A missed opportunity for Democrats

I had a sense around July of 2016, that Hillary Clinton may not win the White House. But, as she distanced herself from Donald Trump due to his relatively horrible debate performance and the Access Hollywood leaked tape, I thought she just might win – then came Comey.

Yet, going back to the summer of 2016, she made a mistake that will haunt her and the rest of the Democrat party. She picked a plain vanilla nice guy to be her running mate. Senator Tim Kaine is a capable public servant, but the initial reaction to her announcement was “who?” The guy I was hoping she would pick would have added sizzle and substance. Senator Corey Booker of New Jersey would have added that sizzle.

Booker is not only an effective speaker, he was an effective Mayor of a major city before becoming a Senator. And, as an African-American, he would have shored up a weakness of Clinton’s, as many African-Americans and others were not too enthused about her and did not vote. Clinton is also a very competent public servant, but she does not exude passion like her husband does and she needed some passion on the ticket.

Yet, mainly Booker represents the future of the Democrat party who is searching for a new Moses to lead them to the promised land. Right now, there are many fine leaders, but the ones who stand out are older sages and may not rev up the base and attract independents and disillusioned Republicans. If you are not familiar with Booker, check him out. He is articulate, smart and knows the issues, three qualities that we need more of. I am not saying he is the only answer, but the opportunity to showcase someone like Booker was there for the taking and passed on.

18 thoughts on “A missed opportunity for Democrats

  1. I agree many African-Americans did not vote….. not because they were not enthuisiastic about Clinton……they just DON’T vote. I knew of so many who were all for Clinton, but didn’t find time to go and vote, either. I’m sure they did not expect that guy would win, anyway. May this be a lesson .

    • Something kept people home as well as steering votes to Jill Stein. There was a cadre of Bernie fans who just could not bring themselves to vote for Clinton. And, pundits did speak of the enthusiasm gap for Clinton.

      I was frustrated that so many complained over the election result, yet did not vote. The same thing happened with Brexit. We must get folks to vote because it does matter, especially with the childish chest beating the winner of the the US election did today over North Korea. We need a saner head with diplomats in place. We don’t even have an ambassador to South Korea right now.

      • About Jill STein….. she’s on the short list of people who will be investigated re their ties to Russia. The Left are very quiet on this issue.

        About Bernie fans….. I hope they’re happy now.

      • I read that news last week. It’s an official list of Dept of Justice…….because she was in the photo seated between Michael Flynn, and Putin at a dinner table. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it makes you think why she’d embark on a trip that was bound to fail…..

  2. Sad to say, “may not rev up the base” is also a concern with Booker.  His spectacularly inappropriate use of “nauseating” to express disagreement with rather mild criticism of Wall St (during Obama’s re-election campaign) tarnished his image among many progressives as hopelessly neoliberal: beholden to the 1%, oblivious to the damage “financial engineering” and such have done to the real economy, and so on.

    The unwritten rule that pols must never admit to having a made mistake may sink any efforts by Booker to reconcile with the progressive purist portion of the base.  Whether he has actually learned from that mistake (and, more importantly, from the failure of neoliberalism) is a good question.  I can give him the benefit of the doubt, but I am one of those too-few Berniecrats who sucked it up and supported Clinton when the primary season ended.

    • Mellow, thanks for opining. I love Bernie, but I said last year that I don’t think America is smart enough to elect him, but we are stupid enough to elect Trump. Although Bernie speaks the truth, I think the GOP would have branded him a Communist, because too many Americans do not know the difference between a Communist and a Socialist. Plus, they would have hammered home his desire to increase taxes.

      As an Independent, my desire is for a candidate to speak the truth, but also speak to our debt and deficit. This is why I am interested in folks who are socially progressive, but have fiscally responsible. The sad truth is our next President will have to speak to increasing taxes and making some cuts in spending. If Trump’s tax plan goes through, our debt problem will be growing and we will be like Kansas is with their trickle down plan.

      With all of that said, I would have voted for Bernie as he speaks the truth. He would just have to make some tough decisions that this President does not understand. Keith

  3. Good thoughts here, Keith. I like Booker and think he may be the democrats best hope for 2020. But if Hillary had chosen him for a running mate last year? I’m not so sure. I think he would have been a great addition to the team, and perhaps would have mobilized African-Americans. I’m just not sure that those who blamed Obama for everything from soggy cereal to ACA would have welcomed another African-American at that time.

    I just hope the democratic party gets their act together and SOON, and puts their collective weight behind a viable candidate, one with no scandal and who can win what has become a popularity contest. I like Elizabeth Warren, but she is unpopular, will always be thought of as Hillary’s best buddy, and has no chance. Kamala Harris I also like, but … still too wet behind the ears, perhaps. So, I’m all for Booker in 2020. Or tomorrow, for that matter! 🙂

    • Jill, I agree. I would prefer the Dems avoid the cattle call of 17 candidates as the GOP did last time. If it had been smaller, maybe they could have focused on issues and not personalities and shown how poor an understanding the current President has on issues.

      I like Elizabeth Warren, I would have love to see her debate The Donald. She would have waxed him. It would have been a women expert on keeping folks out of bankruptcy versus someone who used it quite often.

      I would love to see her and Booker team up. It will be interesting how it pans out. The Dems do have ideas to push. It frustrates me that they let Trump fool the working class voters into believing he will help them. Most of what he has proposed tends to help the bosses not the workers. Keith

  4. Agreed that the GOP circus caused so much more chaos than we needed, and turned it all into a mud-slinging fest rather than honest debate about serious issues. It was entertainment, not politics.

    Yes, I can see a team of Warren/Booker. My hope is that by 2020 the country will be so fed up with the filth in the White House that they will seriously consider issues and candidates rather than personae.

  5. Note to Readers: Democrats need to better sales people and don’t let Republicans dictate the story. Dems are not perfect, but with respect to the Presidency, it is the party of more jobs, better economy and stock market performance and it is not even close per reliable data sources. Hammer that message home, again and again.

    Clinton was always on her heels. She is a highly competent public servant with solid ideas, but that never got highlighted. Trump has a record a mile long of lying, cheating, suing, womanizing and poor management skills. He could sell anything, but his ability to deliver had always been an issue. Yet, people thought otherwise. Everything we have witness in the first six months is vintage Trump.

  6. Dear Keith,
    I couldn’t agree more. She went for what’s safe in all her political strategic decisions, and frankly there is a part of me that has been upset with her for giving into this politically limiting mind set.
    Hugs, Gronda.

    • Agreed. In a basketball analogy, she sat on her lead and gave away her advantage. I’m curious why the Trump biographers never made it to prime time to discuss the real Trump. I’m curious why she did not lock up the states she needed assuming they were in the bag.

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