It is time for an intervention

A variation of this letter was posted on my two Senators’ contact forms yesterday. Please feel free to borrow from of it, as you see fit.

Dear Senator Burr, as an independent voter and former Republican, I have voted for you several times, but did not nor would not ever consider voting for the current President. His history told me all I needed to know how he would govern. While I support the President because his success is tied to ours, my expectations were low. I worried greatly that he would make us out to be a pariah in the world and diminish our global standing.

I follow real news and pay attention to several sources. My fears have been justified as our President is not trusted by other global leaders. That was before his immature chest beating to match that of Kim Jong-un. I recognize that his base and hawks lap this up, but a key contrast is Eisenhower got calmer and reassuring in the 1950s and early 1960s when Khrushchev became more blustery. To make matters worse, Trump is now threatening Venezuela, while the Russians calmly swoop in and buy Venezuelan assets on the cheap. Trump needs to heed the message from China on North Korea – if Kim attacks us unprovoked, they will not defend them, but if we attack Kim unprovoked, they will. Are we prepared to go to war with China?

You mentioned the Russia investigation may wrap by year-end, which is surprising as it really is only getting started. To be frank, as Mueller follows the money, he will find all the ties he needs to Russia and recognize why the President does not see Russian hacking as a problem. He is far too dismissive at every stage and there is too much lying and story changing going on. For a man who is interested in every thing said about him, for the President to be so disinterested in his son’s meeting with the Russians, is hard to digest, especially after he has changed his story of his awareness of this meeting three times.

But, let’s set Russia aside for now. Our country may not be able to wait for the investigation to run its course, while we see him destroy what is good about us and maybe others with it. His difficulty in telling the truth is one thing, but his frequency of being delusional about real events is another. Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked for Trump, agreed with the President’s five biographers who said Trump lies every day even about little things of no consequence (the Boy Scouts leader calling him, e.g.).

I beseech the Senate to strongly consider the President’s fitness to serve. I think it is past time for an intervention. We need to take his keys away and pass them along to Mike Pence. I am not a huge fan of Pence’s, but I do not question his sanity or morals.

Many thanks for your consideration.



22 thoughts on “It is time for an intervention

    • JoAnn, he is a huge risk domestically as well as globally. Charlottesville is an example of what happens with empowering hate groups. Pence is far from perfect and I am disappointed in his sycophancy toward Trump, but he is a safer and saner person than his boss. Keith

      • JoAnn, I read that Pence is scheduled to go to Latin America, so his boss, once again, has made his trip harder.

        I used to have a boss where if we shared with him our findings, he would tell the client before we went through the analytical analysis, so we were constantly on the defensive. My guess is the State and Military leaders told Trump about an option of military intervention in Venezuela and he blabbed that option to the public.

    • Thanks Dru. More than a few senators are thinking about this, as they see what is happening. In a sad way, today’s Charlottesville domestic terrorism by hate groups and his reaction, is a lightning rod of what he has fomented. Keith

    • Roger, many thanks. This obviously won’t happen as it takes courage. The tragedy in Charlottesville yesterday caused by empowered White Supremacists is evidence of where this man has taken our country. A leader would not tolerate this kind of behavior. I am sorry the rest of the world has to put up with this man. Keith

      • He only represented no more than one in six Americans, and of those how many are now having second thoughts in the sight of the antics of the vermin, who themselves are turning on him for not supporting their filth.
        The fellow is quite out of his depth.
        Get back to your small world of privilege you do not belong or are able to cope with the harsh world of politics.
        Take care Keith.

  1. Dear Keith,

    I love your letter.

    This past week has been a shocker starting with DDT’S saber rattling rhetoric towards Kim Jong-Un and then his refusal to single out White Supremacists for being responsible for inciting what occurred this weekend in Charlottesville VA. An intervention is long past due. But it is not just DDT who needs to go, but his entourage of his White Supremacist.cohorts, as well. We are talking about Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Sebastian Gorka and Julia Hahn.

    The republican party has to also openly shun these White supremacists which they have been reticent to do.
    Hugs, Gronda

    • Thanks Gronda. In many respects, this week is worse than the one of a few weeks ago. It showed how irresponsible he is by endangering multiple millions of people.

      I read today he thinks Bannon is a leaker, so this may lead to his departure. If he picks Miller as his communication strategist, that will rival the Mooch in horrendous decisions. I agree, there needs to be a group purge. Keith

  2. My friend, this is an excellent letter! I see no reason to re-invent a perfectly good wheel, so I am borrowing this to send to my own senators and representatives … and a few other key congressmen! Thank you, Keith .. you always speak with calm intellect.

    • Thanks Jill. If I wrote the letter a day later, the President’s poor reaction to Charlottesville (and lack of reactions to similar situations earlier), could have been added. I can hear his thought process, “but these guys love me.” Thank for forwarding a version on. Keith

      • No, thank YOU for saving me from pulling my hair out trying to compose a calm, rational letter! You know by now that calm is not always my order of the day, whether intentional or not. 🙂

  3. Note to Readers: JD Vance, who wrote “Hillbilly Elegy,” noted the President missed a huge opportunity by failing to call out the White Supremacists. He goes out of his way to call out Islamic extremists, but cannot bring himself to identify a threat which is 100 times greater in the US. “But, they love me,” I can hear him say to himself

    Vance also noted we need our President to be a moral leader. We do, but it is hard to expect someone bereft of morals (or at least his morality is based on whether he wins or loses) to be a moral leader.

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