Rainy Days and Mondays

One of the sweetest voices came out of Karen Carpenter, especially as she sang “rainy days and Monday’s always get me down.” The Mooch is feeling pretty down on this Monday and even Karen’s voice cannot make him feel better.

You may have heard that the President’s “gotta have” strategic communication director, Anthony Scaramucci, has left the building after only ten days of tumult and profanity. General Kelly, the new Chief of Staff, must have rightfully had a condition of his acceptance to get rid of this grossly negligent hiring mistake.

Not that I am a fan of Sean Spicer, but in a Shakespearean plot twist, Spicer was asked to prepare the communication for Scaramucci’s departure. So, the plot has come full circle in such a short time.

The irony of all this is the cause of all of this chaos and incompetence remains. Everyone is saying the White House needs more discipline, but the person who needs it most is the one at the top. Kelly will do what he can and has already made a necessary move, but his mission is difficult.

The President just completed the worst week of his Presidency. But, to be truthful many weeks before have been given that title only to see the President sink lower.

Now, the President wants to defund insurance companies of the ACA subsidies not fully realizing that he is hurting Americans in need. Or, maybe he does know and just doesn’t care.

Folks, it is well past the bewitching hour on this President. He won’t resign as his ego won’t let him, but he desperately needs to for the good of the country. Because as Scarlett O’Hara used to say, “Tomorrow is another day,” and under this President seven tomorrow’s make a new worst week in his Presidency.

33 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Mondays

  1. This news made my day! Mooch got just what he deserved, and it is indicative that Kelly is not going to put up with all the chaos. But, as you said, the real problem is at the top, and it is unlikely that even Kelly can calm that one down. I was … am … actually expecting a week as bad as, if not worse than last week because … Trump is angry, and an angry Trump is like a mad hornet. But at least the week started with a good move. I imagine Spicer took some pleasure in writing that press release! In fact, he may have been chuckling the whole time! πŸ™‚

      • Yes, technically he was fired a couple of weeks before he even started! I wonder if that might make the Guinness Book of Records? πŸ™‚

      • Jill, maybe someone experienced in communication just might have been a consideration by the President. With that said, he made a governor the director of the Department of Energy. Keith

      • True, and thus far, most of his appointments have been about as unqualified for their positions as possible. I don’t know why we keep expecting him to do something right for a change πŸ˜€

      • Jill, while I said back in November we should give him a chance, my expectations were low. Then, he started filling his team out with the likes of Bannon, Pruitt, Perry, Sessions, etc. and it showed my expectations were still too high. To be frank, he has been worse than I expected, not just with the policies, but with the chaos and incompetence and diminishing our global standing. Keith

      • Well, Keith …. you are not alone. You tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. But even in my wildest imaginings, I had no idea it would be this bad. He has basically broken everything he has touched and like you, at least daily I shake my head and wonder how we came to this point and where it ends. Nobody, I think, realized to what depths he would sink in order to assert his power, his will. Let us hope we can quickly contain the damage.

      • The sad part is you pay attention to what is happening, while far too many don’t or get a biased and even disinformed view that he is doing great and it is fake news that he is not. The tide is turning, but it needs to happen at a faster pace. Kelly will do his best to corral the beast, but it will only take one incident to set him off. The Russian sanction bill he just signed may be the next lightning rod.

      • Yes, I see Congress becoming tired of his tirades and unreasonableness, but as you said, too slowly. The sanctions bill or his steak not being cooked quite to his liking could set him off at any time. His volatility is perhaps the most concerning thing. He truly operates with the mentality of a toddler. Fasten your seatbelt, for the ride will likely get wilder before it settles.

    • Rob, well if he keeps on doing the heavy lifting for Robert Mueller, it may be sooner rather than later. He hires all of these advisors that told him to be transparent with the Junior and Russia meeting, then he ignores them and writes a false statement for Junior. Maybe we should focus on his poor judgment as much as his poor character and lying. Keith

      • Rob, the GOP would have been adversarial to Clinton, but she is a competent public servant. As a NY Senator she was well regarded and she was a relentless Secretary of State. Plus, by being female with s focus on the rights of women and girls, our global reputation would have been enhanced instead of diminished as it has been the last six months. Keith

    • Janis, my guess is the greatest disciple challenge he has will cause him to throw up his hands. That challenge is named Trump and he is his boss. The other news of the day is Trump ignoring his advisors on Junior’s Russia meeting and writing a false statement for his son to use as his story. Keith

  2. Dear Keith, Jill and Rob,

    General Kelly has his hands full. All staff members in the WH are supposed to report to and work under the direction of the general.

    But Ivanka Trump couldn’t stand it. She tweeted β€œLooking forward to serving alongside John Kelly as we work for the American people. General Kelly is a true American hero.”
    I wonder how this pans out?

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, rules do not apply to people named Trump, it appears. Kelly will have a hard time keeping the weaving semi truck known as Donald Trump between the white lines. Keith

  3. The foul-mouthed little fool was never going to last; trying to play tough in the Big Boys and Girls schoolyard- symptomatic of the whole mess.
    Next logical step; if they want to survive is stifle the nominal head (ie the incumbent) and let someone sober work behind the scenes.
    If of course they can’t see beyond their egos and petty ambitions, then all will collapse

    • Roger, you raise the salient point that seems to be lost on folks. The modus operandi of people with integrity is to not curse like a sailor in inappropriate settings. Good people do indeed curse, but it is not an overt part of their conversation. So, Mooch should have never been hired to be the chief communicator and should have been severely sanctioned after his profane tirade.

      As for the President wanting his direct reports to be openly contentious with each other is also NOT a best practice management style. You end up with a back stabbing environment like exists in the White House. In my consulting, I witnessed good, bad and ugly management styles. Trump’s would be in the latter category. Keith

      • A few years back I read a book comparing the leadership/management styles of Churchill and Hitler during WWII.
        Whereas the former did interfere, bully and have his own share of tantrums he did not try to play one off against the other.
        Hitler on the other hand relished this and thought that conflict and rivalries between underlings brought out the best in everyone. And in the end blamed everyone else in May 1945.

      • Roger, I agree about Churchill. He would cajole folks. He told the Americans that we cannot start out the American involvement in WWII with a failed invasion of France. He insisted the battles start in North Africa and they did.

        Hitler’s management style was not the only reason for his demise, but it did not help him in his efforts. In business, any idea has to be executed by multiple departments, so it is incumbent they work together. I have seen competing leaders sabatoge efforts simply because of their animosity and in fighting.

        One of my favorite management stories occurred in a merger where the two managers of this one role from each company tried to sabatoge the other. The leader decided to fire them both and hire someone else.


  4. The players will likely continue to change according to the political play of the day. Sigh.
    Trump needs help to deal with North Korea and other nationalistic threats (Venezuela?), and once they calm down, pass the parcel will begin again and someone else will be in ‘the hot seat.’ Trump treats all of this like an episode of ‘You’re Fired!” He is treating the POTUS position as if he is a talk show host. Oh that it weren’t real…even the UK reporters are at a loss of what to say about it all. There are no perceived rules of engagement!

    • Colette, it troubles me as an American not to be able to believe a word our President says. The odds are in my favor. The trouble is world leaders have realized this as well. They know they cannot trust him. So, if we have to do hard things with other countries’ support, he may not be able to rally such support.

      A good example is Tony Blair. He was found at fault for believing the American story for invading Iraq. He may go on trial, but that remains to be seen. George W. Bush threw our credibility out the window by overselling the story with unconfirmed and some false information. And, people died as a result.


  5. Plus, by being female with s direction on the rights of women and girls, our spherical report would possess been enhanced instead of wasted as it has been the final six months.
    One of my favourite direction stories occurred in a uniting where the two managers of this one office from each ship’s company tried to sabatoge the early(a).

    • Thanks for your comment. Your example of competing candidates in a merger sabotaging the other is relevant. I have heard recently from Steve Bannon that Trump likes to have people competing for his attention as he did in business. Having seen this up close as an employee, manager and consultant, this is a horrible operating model. And, people are seeing the dysfunctional in-fighting up close. As an attorney who worked for Trump said, if you are on his good side, you won’t stay there for long. Thanks for your comment, Keith

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