stooping to Trump’s level in discourse, so blackening on his teeth does that. His GOP presidential rivals did so and lost, with Marco Rubio coming to mind.

        I realize that there are very few people who deserve less respect than he does, but we must focus on his untruths and unethical, poor and maybe criminal actions. He thrives in a gutter fight as he need not have to study for it. Keith

      • I know, my friend. And I wouldn’t do it, but sometimes it’s just fun to think about once in a while. πŸ™‚ But you are quite right in that we must hold ourselves above the fray and not stoop to the level of the trumpeters. As Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high”. I try to remind myself of that … perhaps I should print it in big, red letters and hang a copy in every room πŸ™‚

      • Jill, it is so easy to fall into that trap. As my Administrative Assistant would say instead of cursing, “Bad word, bad word.” Keith

  4. I’ve been out of touch for more than a week internet-wise. Now that I’m home, I’m amazed at how little has change except the players. ACA still here, White House still looking for scapegoats, circular firing squad still cocked and ready, Republican party still trying to convince themselves that all is normal. I don’t know why I was hoping for more, but I was.

    • Janis, I read this morning that this was the President’s worst week, yet that seems to be a trend where each week is worse than the first. To me, the beginning of the end began in May, when he fired Comey. Yet, for Republicans, this past week may be the beginning of the end. He is in meltdown mode and fewer are listening to his childish threats and taunts. Keith

  5. Dear Keith,
    You and Jill have the picture. DDT is so jealous of President Obama, It is eating him up. The military transgender reversal had to do with this being President Obama’s directive.Obamacare was President Obama’s signature bill. He will never measure up to President Obama’s standards. In his sick mind, he can’t stand that the uppity Black man has him beat in every category that one measures a decent man by. And he certainly didn’t get as large a crowd at his inauguration. It wasn’t even close.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, while Fox News has argued to the contrary, President Obama, while not perfect, will be remembered as a pretty good President. With that said, unwinding his decisions needs to be done very selectively. Keith

  6. I try to keep my allegories and comparisons at low key as sometimes they can be like throwing a lighted match into summer heat and wind blown dry forest tinder; however using a military parallel (bit of a history buff) I feel there are parallels between your incumbent and ACA and Hitler and Stalingrad. He seems obsessed with the achievement and never mind the consequences.

      • Agreed. People here throw that analogy around because of lazy and unsupported arguments. The ACA has been compared to slavery, Apartheid and Nazism by its opponents. It isn’t perfect, but helping people is Nazism?

      • And socialism of course.
        But indeed folk throw these around without thinking and display a crass ignorance of the truth of the word they are using.
        A common fault on both the ignorant and emotionally argumentative wings of both Right and Left

      • Quite true. Many in America would find it surprising we are not a pure capitalistic economic model here. We are a fettered capitalistic model with socialism underpinnings. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps are all socialistic programs.

      • I think the better ones are a mix. Dependant on the culture and the history of the nation, some with a bit more to the socialist, some a bit more to the capitalist. But history suggests (despite my emotional ties to the far/hard-left) that a mix with a measure of consensus works best of all.
        (And as midnight creeps around in the UK- so to bed)
        Best wishes Keith

  7. Note to Readers: To indicate why I wrote this post, the President is using the American people’s health to extort Congress into acting to finish the repeal and replace job. He said he would not pay the insurance companies amounts owed them calling them “bailouts.” Senator Collins corrected him saying these are not bailouts.

    The amounts the President is referring to are amount to pay for deductibles and coinsurance for people in need. They are certainly not bailouts. They are even more basic than the unfunded commitments on adverse risk acceptance.

    So, I want to say this clearly. The President of the United States wants to screw poor people who have additional subsidies under the ACA, so the Republicans in the Senate can repeal and replace the ACA to screw more poor people. Thank you Mr. President for your help with the common man. Many of these folks being screwed voted for this man for help.

    • Susan, the President measures stuff by transactions not success in helping people. He wants to check a box. Yet, we need him to do no harm and he is a bull in a china shop. Keith

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