Back in the fall of 1945

Back in the fall of 1945, it would be interesting, surprising and/ or stomach wrenching to learn the following truisms seventy-two years later. Many would not believe you if you told them the following:

The leader of the free world would be Germany, while America’s leader would have fascist tendencies and the support of neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

Members of the campaign for the same pseudo-fascist leader are being investigated for working with the Russians to get their man elected and don’t think they did anything wrong even if guilty.

This same man would question the reason and veracity of NATO formed out of the the alliances to end WWII and prevent it from ever happening again.

Scientists, main stream media, freedom of the press and the truth would all be under attack by this pseudo-fascist leader. Never before would a leader be so-often questioned about his morals, ethics or truthfulness.

One of the least trusted leaders in the world would be the President of the United States. This lack of trust comes from within his own political party and other global leaders.

The American soldiers would not believe you. This is not what we fought for they might add. Now, many great things have happened with Civil Rights, Voting Rights, LGBT rights, the first African-American President, space travel, environment protections, Internet, etc., but we are throwing some of that way with this President doing the chucking. And, that is unfortunate and sad.

15 thoughts on “Back in the fall of 1945

  1. Note to Readers: In addition to the backlash from his own party, CEOs leaving his now canceled Advisory Groups, some of his staff, and other Americans, the military has commented on being anti-racism. My guess is there will be some staff exiting the White House as this horribly offensive position is a final straw. But, we may see some former WWII vets making statements.

    By the way, in footage of the protestors against the white supremacists, I saw many members of the clergy. I would be surprised to learn if any clergy were marching with a torch saying “Jews won’t replace us.”

  2. Yes, there is an obvious outward change in democratic values/policies since the recent President took office.

    Still, I must beat my regular drum… corporate politics and corporate media set the stage for a Trump presidency. As a people, we must be more alert and responsive AS democratic institutions are threatened (i.e., Citizens United, reversal of voter protections, political parties taking control over Primary debate rules, to name a few examples). Most Americans have been thinking that things are “OK” — because qualified critics of the status quo get little air time on mainstream media. People like Ralph Nader, Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, Lawerence Lessig, to name a few, have been warning us for a long time — and offering viable solutions. But how many citizens are familiar with these respected political observers and thinkers?

    Anyway, now that Americans are getting regular shocks, and start to look back with 20/20 hindsight to see where we have strayed off course, maybe we can be hopeful the pendulum will begin to swing back (powerfully)? That is my hope. Thanks for a great post that provides the prospective of a backward look.

    • JoAnn, your drum beating is on the money. Institutions have been painted as awful things, but we need to govern so our rights and freedoms are protected. What needs to be consistently monitored and modified is bureaucracy and ineffective regulation. Conservative funders used discontent and their media influence to eliminate obstacles to their ability to make money. The disenfranchised that voted for Trump have little idea that he does not represent their interests – he is just pretending to.

      So, the conservatives sold their soul to gain voters and some of the new voters feel empowered. Thanks for raising these issues. Keith

      • I wouldn’t restrict soul-selling to the Republicans. Democrats have just as much trouble resisting the temptation of corporate funding and favors. In my view, our political system is out of whack. I’m sure I would like and admire either Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton if I knew them or worked for them — but they both take Big Money. Honestly, if I were in their shoes I would probably bow to peer-pressure, rationalize, and take the Big Money, too. That’s how the “club” works. We are not talking about bad, evil people. We are talking about normal people under the pressure of a political system that incentivizes bowing to powerful corporate and billionaire donors. Obvious conflict-of-interests, but mostly legal — thanks to changes in rules and regulations, the little chipping away of democracy over the years.

      • JoAnn, you are right. Even Corey Booker voted against a pharma bill because of the number of pharmas in his state. We need to amend the constitution to get money out of politics. Congress spends almost half their day fundraising. Rubio threw away his advantage in the primary running as a 65 year old white man bowing to money pressure. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: The Guardian reported a letter signed by all five of Johnny Cash’s children to condemn the white supremacists. They were reacting to footage on Fox showing one of the hate mongers wearing a Johnny Cash t-shirt. Their father supported people who were disenfranchised like Native Americans, Jews, and people in poverty. Cash’s efforts were acknowledged by various groups with awards. The children added that several relatives fought in WWII against real Nazis and fascists.

  4. Dear Keith,

    What irony! It is so embarrassing to watch this foolish man in the White House who would be president.
    This is not what many of our fathers including mine fought for in WWII. The US president shames the office of the presidency. Anyone who continues to back DDT after the recent Charlottesville, VA events, has to call themselves as supporters of racism when they look at themselves in the mirror. There is no gray area here.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, it was very uncustomary, but much needed, that our military leaders came out against racism. My guess is DT’s generals on his staff will stay to provide stewardship for the country, so as not to leave it in the hands of the man in charge. Keith

      • Dear Keith,
        I am grateful to the generals who are staffers in the WH. That General H’R. McMaster has been a thorn in Steve Bannon’s side, speaks well for him. That General Kelly took on the job to fire Mr. Bannon, makes him a hero in my eyes.

        General Mattis has been the point man on N Korea.

        I suspect that those who stay know that their reputations will take a hit but they feel obligated not to jump off a sinking ship as the American peoples need good people to help man it.

        Hugs, Gronda

  5. Yes, the changes from 1945 to 2017 are wrenching. is a PAC that supports progressive veterans in US elections, and they recently started airing an ad that features an elderly WW2 vet.  Having already paid his dues by flying 35 bombing missions over Germany, he is not running for anything now.  But he is indignant to see POTUS coddling the same kind of vermin he risked his life to defeat.

  6. Note to Readers: My brother-in-law, who served in the Air Force after attending The Citadel, uncovered an interesting piece which postulates if Robert E. Lee were alive today, he round advocate taking his statue down. Here was an honorable man who was offered the job to lead the Union Army as the finest officer in the USA. He made a very personal decision to support his state of Virginia and leader the CSA military. The thesis is he would be embarassed by the politics of whether he should be so honored.

    The President chooses to ignore two points that these statues were largely erected during the Jim Crow era, so like the battle flag are making a statement far beyond the Civil War. I encourage people to listen to Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit,” which is more germane to the times. The other is the statutes represent people who fought the USA. Is that appropriate?

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