Do complete that survey

Since I live in the suburbs and am an Independent voter, I receive all kinds of surveys, usually quite biased in nature. This afternoon I received one on the Trump Agenda from the Republican National Conmmittee.

I did what I have done previously, filling it out and making comments in the margins. For example, the top priorities are listed and I was asked to rank them, with only one place for an “other.” Frankly, several things are included which should not be done at all or greatly over-simplify a complex issue. And, other needs are not even mentioned, a problem I remedied with several “other issues.”

But, what I also did was what I would encourage others to do, if given the chance. I wrote that Congress needs to censure this President for his recent remarks on white supremacists and neo-Nazis and actions unbecoming the office. I also mentioned that Congress may need to consider impeachment if the Russian investigation reveals what I fear.

Use these vehicles to communicate. My guess is I am not the only one who did this. Right now, the incumbent in the White House has diminished and defamed to office. We need to share our voice to say we demand honor, morality and leadership from our President, none of which we are getting from this man.

13 thoughts on “Do complete that survey

  1. As a registered Dem, I don’t receive these types of surveys, but I understand your encouragement to fill them out. My usual reaction to a highly biased survey is to ignore it… maybe that’s not the best way to go (although I wonder how much they really look at the answers… most surveys seem to be accompanied by a donation form).

    • Janis, this one as well. Plus it has the accompanying letter to tell you how to to vote. I have received biased surveys from the ACLU, DNC and Environmental groups, as well. I have noted to them these would be good surveys to do if the bias was removed from the questions. Otherwise, the survey is not worth the time spent. This RNC is not worth the paper it is printed on. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I sent a different note to my Congressman than I sent to the senators. I suggested Congress censure the President over his comments not condemning white supremacists, as well as his demeaning remarks for leaders who dare disagree with him. I did note they will likely need to impeach him at some point as the Russian investigation unfolds and reveals his culpability.

  3. Dear Keith,

    Thanks for filling out the survey. This is a way for folks to get a feel for what peoples are really thinking, like a marketing company would do. Too often this is necessary because what CEOs at the top may consider to be important, their consumers may not be in agreement, and this could cost a company a loss in revenues.

    I wish the democratic party would do a similar survey.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Thanks Gronda. I have done one for the ACLU, but it was also biased, which was unfortunate. I hope the RNC at least looks at what I said on this one.

  4. These surveys usually drive me to tooth-grinding frustration. First, because the way questions are framed and the possible answers to choose are usually highly biased. And second, because these surveys are usually attached to a plea for money, which brings up #three, I don’t believe anyone monitors these surveys, particularly the marginalia. Do you think my assumptions are wrong? Or at least, that last assumption? I suspect that they read only to find the commentary that might suit their marketing strategies and pitch all else.

  5. Keith — I have always just tossed these things into the trash with the ads for insurance, the “You may have won …” flyers, and the pre-approved credit card mail. They are time-consuming and time is my most precious commodity. But you have given me something to think about … it IS a means to make our voice heard, and I think I will complete the next one I get! Thanks!

  6. People need to be reminded that they do in fact have a voice. Thank you for using yours and encouraging others to do the same. Democracy is alive and well, but only if we participate and practice the power it holds.

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