Boys with Toys

In the James Bond movie “Goldeneye,” Polish born actress Izabella Scorupca played my favorite Bond female character Natalya Simonova. She gave Bond the devil for his penchant for using violence with any weapon or machinery around. “What is it with you boys with toys,” she admonished him.

I think of this line as two separate countries are led by a man-child who are both acting like “boys with toys.” The scary part is the toys include nuclear weapons and both are beating on their chest like apes ready to do battle.

I have written a parable about the younger of the two leaders called “A Monkey with a Hand Grenade.” Since the hand grenade is a substitute for a nuclear weapon, we must be careful, judicious and diligent in our actions and words. Just a few days ago, our Secretary of State said the right things about “not advocating for regime change” while being stern, serious and sober. This tone reminds us that President Eisenhower became reassuringly calmer as the USSR’s Khrushchev became more blustery in the 1950s.

However, our monkey with a hand grenade did not follow the Eisenhower calm and started beating on his chest. Our man-child bragged about his deployment of an arsenal that would bring “fire and fury” the likes of which the world has not seen. He basically said to ignore what the Secretary of State said.

Two supposedly grown men are acting like the men-children they are. Boys with toys. Let’s hope the adults surrounding them will seek an intervention and tell them to stop acting like children. We need them to. At least the older man should emulate Eisenhower. The world will rest a little easier as a result.



50 thoughts on “Boys with Toys

    • I agree, and I believe his desire to distract our attention from the Russian investigations is at least part of the reason for his bluster. I also believe that he may use this as an excuse to initiate additional “security” measures in the U.S., that could include restrictions on the press. I hope I am wrong.

      • Jill, the truth be told, who knows what the President will do. I fear he will make our country into a pariah and at odds with our allies. This problem is a difficult one for saner, sober minds. He does not make it easier, in my view. Keith

    • Raye, agreed. I was listening to several former diplomats on the news. In matters like this, you have to speak with consistent clarity. Right now, we speak with chaos. Trump said if you threaten us, we will react. Tillerson and Mattis clarified if you attack us or one of our allies…

      North Korea threatened is the next day after laughing at Trump. Calm determination is the answer. They know we can blow them away, so we need not have to beat on your chest. North Korea beats on its chest all the time. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: It goes without saying, our man-child leader has a problem with his ability to say he was wrong. His fragile ego will not allow it. This puts a large burden on the calmer heads around him. One thing is for certain, you cannot call a missile back.

    I have little confidence in our leader, which is unnerving. Keith

  2. Excellent post, Keith and one that deserves to be shared far and wide. If I meet up with a man with a gun, one who I know is unstable, I am not going to taunt him and threaten him, even if I also have a gun. I am either going to back away, or try calm reasoning. I think that neither of the two man-children wish to actually have their bluff called, but they are setting the stage for a disaster to happen whether intentionally or by accident. Chaos and mayhem seem to be the words of the day … every day. I love that you are able to stay calm and well-reasoned … I only wish the monkey with the hand grenade in the Oval Office could manage to do the same.

    • Jill, it is easier to stay calm here. I do not envy this situation for any President, but this one could take a cue from his cooler headed advisors. Keith

      • Jill, he did what his nature telks him to do. When criticized, ratchet it up and blame someone else. It is Kim Jung Un’s fault I am being irresponsible.

        This war of words stakes positions that may be hard to back away from. The scary part is yes we have more firepower, but it only takes one to get through to harm people. I fear for Seoul more than anything and that will be on Trump’s shoulders. Keith

      • Yes, it may be hard, but step back they must. And it may be true that we have more firepower … I should hope so, considering that we spend more on military than any other nation … but I think at this point, it really doesn’t matter who has the most or the biggest toys. All the big kids (U.S., Russia, China) have enough to destroy the world’s population. For me … I am not afraid for myself, but for any and every human on the globe. Korean, Spanish, Canadian … we are all part of the human race. That is what Trump cannot get through his thick skull.

      • Jill, his tribe is supporting the chest beating, but it is irresponsible. And, we are becoming the pariah I feared. Keith

      • Jill, our man-child said yesterday in response to criticism around the globe and here, if anyone else said what he said, they would view him as statesmanlike. That is delusional. Keith

  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    I have left the situation between Trump and Kim Jong-un alone, mostly because it is a volatile situation that I truly do not know how to address. I do not think it behooves us to panic, but we also must be aware that it is a potentially dangerous situation for humanity around the globe. Blogger-friend Keith has written a short, but excellent post that deserves to be shared. Please take a moment to read and ponder. Thank you, Keith, for your calm and reasoned voice in the middle of the chaos and turmoil, and for allowing me to share your words.

    • My wife was the first person who said to me last year that there is something wrong with this man. He has a very hard time with the truth, but it seems even more than that as his some of his thinking is delusional.

      Yet, Amendment 25 is still too high a hill to climb. We will need to let Mueller do his work. Trump is guilty of something, as he is trying to hide it. Unfortunately, this will take time. Thanks for stopping by. Keith

  4. Dear Jill,
    I actually think Kim Jung-On is more sane. He cannot do what he claims without inviting annihilation, and he has least has a self preservation instinct.

    N Korea has already won. He can’t be talked into stopping his plans to scrap his plans to be a nuclear armed country. DDT can huff and puff all he wants, but that’s all he has to offer, a lot of bluster.

    All he has to do is review the histories of Mubarak of Egypt and Qaddafi of Libya to figure out negotiating with US is a no win proposition.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, I know he wants to continue down the nuclear path. And, we don’t want them to. So, there is an impasse here. The threats just make it worse. I hate to think of this as winning or losing, as one scenario is we both lose something.

      It is a quandary. I just hope whatever happens does not escalate into something bad. Even if we harm them greatly, that will have repercussions beyond all borders.

      But, your point is still valid. Keith

    • I agree with you, Gronda … Kim Jong-un is a temperamental bully like Trump, but I do not fear a knee-jerk action from him as much as I do from Trump. Neither of them get my vote for having any common sense, human decency or compassion, however, which makes the entire situation potentially dangerous.

  5. Note to Readers: Reuters has a story about how an attack on North Korea could have a catastrophic effect on some. We should be mindful they will fight back. North Korea has dispersed its force. So, to succumb their firepower will take some time. So, we must be prepared for the repercussions which would likely expose South Korea and Japan.

    • Do you go by Patricia? Many thanks for the reblog. I feared this President would make us out to be a pariah or at least removed from being a statesman. Germany has come down as not supporting this and Russia is being like we used to be.

  6. Note to Readers: China speaks with conviction to both men-children. Kim, if you attack or fire missiles in the direction of the US assets and they respond, we will not defend you. Trump, if you attack first without provocation, we will defend North Korea. Calmly stated, this says to both men-children, stop the BS and work it out. It should be noted Trump threw away the goodwill from getting China and Russia to sanction NK. That was a success. Now, he is just being not very smart.

  7. Whereas it is often claimed the President of the USA is the most powerful person in the world, recent history suggests that presidents who try and take a maverick approach eventually find themselves either being eased out of office or quagmire into the much maligned but actually useful government machinery.
    It has been my opinion this aberration and manifestation of The People’s exasperation with the past few years nonsense on Capitol Hill will not be allowed to do any more than bluster. I suspect there are already plans in place amongst the professional and mature folk who actually work the machinery of government to stifle any nonsense he might try.
    As for North Korea, they are the dangerous shooter with hostages (Japan, South Korea for example) and only negotiations (or something very sneaky with the aid of the Chinese) will solve the problem.

    • Roger, our man-child’s chest beating has increased his approval ratings from his base plus a few hawks. Men, like Eisenhower, Mattis, Kelly, McMaster, etc. know that fighting kills people and what Trump is talking about will kill a lot of people, both allies and North Koreans. They know you don’t beat on your chest. Trump is acting like Khrushev with his pounding of his shoe on the table to say “we will bury you.”

      Unless our man-child plans to attack the entire country, they will shoot back and places like Seoul, Japan are in reach. All it takes is one launch to get through. But, what I was reading is North Korea has its military weapons distributed throughout the country, so unlike what some believe, it won’t be over in an instant.

      What the base and hawks need to do is pay attention to what China is saying as I noted in my last comment to readers. Mr. Trump are you prepared to fight China unless provoked? Mr. Kim are you prepared to face the US alone if you attack or look like you are attacking?

      Now, our man-child is talking about a military exercise in Venezuela, while Russia is swooping in to buy Venezuelan assets on the cheap, a very capitalistic ploy I might add. We Americans strongly need an intervention for this dangerous powder keg of a President.


      • I believe you may well finding yourselves moving towards the constitutional intervention as the first stage, beyond that is a shadowy area of intervention by the very offices he is supposed to command. Since the man shows complete ignorance of how the system is supposed to work this makes him vulnerable.

      • Roger, it is indeed time for an intervention. I wrote a note to my two senators today saying the same thing. I will post that letter on my next post. Keith

  8. The rules of engagement don’t count for much at the moment, but I cannot help but think that Trump is diverting attention (making people fearful, and thankful for ‘US protection’), whist doing something else covertly. This man likes to distract attention. I don’t know what he is up to, but it you can be sure that it is not honourable!

    • The Governor of Guam was just quoted here in Britain as thankful for such a great protective president as Trump. He went on to say how much safer everyone feels in Guam !!!😵

    • Colette, honorable is not a word that comes to mind when I think of the US President. I don’t know if much clear thinking goes on in that mind. Keith

      • Colette, I think it is more sociopathic than sadistic. The people who might lose their lives are not a major factor in his thinking. Will this make me look good (tough in this case) is question #1?

        I watched Bill Maher’s show last night. A news report was mentioned that the President gets a morning and afternoon dose of positive pictures and press clippings of himself. The comment was made that he won’t pay attention to his intelligence brief (aides said he makes it through 1/2 a page before he gets bored), but he loves reading and seeing his best hits. Keith

  9. This may be the most frightening thing about this administration. Although, I’ve read that it is merely another plow to take our eyes of the ball so that the piece by piece dismantling of the American system of government can continue undeterred. Which disaster is worse? I think the pending nuclear disaster is worse because of the potential damage to our planet that will inevitably happen.

    • Linda, it is hard to pick your poison with the White House occupant. The man wears me out. Today he argued against what he does. The reporters and watchers were incredulous at the stuff coming from his mouth. Keith

      • Yes. While we focus on his s— for brains, his little minions are working like crazy in the background and having a blast dismantling all those pesky regulations.

      • Linda, I agree. Some say it is planned distraction. I think it is in part to change a negative topic, but I think to say a man with his ego would choose to look like a fool as an overall strategy is a stretch. I think he cannot focus on one thing very long and words and principle don’t matter. Keith

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